Best WordPress Upsell Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress upsell plugins? We’ve got the rundown, and all are available for incredible discounts on

Best WordPress Upsell Plugin for the Cart: Cart AddOns Plugin

Use widgets or shortcodes to promote up-sells and cross-sells to customers after they’ve put one or more products in the ‘cart.’

WPspring for WooCommerce · Cart AddOns Plugin Download it now!


  • Define a title for your cross-sell and up-sell promotions (ie “You may also like….”)
  • Default add-ons to promote regardless of the products your customer has put in the cart
  • Products to display as ‘upsells’ if the customer has added a product to their cart that is assigned to this category
  • Products to display as ‘upsells’ if the customer has added a specific product to their cart

Best WordPress Upsell Plugin based on Price, Orders, Categories: WooCommerce Cart Notices Download

Increase your sales by displaying calls to action and other promotions to customers at checkout! Base notices on…

  • Product Categories in Cart
  • Products in Cart
  • Current order amount
  • Deadline
  • Referrer

WooCommerce Cart Notices Download

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