Sensei Pro Version Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in Sensei Pro Version

* Sensei Pro: Version bump to 1.4.0
* New! Create groups and cohorts of students
* Action menu with generic modal with action item to remove a student from a group
* Track usage of Student Groups functionality
* Add an endpoint to add students to a group
* Add a group courses column in the group list table to show the number of courses in the group
* Add a last activity column in group students table with ability to sort
* Add a modal to create new student group
* Add a students column in the group list table to show number of assigned students
* Add endpoint to edit the access period of a course in a group
* Add endpoint to get courses by group ID
* Add endpoint to remove a student from a group
* Add endpoint to remove students in batch from a group
* Add endpoint to update group name
* Add endpoint to remove group and all related data
* Add enrolled courses column in group students table
* Add filter by course functionality in group students page
* Add group list page action to remove group and a modal for confirming
* Add modal to update the name of a group in the action menu
* Add rest endpoint for adding student group
* Add enrolment provider and enroll students into courses
* Add group settings page
* Add modal to assign students to the selected group.
* Add endpoint to add a course to a group
* Enable to remove multiple students from the selected group
* Enable to update access periods
* Improve the groups access period interface.
* Redirect user to group students page when students are added via action menu
* Use action hook to render groups menu item on proper place in the sensei lms menu
* Increased PHP requirement from 7.0 to 7.2

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