Top 10 WordPress Marketing Plugins, August 2018

WooCommerce Instagram Plugin, Download Version 1.1.0
WooCommerce Instagram Plugin lets you incorporate customer photos of your products directly into your product page.Instagram is an online mobile photo and video sharing service. It lets you and your customers quickly upload and share images of your products.

WooCommerce Sales Report Email Plugin, Download Version 1.1.4
Sometimes, you don’t want to log into WooCommerce just to see a sales report. With the WooCommerce Sales Report Email Plugin, you don’t have to. Get actionable data on your product sales by email. Schedule the emails to be delivered daily, weekly emails daily, weekly or monthly.

WooCommerce URL Coupons Extension, Download Version 2.6.3
WooCommerce URL Coupons Extension extends the WooCommerce coupons functionality. Add a unique, clickable URL to any WooCommerce coupon. Using or clicking on the coupon will apply the discount. You can even configure the url to be applied directly to the customer’s shopping cart when clicked!

WooCommerce Force Sells Plugin, Download Version 1.1.16
Do you have products that are dependent on one another and must be purchased together? For instance, a service repair that also requires the purchase of service parts? Then the WooCommerce Force Sells Plugin is for you!

WooCommerce Cart Reports Extension, Download Version 1.2.0
Get real-time, actionable reports on your store’s open and abandoned carts. Reduce your cart abandonment rate and increase your cart conversion rates!

WooCommerce Popup Splash Plugin, Download Version 1.2.7
Splash pop-ups are snazzy. Using the WooCommerce Popup Splash Plugin, you can… Highlight promotions or encourage users to ‘engage’ with your company brand by signing up for a newsletter or creating an account.

WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers, Version 3.4.3
While virtual gift cards/certificates have become more popular, there are many instances where you want customers to be able to buy a downloadable gift certificate. WooCommerce PDF Product Vouchers plugin is the answer!

Affiliates Pro WordPress Plugin Version 2.18.1
Create your own affiliate program and immediately increase sales! Integrates with WordPress and WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Product Retailers Plugin, Version 1.10.1
WooCommerce Product Retailers Plugin is very different from other WooCommerce affiliate plugins. With the WooCommerce Product Retailers Plugin, you can sell a product ON YOUR SITE and link to that same product on a retailer’s site. Instead of being limited to one’affiliate link’ you can add multiple ‘retailer’ links. The plugin is ideal for companies selling products with multiple sales channels.

WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns, Download Version 1.1.3
Power up your coupon performance tracking by grouping coupons into campaigns!

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