WooCommerce Composite Products Version 8.3.0 Changelog

* Important – Composite Products now requires WooCommerce 3.6+.
* Feature – Introduced ‘Analytics > Composites’ revenue report.
* Feature – Made it possible to remove optional Components in the Cart page.
* Feature – Introduced ‘woocommerce_composite_component_disable_addons’ filter.
* Fix – Fixed failed Add to Cart action when the selected option is not in current component view.
* Fix – Display product’s original price in composited item price if the component has a discount.
* Fix – Fixed a fatal error that is triggered by invalid ‘wc_cp_notice_options’ values.
* Fix – Prevent duplicate component option title from showing when configuring a Composite Product in an order.

WooCommerce Opayo Gateway Version 5.4.1 Changelog

* All payment methods – mask passwords.
* Opayo Direct – Force ApplyAVSCV2 = 2 if no CVV for existing tokens.
* Opayo Direct – Add transaction data for failed release attempts
* Opayo Direct – Payment status check for all failed Opayo status
* Opayo Reporting – Add XML check to System Status
* Opayo Reporting – Make sure a new report is generated when editing the order for orders that are not complete or where a report does not exist.
* Opayo Reporting – Validate the API details if there is an error and show result in metabox
* Opayo Reporting – Add metabox to WooCommerce Subscriptions.
* Opayo Pi – Fix Transaction Type

WooCommerce Product Variations Table Version 1.0.9 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Product Variations Table Version 1.0.9 View the full WooCommerce Product Variations Table Changelog Get WooCommerce Product Variations Table Version 1.0.9 with 12 months of updates for just $15! Already a WPspring Club Member? WooCommerce Product Variations Table Version 1.0.9 Released on September 08, 2021, is now available from your account … Continue reading

WooCommerce Dropshipping Version 3.6 Changelog

* PLUGINS-672 – Supplier role users can’t access 3rd party plugin admin functionality.
* PLUGINS-841 – All prices must work with Woocommerce settings Currency options.
* PLUGINS-912 – Add option to show shipping company name on Supplier’s email.

WooCommerce Memberships for Teams Version 1.6.0 Changelog

* Feature – Allow team owners & managers to view eLearning progress reports for team members enrolled in Sensei or LearnDash courses
* Fix – Change team members’ “Added On” time from UTC to the site’s timezone
* Fix – Address a conflict that occurs with Uncanny Groups for LearnDash by Uncanny Owl

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