Customize WooCommerce Tabs and Cart

WooCommerce Customizer

  • Want to change the ‘Product Description’ and ‘Additional Information’ tab headers on WooCommerce product pages to something more relevant?
  • Want to change WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ button text?

‘WooCommerce Customizer’ plugin is a quick and dirty way to change WooCommerce cart button text and tab headers without programming. Best of all, it’s free!

WooCommerce Tabs Plugin

Content Woocommerce Tabs Plugin Demo

Of course, if you need more control over WooCommerce product page tabs, you’ll want to check out the WooCommerce Tabs Plugin.

With the WooCommerce Tabs Plugin, not only can you change the title on the out-of-the-box tabs, but you can add new tabs. You can also quickly get rid of the out-of-the-box tabs, and order your custom tabs. Custom tabs create more a more relevant experience for your users.