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WooCommerce Subscriptions
Sell subscriptions for your WooCommerce products and services.

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BackupBuddy Plugin
Hands down, the easiest way to backup your WordPress websites.

Gravity Forms for WordPress
Create powerful, customized WordPress forms.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin
WordPress’ most respected translation plugin.

Advanced Custom Fields Pro
A powerful and flexible field customization plugin.

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  • WooCommerce Bulk Table Editor Version 2.2.18
    Version 2.2.18 of WooCommerce Bulk Table Editor was released on August 09, 2022 and is now available. Learn how to immediately download from WPspring.
  • WooCommerce Box Office Version 1.1.39
    Version 1.1.39 of WooCommerce Box Office was released on August 08, 2022 and is now available. Learn how to immediately download from WPspring.
  • WooCommerce Free Gifts Version 8.6
    Version 8.6 of WooCommerce Free Gifts was released on August 06, 2022 and is now available. Learn how to immediately download from WPspring.
  • Bulk Edit Products, Prices, and Attributes Version 1.2.0 Changelog
    * Tested with WooCommerce 6.7. * Tested with WordPress 6.0. * An option to bulk update Tags. * Added Private option in the drop-down of Product visibility Status, where you can bulk update your products to Private status. * An option to filter products based on the Product image. * An option to filter products based on their weight. * Optimized Categories and Custom Attributes search. * Improved Schedule and Revert Schedule Jobs Performance. * Resolved Custom attributes memory overflow issue. * Resolved Greek Language Issue.
  • AutomateWoo Version 5.5.18 Changelog
    * Tweak – WC 6.8 compatibility.
  • WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Version 3.4.0 Changelog
    * Added: Compatible WooCommerce 6.8+. * Added: Support for the “Order again” option. * Fixed: The “Radio” type options of the BOGO promotions are not saved. * Fixed: Product Bundles compatibility – “Gifts” are not added to the cart after adding a second bundle with different quantities.
  • WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Version 2.6.0 Changelog
    * New – checks if featured image is in the product gallery and remove it if it is * New – logs new inventory when auto-poll updates a product * New – logs manual updates to wclsi sync event log * Fix – reconnects item shops if the data already exists when relinking products * Fix – import variation images * Fix – adds notice to product page if images are still downloading for the product * Fix – checks for existence of tax rate id before querying for associated lightspeed id * Fix – handles cases where lightspeed api returns employee data in unexpected formats * Fix – addresses an issue where image syncs were getting skipped for matrix product updates * Tweak – no longer adds the featured image to the product gallery
  • WooCommerce Drip Version 1.2.33 Changelog
    * Fix – Custom Order Table Compatibility.
  • WooCommerce Smart Coupons Version 5.9.0 Changelog
    * New: Tested up to WooCommerce 6.7.0 * Fix: Incorrect discount calculation when using settings ‘Max discount’ & ‘Limit Usage to X items’ together in a percentage discount coupon * Fix: Product quantity based restrictions fields causing coupons to not apply on empty cart * Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: int * string * Update: POT file
  • WooCommerce USPS Shipping Version 4.5.0 Changelog
    * Fix – Change dimensions and weight units passed to WC_Boxpack. * Tweak – Check if WooCommerce\BoxPacker\WC_Boxpack class exists before including. * Tweak – Transition version numbering to WordPress versioning. * Tweak – WC 6.7 and WP 6.0 compatibility.
  • WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Addresses Version 3.7.0 Changelog
    * Fix – `Multiple Shipping` column is blank in “Customer / Order / CSV Export” plugin. * Tweak – Transition version numbering to WordPress versioning.
  • WooCommerce Instagram Version 4.3.0 Changelog
    * Feature – Include the WooCommerce product categories in the catalog data feeds. * Feature – Added tool for clearing all cached Instagram images used in the product hashtags. * Tweak – Tested compatibility with WC 6.8.

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