WooCommerce Opayo Gateway Version 5.7.4 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Opayo Gateway Version 5.7.4

* General-WC 6.2
* General-Update readme file
* Opayo Direct-Fix field length for BrowserLanguage
* Opayo Direct-make sure expiry date can be added as 02/22, 02/2022, 02 2022, 2 2022
* Opayo Direct-Allow for £0 initial subscription order that don’t use Free Trials
* Opayo Direct-Always log wp_remote_post errors
* Opayo Direct-remove some exit() from 3D Secure process
* Opayo Direct-add additional order notes for 3D Secure failures
* Opayo Direct-Use $_REQUEST not $_POST for 3D Secure process to allow for 3D Secure form variations
* Opayo Direct-Check settings for empty values.
* Opayo Direct-Fix add payment method not sending amount maybe
* Opayo Direct-Make sure new token is not deleted from subscription when changing payment method

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