WooCommerce Anti Fraud Version 2.9 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Anti Fraud Version 2.9

* PLUGINS-643 – Added cron scheduler that runs once every hour, for past 7 days orders which has not been checked, or orders which has, for some reason, been missed out.
* PLUGINS-638 – Added description for “Device Tracking” settings option.
* PLUGINS-637 – Update label for “Cancel Score” settings field.
* PLUGINS-657 – Fixed enable first-order check for processing orders issue.
* PLUGINS-646 – Fixed the visible graphics of risk score circle.

2020-09-02 version 2.8
* PLUGINS-554 – Added feature to support Minfraud scoring system.

2020-07-16 version 2.7.5
* PLUGINS-482 – Add Block IP address feature

2020-07-16 version 2.7.4
* PLUGINS-516 – Fixed cancelled order bug.

2020-07-10 version 2.7.3
* PLUGINS-421 PLUGINS-339 Fixed Email and order status function for WC 4.0
* PLUGINs-405 Fixed First Order Message Changed.
* PLUGINS-348 Fixed Whitelist function issue.
* PLUGINS-406 Paypal email verification issue.

2020-05-25 version 2.7.2
* PLUGINS-124 – Fixed verify froud email or generated email

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