WooCommerce PDF Watermark Version 1.3.0 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce PDF Watermark Version 1.3.0

* Update-Added compatibility with PHP up to version 7.4.
* Update-Added premium option for compatibility.
* Fix-No longer appending compulsory full stops to watermarks.

2020-06-17 version 1.2.1
* Fix-disable password notice in email for those not password protecting pdf’s PLUGINS-320

2020-04-02 version 1.2.0
* Update-Send notification to email which option for password that has been used PLUGINS-280
* Update-Added feature enable disable password protection which was missed in version 1.1.9 PLUGINS-237

2020-01-14 version 1.1.9
* Update-Added fetaure in the plugin setting for password protection with email id or order id PLUGINS-237

2019-07-02 version 1.1.8
* Fix: Ampersands and other special characters shown as HTML entity

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