WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 6.2.0 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Subscriptions 6.3.2, Released on May 24, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 6.2.0

  * Add: Declare WooCommerce as a plugin dependency in the plugin header.
* Fix: Ensure next payment dates are only extended when early renewal orders paid via the modal are fully paid. Prevents extending dates on authorized but not captured payments.
* Fix: Updated the switching calculator to handle situations where an upgrade has a new price per day less than the old price per day. Previously this would result in a negative upgrade cost.
* Fix: Update the failing payment method on a subscription when customers successfully pay for a failed renewal order via the block checkout.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that would cause subscriptions to be directly cancelled by the WooCommerce process of automatically cancelling unpaid orders in-line with the hold stock setting.
* Fix: Prevent duplicate status transition notes on subscriptions and potential infinite loops when processing subscription status transitions.
* Fix: Resolved an issue that could lead to "Undefined array key 'order-received'" errors.
* Fix: Resolved errors that could occur when paying for renewal orders via the checkout when the store has custom checkout fields.
* Fix: Resolved database errors that would occur when ordering the subscriptions list table by the 'Last order date' on sites with HPOS enabled.
* Dev: Introduced a new filter ('wcs_setup_cart_for_subscription_initial_payment') to enable third-party plugins to use the pay-for-order flow to complete a subscription's initial payment.
* Dev: Updated subscriptions-core to 7.0.0.

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