WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 6.1.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Subscriptions 6.2.0, Released on April 11, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 6.1.0

  * Fix: Ensure the subscription renewal payment process doesn't attempt to reprocess previously paid renewal orders.
* Fix: Resolved an issue where discounts, when reapplied to failed or manual subscription order payments, would incorrectly account for inclusive tax.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that could cause an empty error notice to appear on the My Account > Payment methods page when a customer attempted to delete a token used by subscriptions.
* Fix: Make sure we always clear the subscription object from cache after updating dates.
* Fix: Use block theme styles for the 'Add to Cart' button on subscription product pages.
* Fix: Customer notes not being saved on the Edit Subscription page for stores with HPOS enabled.
* Fix: Ensure products that have a yearly billing period can choose a date that the subscription is synchronized to.
* Fix: Improved alignment of subscription product pricing fields on the edit product screen for consistency with other fields.
* Fix: Avoid setting empty meta keys on subscriptions when changing the customer's default payment method.
* Fix: Use a more scalable way to filter the orders admin list table by parent orders on HPOS stores.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that prevented subscription custom place order button labels from working on the block checkout.
* Update: Change the update all subscriptions checkbox displayed on the change payment method page to be enabled by default.
* Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 6.9.0

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