WooCommerce Redsys Gateway Version 24.2.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Redsys Gateway 25.0.2, Released on April 16, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Redsys Gateway Version 24.2.0

* NEW: Pay with one click using a button for non-virtual products (Shipping).
* NEW: Hooks redsys_before_shipping_dropdown_product, redsys_after_shipping_dropdown_product, redsys_before_buy_now_button_product, and redsys_after_buy_now_button_product.
* NEW: Now you can select if the order is marked as processing or complete when confirming a preauthorization. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Redsys Advanced > General.
* NEW: Filter to accept shipping methods not registered in WooCommerce > redsys_accepted_shipping_methods.
* UPDATE: Improved Subscriptions. Added descriptions and customer names.
* UPDATE: Increased the duration of redsys_signature_transient from 600 to 3600 seconds.
* UPDATE: Renamed the default title for GPay from 'GPay' to 'Google Pay'.
* FIX: Numerous notices.

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