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“I love your website and concept of cheap plugins for WordPress with little/no support. Perfect!”

I purchased the membership yesterday – surprisingly excellent 🙂

Great plugin for offering store credit instead of refunds, or shipping credit. I’ve also used it for gift certificates.

Quick and easy to use, my customers prefer using it and I’ve had a huge increase in registered customers (instead of “guests”) since installing it.

Wow. Thanks for saving me $175! I am just working on a demo storefront, so having to pay $200 for what seems like it should be a native export/import feature for WooCommerce was a bit daunting. But $25 … no problem.

Plugin works exactly as the “original” is advertised by WooCommerce. If you aren’t worried about support, then this is the way to go.

“Surprisingly, the plugins are updated quickly. Brand new plugins tend to arrive within a week after Woo releases them. Thanks! BitCoins + GPL = Love.”

“I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Had few questions and Steve answered them promptly and professionally. Highly recommended service!”

“You guys are great!! I wasn’t sure when I signed up. Plugins are actually up to date and get updated very fast. Keep up the good work and thank you!!”

“Thank you for the consistent updates. :)”

With Great WordPress Tips To Make Your Work Easier…

FAQ: WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

Thinking about using the WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro Plugin? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to get you started! “Can I retroactively display reviews added before the plugin was activated?” Yep! They’ll appear in the WooCommerce >Reviews menu where you can manage alongside the reviews submitted with this plugin. “I don’t like the… Continue Reading

Troubleshooting: WooCommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite

Using the WooCommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite? Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you started! “My exports are freezing without completing!” This problem could be caused by a few different things. If any of these are a factor, the freezing might occur Option Table Limits are set to less than 250 characters You are… Continue Reading

FAQ: WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation Plugin

Interested in using WooCommerce Postcode Address Validation Plugin? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to get you started! “Does postcode lookup work in admin?” No it does not at this time. “Why can customers check out even if their postcode doesn’t validate? Is this a bug?” Not a bug—it’s a feature! There are… Continue Reading

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