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“Thanks to WooCommerce, our client now has a website with functionality that is far superior to that which they had when we initially developed the site using Virtuemart 2 and Joomla.”

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With the Best WooCommerce Payment Methods…

All of the top WooCommerce Payment Gateways to make processing payments secure for customers and easy for you.

Best WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Subscriptions
Sell subscriptions for your WooCommerce products and services.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing
The most flexible WooCommerce pricing available! Pricing incentives for customers generate loyalty and more sales.

BackupBuddy Plugin
Hands down, the easiest way to backup your WordPress websites.

Gravity Forms for WordPress
Create powerful, customized WordPress forms.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin
Wordpress’ most respected translation plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro
A powerful and flexible field customization plugin.

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    WooCommerce Redsys Gateway Version 16.1.0 Changelog

    - * NEW: Now you can select Order Number format in Redsys redirection. * NEW: Multisite deep compatibility. Now you have specific options for WordPress Multisite. * NEW: You can see Redsys new guides and posts in WordPress Dashboard. * NEW: Now you can add a custom logo for InSite. * NEW: Now you can select between InSite (Redsys in the checkout) Independent Elements credit card form (default) or Integrated credit card form. * IMPROVED: String translation. * IMPROVED: Webservice. * IMPROVED: Now Paygold check for SOAP and SimpleXML. * FIXED: Removed a debug line in Redsys redirection screen settings. * FIXED: Now you can make a InSite refund. * FIXED: Now you can make a Subscription refund. * FIXED: Fixed an error telling to subscriptions that is a Fail order. * FIXED: Fixed a problem with payments with free subscriptions and with users with token. * FIXED: Fixed a problem in My Account > Payment Methods, where in some cases when there are not Redsys Tokens an error are screened.

    WooCommerce Warranty Version 1.9.29

    - Version 1.9.29 of WooCommerce Warranty was released on September 13, 2021 and is now available. Learn how to immediately download from WPspring.
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