WooCommerce Instagram Version 4.0.0 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Instagram Version 4.0.0

* Feature-Generate files for the product catalogs.
* Tweak-Process the products of a catalog in batches.
* Tweak-Reduced the load time of the product catalog feeds.
* Tweak-Improved performance when exporting a product catalog to an XML or CSV file.
* Tweak-Redirect to the settings page after creating a product catalog.
* Tweak-Product catalogs are no longer sortable in the settings table.
* Tweak-Delete a product catalog on the settings page without the need to save the settings.
* Tweak-Replaced deprecated jQuery functions.
* Tweak-Clear cache after removing the plugin data on uninstalling.
* Tweak-Updated documentation links.
* Tweak-Tested compatibility with WC 6.1.
* Tweak-Tested compatibility with WP 5.9.
* Dev-Allow querying products from a catalog.
* Dev-Store the product catalogs in the WP Posts table as a Custom Post Type.
* Dev-Use a WC background process to handle the plugin updates.
* Dev-Use a trait instead of a class for implementing the Singleton pattern.
* Dev-Dropped deprecated plugin code up to version 3.6.
* Dev-Dropped classes `WP_Async_Request` and `WP_Background_Process` from core.
* Dev-Updated the minimum requirements to WC 3.5, WP 4.7, and PHP 5.4.

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