Best WooCommerce Search Plugins, 2019 August

Looking for the best WooCommerce search plugins? We’ve got the rundown, and all are available for incredible discounts on

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress – Live Search Plugin

The closest thing you can get to a professional, enterprise search engine for WordPress.

Advanced search by product categories instead of just ‘attributes’? Yes!
Control the weight and relevance of content included in my search? Yes!
Search custom post types? Yes again!

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress – Live Search Plugin, Download Version 4.16.2 now!

WooCommerce Product Search Plugin

With ‘live search’ and ability to weight by Product Data, Products, or Product Categories!
When a customer types a keyword into the search, WooCommerce Product Search Plugin compares that keyword to product Titles, Short Descriptions and Tags.

WooCommerce Product Search Plugin, Download Version 2.13.3

WP User Frontend Pro Listing Add-On, Download Version 0.1

This plugin will let you create a member/user directory with custom profile and searching features.

WP User Frontend Pro Listing Add-On, Download Version 0.1

WooCommerce Product Finder Plugin

This plugin offers several advantages over all others:

Multi-faceted search includes attributes AND product categories
User-friendly design that shows additional search parameters only if you click the ‘+’ button to add an additional one
Integrated price slider filter
Keyword Search

WooCommerce Product Finder Plugin, Version 1.2.7

WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation Extension

Drill down navigation, search ‘filters.’ Your customers expect it. Advanced navigation is a must-have feature for any store with more than a few dozen products. Customers will find what they are looking for quicker, which translates into lower bounce rates and more sales for your store.

WooCommerce Ajax Layered Navigation Extension, Download Version 1.4.16

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