WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 5.6.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Subscriptions 6.3.2, Released on May 24, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 5.6.0

  * Add: Introduce the "Subscription Relationship" column under the Orders list admin page when HPOS is enabled.
* Add: Use admin theme color and the correct WooCommerce colors.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that caused subscriptions to go on-hold when a customer fails or abandons an early renewal order payment.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that caused subscriptions with an unpaid early renewal order to be incorrectly considered as needing payment.
* Fix: When HPOS is enabled, make the orders_by_type_query filter box work in the WooCommerce orders screen.
* Fix: Ensure renewal orders paid via the Block Checkout are correctly linked to their subscription.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that caused paying for failed/pending parent orders that include Product Add-ons to not calculate the correct total.
* Fix: Ensure the order needs processing transient is deleted when a subscription order (eg renewal) is created. Fixes issues with renewal orders going straight to a completed status.
* Fix: Store the correct subscription start date in postmeta and ordermeta when HPOS and data syncing is being used.
* Fix: When HPOS is enabled, deleting a customer will now delete their subscriptions.
* Fix: Missing styles on the Edit Subscription page when HPOS is enabled.
* Fix: Resolve an issue that would cause additional subscriptions to be created when completing a switch via the Block Checkout.
* Fix: Resolve an issue that would cause 3rd party plugin edit product fields with the show_if_variable-subscription class to be incorrectly hidden.
* Fix: Allow gateways to execute action on payment method deletion before updating the subscription.
* Fix: Ensure subscriptions have a date created that correctly accounts for the site's timezone. Fixes issues with subscriptions having a date created double the site's UTC offset.
* Fix: When HPOS is enabled, fix quick-editing the subscription statuses on the admin list table.
* Dev: PHP 8.2: Fix "Creation of dynamic property" warnings.
* Dev: PHP 8.2: Fix "Automatic conversion of false to array is deprecated" warnings.
* Dev: PHP warnings from using debug_backtrace().
* Dev: Updated subscriptions-core to 6.4.0
* Dev: Updated the hooks for Checkout Blocks, replacing the deprecated `woocommerce_blocks_checkout_` prefixed hooks with `woocommerce_store_api_checkout`.

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