WooCommerce Redsys Gateway Version 18.0.0 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Redsys Gateway Version 18.0.0

* NEW: Mobile Push Notification. Needs Catapush service.
* NEW: Now, an Order Subscription Note is added if the Credit Card doesn’t exist or expired.
* NEW: Errors are added to Order Notes.
* NEW: New global function push().
* NEW: New global function get_post_edit_url().
* NEW: New global function get_last_four().
* NEW: Declared compatibility with WooCommerce 6.3.
* NEW: Now you can customize an email for notifications.
* IMPROVED: Now is only allowed to add a Subscription credit card in My Account > Add payment method when 1clic is disabled.
* IMPROVED: The SCA LWV is now an option in Redsys redirection && Redsys in ths Checkout. You need to ask Redsys to enable it.
* IMPROVED: Now DS_MERCHANT_GROUP is sent with PayGold.
* IMPROVED: Removed several logs that were annoying and not useful.
* IMPROVED: Now the plugin check Ds_Card_Number & Ds_CardNumber. Redsys is sending both fields.
* IMPROVED: Removed many pre PDS2 deprecated code.
* IMPROVED: Updated some strings.
* FIXED: If a subscription is not renewed, WooCommerce Subscriptions will retry it.
* FIXED: Refunds with InSite, works again.
* FIXED: Removed InSite debug line in checkout.
* FIXED: Removed deprecated code on Global Class $get_token.

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