WooCommerce Point of Sale Version 6.2.2 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Point of Sale 6.3.0, Released on February 8, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Point of Sale Version 6.2.2

  Feature - integrated a table of orders in the End of Day (EoD) report for detailed transaction tracking.
Feature - enabled addition and removal of cash amounts with automatic updates in EoD reports.
Feature - added functionality to select custom checkout fields for inclusion on printed receipts.
Feature - provided functionality to hide specific fields on subsequent prints of a receipt.
Feature - implemented support for controlling product catalog visibility settings.
Feature - introduced a feature to remove the currency symbol from receipt layouts.
Fix - fixed the omission of tendered cash amounts in receipt printouts.
Fix - corrected the issue of persisting customer selection post transaction.
Fix - resolved compatibility issues with plugin operation on multisite subdomains.
Fix - repaired a typo that caused malfunction on the My Account page.
Fix - addressed a configuration-specific bug preventing register opening.
Fix - enabled receipt printing functionality from the back-end on Custom Post Type (CPT) order pages.
Fix - fixed a bug in the product grid sorting mechanism.
Fix - corrected the display of tax-inclusive original prices on receipts.
Fix - resolved an issue with saving optional variation attributes in orders.
Fix - implemented a feature to hide fields with empty values on printed receipts.
Fix - repaired custom grid sorting functionality.
Fix - fixed a bug preventing addition of variable products from the search bar when another product is selected.
Misc - added a new filter hook 'wc_pos_product_is_visible' for overriding product visibility settings in POS.
Tweak - set a default label for tax numbers on receipts to streamline setup.
Tweak - modified category sorting to default to alphabetical order for improved navigation.
Tweak - adjusted the user interface of the closing register panel for better usability.
Tweak - added an option for more flexible order status modifications.

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