WooCommerce Pre-Orders Version 1.6.0 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Pre-Orders Version 1.6.0

* Fix-Jquery deprecated code.
* Tweak-Jquery 3.0 compatibility.
* Tweak-Improve performance of scheduled action that completes orders after product is released.
* Fix-Use WooCommerce order details template instead of a custom one.
* Fix-“Your previous cart was emptied” message does not show when using ajax cart.
* Fix-Error message on Pre-Orders list when a product pre-order is disabled.
* Fix-Broken email links when sending links via WooCommerce > Pre-Orders > Actions.
* Tweak-Pre-Orders table under My Account > Pre Orders responsiveness
* Fix-Stock inventory is not replenished when a pre-order that’s set to charge “Upon Release” is canceled.
* Tweak-Pre-load product when clicking on “Use the actions menu” to change the release date.
* Add-Allow to search for Pre orders only and Regular orders only on WooCommerce > Orders.
* Fix-Refunded orders are counted as Net Sales in WC > Reports when Pre-Orders is active.
* Tweak-Prevent listing pre-orders when they must be paid upfront and the payment fails.
* Tweak-Rename the .pot file so it matches the registered text domain.
* Add-Add fees to order when creating via admin.
* Fix-Reduce inventory for 100% coupon payments.
* Fix-Complete the product’s release process when the release date is updated to the past and pre-orders exist.
* Tweak-Make the notice for when the cart contains a pre-order be of the ‘error’ type.
* Add-Add an option to enable product Pre-Order automatically when stock hits zero.
* Fix-Email message when order is on-hold.
* Tweak-Prevent multiple pre-order products to be added on order created via admin.
* Fix-“Release Date Changed” email mentions it changed to a future date when it’s set to the past.
* Tweak-Pre-Orders status counter performance improvement

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