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WooThemes Features Plugin

Highlight features on your WooCommerce homepage by using the WordPress ‘Features’ plugin– just as we’ve done on the homepage!   You’ll end up with nicely formatted, responsive columns of product or website features. Here’s how you do it: Install ‘Features’ plugin by WooThemes. Go to ‘Widgets’ and drag and drop the ‘Features’ widget into […]

How to add WooSlider to homepage?

Are you having trouble figuring out how to add WooSlider to your WooCommerce homepage? If you are using a WooTheme, go to ‘Theme Options’ in your Theme menu option (this usually appears right above the ‘WooCommerce’ menu option). Click on “Featured Slider.” Make sure the box next to ‘Enable Featured Slider’ is checked. Then.. you’re good to […]

WooCommerce Image Size Problems?

WooCommerce has many built-in options for highlighting products on a website– from image thumbnails in the catalog to product page images (“featured image”) to gallery images. Even changing the image sizes seems relatively easy. You can make changes to image sizes from WooCommerce Settings> Catalog  (see “Image Sizes” at the bottom?) But… oftentimes, the image size […]

Hide Add To Cart Button: WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Extension

So you want to hide WooCommerce ‘add to cart’ button? Or maybe, you want to hide the cart functionality for just certain products? WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options Extension lets you do it! This extension gives you all the benefits of the WooCommerce product catalog, but hide cart functionality and pricing information for all or some […]

4 Marketplace Ideas: WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension

With the WooCommerce Product Vendors Extension, you don’t need to have your own product to make money online! This extension lets you turn WordPress’ WooCommerce platform into a vendor marketplace. Vendors can offer multiple products. Products can be viewed either through the vendor’s ‘shop page’ or by category in your marketplace. You earn commission on […]

Customize WooCommerce Tabs and Cart

WooCommerce Customizer Want to change the ‘Product Description’ and ‘Additional Information’ tab headers on WooCommerce product pages to something more relevant? Want to change WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ button text? ‘WooCommerce Customizer’ plugin is a quick and dirty way to change WooCommerce cart button text and tab headers without programming. Best of all, it’s free! […]

Create a ‘Price Quote’ Form for Products

There are occasions when you’ll want to create a ‘price quote’ form for a product. True, WooCommerce out-of-the-box cart functionality will automatically update the price of an item depending on the ‘variables’ selected if your product is a ‘variable’ product. However, sometimes you don’t want to make a WooCommerce product available to ‘add to cart.’ […]