4 Marketplace Ideas: WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension

With the WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension, you don’t need to have your own product to make money online!

This extension lets you turn WordPress’ WooCommerce platform into a vendor marketplace. Vendors can offer multiple products. Products can be viewed either through the vendor’s ‘shop page’ or by category in your marketplace. You earn commission on every item sold.

Here are just a few great marketplace ideas for making money with WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension:

  1. Antique Marketplace: Supplement your brick-and-morter antique shop with a virtual marketplace, or launch exclusively online!
  2. Artisan Marketplace: Build the next Etsy or create a virtual farmer’s market for your local community.
  3. Rare Book Store
  4. Self-Published E-Book Marketplace: Everyone wants to be an author. With WooCommerce digital product support and your vendor marketplace, now they can!


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