reCaptcha for WooCommerce Version 2.34 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in reCaptcha for WooCommerce Version 2.34

* Tested with WordPress 6.0
* Tested with WooCommerce 6.5

2022-05-08 version 2.33

* Added action for checkout registration form-i13_woo_checkout_regform_action to render captcha on checkout registration form. For example
for example you can do something like below in your functions.php

add_action(‘woocommerce_after_checkout_registration_form’, ‘i13woo_extra_checkout_register_fields’, 9999);
function i13woo_extra_checkout_register_fields(){

do_action( ‘i13_woo_checkout_regform_action’);

2022-04-11 version 2.32

* Fixes for reCaptcha not working with Wordfence Security 2FA-wp login

2022-04-01 version 2.31

* Fixes for reCaptcha v3 multiple instance not working on checkout in some themes

2022-03-21 version 2.30

* Fixed Google Pay issue in some themes

2022-02-27 version 2.29

* Fixes for order tracking causing problem for contact form 7 reCaptcha.
* Fixes for order tracking captcha turn off ignored.

2022-02-23 version 2.28

* Fixes for WooCommerce signup/login captcha did not work for some themes to due to custom forms.

2022-01-23 version 2.27

* Added support for buddy press signup. See reCaptcha for WooCommerce Signup Settings.
* Fixes settings mismatch for Signup with WP signup method
* Tested with WordPress 5.9

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