WooCommerce Product Variations Table Version 1.2.1 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Product Variations Table 1.2.4, Released on November 30, 2023

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Product Variations Table Version 1.2.1

  * Added new layout for displaying variations
* Added feature to display custom text as column names in variation table

2023-09-26 -version 1.2.0
* Fixed translation issues

2023-08-29 -version 1.1.9
* Added settings to customize add to cart popup message
* Optimized javascript

2023-07-11 -version 1.1.8
* Added wordpress multisite compatibility
* Minor translation issues fixed

2023-05-30 -version 1.1.7
* Minor bug fixes

2023-05-09 -version 1.1.6
* Minor bug fixes

2023-03-15 -version 1.1.5
* Bug fixes and improvements
* Fixed string translation issues

2022-12-07 -version 1.1.4
* Minor Bug fixes and improvements

2022-09-08 -version 1.1.3
* Minor Bug fixes

2022-08-10 -version 1.1.2
* Added sort column option - you can sort column of variation table through drag and drop
* Added user roles option  - you can enable variation table for specific user role
* Fixed minor design issues  

2022-03-07 -version  1.1.1
* Fixed minor Issues

2021-12-07 -version  1.1.0
* Fixed minor Issues

2021-09-08 -version  1.0.9
* Added new option of hide variations option 
* Fixed minor Issues

2021-09-01 -version  1.0.8
* Changed Backend design 
* Fixed Issues 

2021-07-16 -version  1.0.7
* Add Shortcode Functionlities 

2021-07-12 -version  1.0.6
* Add functionlities Select / Deselect All Checkboxes items add to cart

2021-07-07 -version  1.0.5
* CSS issues fixed 

2021-06-21 -version  1.0.4

* Fix Comptibility issues.
* Resolved multiselect items add to cart issues 

2021-05-24 -version  1.0.3

* Make compatible our plugin with elementor by providing them shortcode.
* Make shortcode of our plugin.
* Make a switch of on and off at the admin site. If user enable that switch then the field name shortcode is shown so users just copy that shortcode and paste it anywhere on single product page for variation table and if user disable the option then our plugin is working same as early.

2020-12-14 -version  1.0.2

* Fixed the price saving issue on global settings
* Fixed the page-limit issue, rows can be shown of any number at the table
* Fixed the issue of number of variations for each product on product page
* Add the multiple cart items with the custom number of quantity field
* By default set the quantity field to 1

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