WooCommerce Composite Products Version 8.1.2 Changelog

* Fix – Use the correct ‘Read more’ string from the WooCommerce textdomain.
* Fix – Updated Flatsome integration to correctly handle image lightbox.
* Fix – Toggle the ‘Options Pagination’ visibility correctly while making configuration changes to a Component.
* Fix – Handle changes to Name Your Price input changes from blank to zero.
* Tweak – Improve appearance of ‘Item Grouping > Flat’ Bundles in Composites.

WooCommerce Waitlist Version 2.2.5 Changelog

* Fix: Waitlist form can be submitted on instock bundles (now it is removed from the DOM)

* Fix: Waitlist not showing for shortcode
* Fix: Mailouts triggering when WC product import processing
* Added: success/fail hooks after waitlist notification email is sent

WooCommerce Min Max Quantities Version 2.4.21 Changelog

* Add – Output any error messages we might have on the checkout cart error template.
* Fix – Category-level rules now correctly apply to Grouped Products.
* Fix – Ensure ‘Do not count’ order rules work if the product with those rules is the only one in the cart.
* Tweak – WC 5.2.2 compatibility.
* Tweak – WP 5.7.1 compatibility.

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