Don’t Make Me Think! Top Cart Plugins for Better WordPress Usability

Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug just saw its 3rd edition come out this year. This “Common Sense Approach to Web Usability” has served as a beacon for countless websites looking to improve usability, communication and — yes– sales.

We’re gonna assume here you are already using the best eCommerce solution on the market: WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages are critical to deciding if your sales conversion rate soar or plummet. WordPress usability problems on the cart and checkout pages…

  • Increase cart abandonment rates
  • Result in potential customers leaving the checkout process to get product or company questions critical to their buying decision answered.
  • Indecision about where to ‘click’ next to complete the process.
  • Reduce buying confidence rather than increasing it

Reduce Cart Abandonment: WooCommerce Social Login Plugin and One Page Checkout Plugin

10% of customers who abandon their cart do it because checkout process is too long.

Fix this problem with One Page Checkout:

WooCommerce One Page Checkout Plugin Pricing Table

Highly customizable, this plugin gives you many ways to let your customers add products to an order and complete checkout process on a single page.

The second thing in your checkout process that will make your customers think your checkout process is too long is: Creating a new login.

Fix this problem with WooCommerce Social Login Plugin:

WooCommerce Social Login Demo

Let your customers use their existing social media accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon) to create an account and check out on your site. Less work for them will mean more sales for you.

Increase Buying Confidence: WooCommerce Cart Notices

Just because a user has put an item ‘in the cart’ doesn’t mean they are ready to buy. Cart abandonment is frequently caused by users leaving the cart page or checkout process to go to other pages on your site in order to get questions critical to their decision to buy answered. Does your product have a warranty or a money-back guarantee? What’s exactly included in this purchase?

Improve WordPress usability by answering their burning questions (again) on the cart and checkout pages.

You can do this with WooCommerce Cart Notices:

Any questions you’d consider putting on your company’s FAQ page are potentially g

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