WooCommerce Payment Gateways: A Review of the Best

You installed WooCommerce to make money. Of course, every WordPress E-commerce solution requires a way to process payments. WooCommerce offers several outstanding payment gateway extensions that your customers will love. Here’s a look at the best: WooCommerce Authorize.net Payment Gateway Extension Authorize.net is the Internet’s largest payment gateway provider. Why you will love it: Easy, … Continue reading

The Best WordPress Search Plugins: A Guide

Why You Need the Best WordPress Search Plugin The reasons why you need good navigation / search on your WordPress or WooCommerce site is fairly obvious. We the people of the 21st century are an impatient bunch. When your site users can’t find what they are looking for– quickly– they get irritated and leave your … Continue reading

Troubleshooting: WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage Extension

Need some help troubleshooting the WooCommerce Amazon S3 Storage Extension? If your downloads are slow or not completing, try changing the WooCommerce download method to ‘redirect’ (WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Downloadable Products). Also, avoid dashes and underscores when naming the bucket or files.

5 Plugins to Power up the WooCommerce Storefront Theme

WooCommerce Storefront Theme is the capstone theme available by the trusted WooCommerce.com brand and available for free on their site. Streamlined and modern, the theme nonetheless lacks some of the customizations you may be looking for. Luckily, there are several plugins to extend WooCommerce Storefront to help you build the WooCommerce store of your dreams. … Continue reading

Top WooCommerce Shipping Plugins, May 2020

Looking for the top WooCommerce shipping plugins of May 2020? We’ve got the rundown, and all are available for incredible discounts on https://wpspring.com/ WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Plugin Provide customers with frontend tracking of shipments of purchased WooCommerce products by adding tracking information to orders. WooCommerce Stamps.com API Extension Integrates WooCommerce with Stamps.com, the USPS postage … Continue reading

Top WooCommerce Marketing Plugins, May 2020

Looking for the top WooCommerce marketing plugins of May 2020? We’ve got the rundown, and all are available for incredible discounts on https://wpspring.com/ WooCommerce Custom Thank You Pages Plugin Customize WooCommerce thank you pages at the product level. This powerful plugin lets you leverage your customers’ attention for custom marketing messages and more. WooCommerce Product … Continue reading

Troubleshooting: WooCommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite

Using the WooCommerce Customer/Order XML Export Suite? Here are some troubleshooting tips to get you started! “My exports are freezing without completing!” This problem could be caused by a few different things. If any of these are a factor, the freezing might occur Option Table Limits are set to less than 250 characters You are … Continue reading

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