Bulk Edit Products, Prices, and Attributes Version 1.2.0 Changelog

* Tested with WooCommerce 6.7.
* Tested with WordPress 6.0.
* An option to bulk update Tags.
* Added Private option in the drop-down of Product visibility Status, where you can bulk update your products to Private status.
* An option to filter products based on the Product image.
* An option to filter products based on their weight.
* Optimized Categories and Custom Attributes search.
* Improved Schedule and Revert Schedule Jobs Performance.
* Resolved Custom attributes memory overflow issue.
* Resolved Greek Language Issue.

WooCommerce Buy One Get One Free Version 3.4.0 Changelog

* Added: Compatible WooCommerce 6.8+.
* Added: Support for the “Order again” option.
* Fixed: The “Radio” type options of the BOGO promotions are not saved.
* Fixed: Product Bundles compatibility – “Gifts” are not added to the cart after adding a second bundle with different quantities.

WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Version 2.6.0 Changelog

* New – checks if featured image is in the product gallery and remove it if it is
* New – logs new inventory when auto-poll updates a product
* New – logs manual updates to wclsi sync event log
* Fix – reconnects item shops if the data already exists when relinking products
* Fix – import variation images
* Fix – adds notice to product page if images are still downloading for the product
* Fix – checks for existence of tax rate id before querying for associated lightspeed id
* Fix – handles cases where lightspeed api returns employee data in unexpected formats
* Fix – addresses an issue where image syncs were getting skipped for matrix product updates
* Tweak – no longer adds the featured image to the product gallery

WooCommerce Smart Coupons Version 5.9.0 Changelog

* New: Tested up to WooCommerce 6.7.0
* Fix: Incorrect discount calculation when using settings ‘Max discount’ & ‘Limit Usage to X items’ together in a percentage discount coupon
* Fix: Product quantity based restrictions fields causing coupons to not apply on empty cart
* Fix: Uncaught TypeError: Unsupported operand types: int * string
* Update: POT file

WooCommerce USPS Shipping Version 4.5.0 Changelog

* Fix – Change dimensions and weight units passed to WC_Boxpack.
* Tweak – Check if WooCommerce\BoxPacker\WC_Boxpack class exists before including.
* Tweak – Transition version numbering to WordPress versioning.
* Tweak – WC 6.7 and WP 6.0 compatibility.

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