5 Plugins to Power up the WooCommerce Storefront Theme

WooCommerce Storefront Theme is the capstone theme available by the trusted WooCommerce.com brand and available for free on their site. Streamlined and modern, the theme nonetheless lacks some of the customizations you may be looking for.

Luckily, there are several plugins to extend WooCommerce Storefront to help you build the WooCommerce store of your dreams. All of the plugins below are available at an incredible discount at WPspring.com

WooCommerce Storefront Checkout Customiser

Increase sales on your WooCommerce store by customizing checkout. Choose from several checkout layouts.

WooCommerce Storefront Designer Extension

Easy styling for your WooCommerce store! Header, layout, button customizations and more.

WooCommerce Storefront Parallax Hero Extension

Adds an easily customizable version of WooThemes’ popular ‘Hero’ component to your homepage. Optional ‘parallax’ effect creates dimensionality.

WooCommerce Storefront Pricing Tables Plugin

An easy way to offer product pricing and feature comparisons on your WooCommerce store. Works only with WooThemes’ Storefront Theme.

WooCommerce Storefront Product Hero Plugin

Add an immersive product ‘hero’ section to any WooCommerce website using the Storefront theme. Watch conversions soar!

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