WooCommerce Gateway Cybersource Version 2.8.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Gateway Cybersource 2.8.0, Released on March 26, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Gateway Cybersource Version 2.8.0

   * Feature - Add support for the WooCommerce Checkout Block
 * Feature - Update Flex Microform to v2.0
 * Fix - Avoid checking for the checkout pay page when 3D Secure is enabled and trigger a WordPress notice
 * Fix - Display a more meaningful customer message when the billing information contains invalid details
 * Fix - Ensure Check Number Field setting is respected
 * Fix - Loading the payment form after a declined payment sometimes failed
 * Fix - Ensure a single device fingerprinting session is used, even if multiple payment gateways are used
 * Dev - Update the Cybersource REST Client to v0.0.47
 * Misc - Harden Payer Authentication security
 * Misc - Ensure Payer Authentication data is available for Decision Manager
 * Misc - Require PHP 8.0 or higher
 * Misc - Remove Tokenization Profile ID setting as it is no longer required to tokenize cards

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