Remove Yoast License Warning Plugin


Remove Yoast License Warning Plugin A plugin to remove the Yoast License Warning from the WP Admin header and Plugins page.

Remove Yoast License Warning PluginVersion 1.0.3, Released on October 4, 2018

WPspring Plugin This is a WPspring-created plugin. (Version 4.6.5, Released on June 18, 2019)
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Product Description

Why You Need It: Remove Yoast License Warning Plugin

Use this plugin to created by WPspring to remove the Yoast license warning after installing one of the plugins by Yoast.

This plugin removes the Yoast License Warning from the WP Admin header and Plugins page.

Since plugins created by Yoast are GPL, you don’t need a license to use them. Licenses are sold by Yoast for add-on services so if you do not have a license you will not have access to the licensed content that Yoast offers. For instance: premium features that require activation of the plugin in the MyYoast platform. If you nevertheless wish to use the core GPL software and want to hide the license warning this plugin will help you accomplish that goal.

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Remove Yoast License Warning Plugin, Version 1.0.3


As Released


GPL 2.0



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