WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Version 2.15.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Lightspeed POS 2.15.0, Released on November 10, 2023

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Version 2.15.0

* Fix - pagination issue for search results on importer table
* Fix - image issue where images were not removed from gallery when set as main image

2023-6-28 version 2.14.0

* New   - Test suite no longer checks for compatibility with PHP 7.2 as the latest version of WooCommerce does not support it
* Tweak - Update sales syncing to be compatible with HPOS
* Tweak - Prevent scheduling sync to Lightspeed if the only element in the update snapshot is the product id
* Tweak - When a manual update to pull info from Lightspeed is run, cancel already scheduled updates to Lightspeed for the product
* Tweak - Increase size of ean and upc columns in the wclsi_items table
* Tweak - Update last sync timestamp after finding products for updating

2023-5-24 version 2.13.1

* Fix - Fix sales syncing issue where discount was being applied to products without discount, resulting in unbalanced sale

2023-5-16 version 2.13.0

* Fix   - Fix warning related to missing ItemEcommerce if legacy LS webstore is not enabled
* Fix   - Change the featured image in Woo if the featured image gets deleted in LS
* Tweak - Catch image import error
* New   - Move updating and item creation to the action scheduler if more than 30 items are found to be new or changed

2023-1-18 version 2.12.1

* Fix - fixes an issue where some search terms were decoded improperly when searching for Lightspeed products

2023-1-6 version 2.11.0

* Fix - Improve security when loading the importer and settings pages
* Fix - Only schedule image to be downloaded if it is not already associated with the product
* New - Write to debug log when save is triggered by the plugin

2022-11-1 version 2.10.0

* Tweak - When polling for changes, go back 60 seconds in case the action scheduler took a while to run
* Tweak - Label timestamp as utc when logging for run of ls auto-poll
* Fix - Check if update type is 'inventory update' instead of 'Inventory' when logging a successful poll

2022-10-21 version 2.9.0

* Tweak - Make getters for wclsi-lightspeed-prod class public for use with filters
* Tweak - Add reason for skipping job to debug log
* Fix   - Compare last check timestamp to max window time stamp instead of max window date when running item poller
* Fix   - Get polling interval from settings instead of defaulting to 5 seconds when no last sync timestamp is found
* Fix   - Check if update type is inventory instead of assigning inventory as the update type when logging a successful poll

2022-10-11 version 2.8.0

* New - Debug mode can be turned on in settings to activate additional logging
* Tweak - Checks if ID is empty rather than null when ensuring that ID exists for sync

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