WooCommerce Point of Sale Version 6.2.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Point of Sale 6.4.0, Released on May 15, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Point of Sale Version 6.2.0

  Feature - implemented a rounding option at checkout that can be enabled or disabled as preferred.
Feature - introduced the ability to select and display coupons at the POS register.
Feature - added option to setup exclusive shipping methods available only for POS-based orders.
Feature - included functionality to display product inventory levels by outlet in the Analytics > Products section.
Feature - enhanced synchronization stability with dynamic request limit adjustments.
Feature - provided the option to omit displaying the original item price on printed receipts.
Feature - incorporated support for custom checkout fields for billing, shipping and additional details.
Feature - added capability to assign categories to products at the time of addition through the POS register.
Feature - extended language support to include Bulgarian and Mexican.
Fix - corrected the display of the total number of coupons in the synchronization interface.
Fix - fixed the cart total to include taxes in the displayed amount.
Fix - rectified the issue where the default customer was not being assigned in certain scenarios.
Fix - resolved the problem causing failure to trigger transactional emails for POS orders.
Fix - ensured dining options are included on printed receipts.
Fix - added missing outlet detail labels on receipts.
Fix - addressed styling issues in dropdown fields resulting from the latest WooCommerce update.
Fix - resolved compatibility issues with older versions of WooCommerce.
Fix - modified receipts to display and print the customer’s full name.
Fix - removed conflicts with the qTranslate-XT plugin.
Fix - fixed the direct addition to cart of products using scanned variant SKUs.
Fix - restored the functionality of order filters on the WooCommerce > Orders screen.
Fix - the placeholder image for products on receipts when the actual image is not found.
Misc - upgraded the minimum PHP version requirement to 7.4.
Tweak - improved error notifications for failed user information retrieval attempts.
Tweak - refined the coupon application process to include better handling of limits and warnings.
Tweak - updated the receipt preview to more accurately reflect the final printed receipt.
Tweak - enhanced the interface for printing receipts directly from the WordPress dashboard.
Tweak - optimized the checkout experience for users.
Tweak - enabled cashiers to re-initiate payment processing in the event of an initial transaction failure.
Tweak - allowed for decimal values in product stock levels for outlet inventory.
Tweak - updated the Dutch language translation file.

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