Gravity Forms Changelog

Gravity Forms Changelog for Version 2.4.17

Gravity Forms Changelog…

Latest Version: Version 2.4.17, Released on February 6, 2020

Gravity Forms Changelog: New Features

  • Additional security enhancements.
  • Addition of maxlength attribute to fields using textarea inputs when maximum character count is defined.
  • Addition of the gform_field_validation filter to the Repeater field.
  • Addition of aria-describedby to some single input fields including: Consent, Text, Textarea, and Website.

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Gravity Forms Changelog: New Fixes

  • Fixed: Accessibility issue with the total field in which screen readers don’t announce the total amount when it changes.
  • Fixed: multi-column List fields within Repeater fields appearing as Array during export.
  • Fixed: Fatal error which can occur when using GFFormsModel::media_handle_upload() to upload a video file to the media library
  • Fixed: Accessibility issue involving the color contrast of the character counter against a white background.
  • Fixed: Character counter not announcing updated character limit to screen readers when fields have a maximum character count defined.
  • Fixed: Replacement method name in the GFFormsModel::purge_expired_incomplete_submissions() deprecation notice
  • Fixed: Issue with default symbols for the Repeater field buttons. Also removed the title attribute.
  • Fixed: Placeholder option was not being added to drop-down type fields if the placeholder was 0.
  • Fixed: Issue with some Address field sub-labels when form is displayed
  • Fixed: Input mask type setting was reverting to the default choice after some custom masks were figured.
  • Fixed: Issue pertaining to frontend feeds not being able to be activated after conditional logic is disabled.
  • Fixed: Issue pertaining to conditionally hidden Drop Down fields that were evaluated as having a value via conditional logic.
  • Fixed: Problem where use of some special characters ( such as quotations) in the List field column label could prevent submission of the input value.
  • Fixed: Problem with the height of the Rich Text Editor when the Paragraph or Post Body field is displayed due to conditional logic.
  • Fixed: Problem that some properties were not being reset when the Product field input type is changed creating problems for conditional logic and front-end calculations
  • “Not Checked” rule for the consent field in conditional logic JS was removed. Now you should use “not is” “checked”

Gravity Forms Changelog: Updates

  • Updated: link in disable logging notice updated to immediately disable logging.
  • Updated: gform_post_export_entries action hook updated to include the export_id as the fifth parameter.
  • Updated: reCAPTCHA settings description was updated.

Gravity Forms Changelog: API Changes

  • Added GFAPI::entry_exists() This was added to check if an entry exists for the supplied ID.
  • Fix to PHP warning during form submission if an invalid entry id is returned by the gform_entry_id_pre_save_lead filter
  • A problem was fixed pertaining to existing values for registered entry meta could be lost when using the gform_entry_id_pre_save_lead filter to update an entry during form submission.
  • Fix to returning repeater subfields via GFAPI::get_field()
  • API (internal): GFExport::get_entry_export_line() was added for making the line be included in the export for the entry being processed.
  • API (internal): Support was added for IS/IS NOT NULL operations in GF_Query.

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