WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment, Released on May 21, 2024

Changelog for WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment

  *** WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Changelog ***
2024-05-21 - version
* Prevent duplicate tracking orders to be registered in third party plugins.

2024-05-13 - version 4.2.2
* Tracking code fixes and order checks
* Better logging

2024-04-17 - version 4.2.1
* Connection url updates.
* Code fixes and improvements.

2024-04-03 - version 4.2
* PHP 7 compatibility fix.
* Other code fixes and improvements.

2024-03-11 - version
* Add integration with Shipment Tracking plugin.
* Only show tracking order notes once when syncing the order status.

2024-02-05 - version
* Fix order sync tracking details.

2024-01-29 - version
* Retrieve tracking details during order sync.

2024-01-22 - version
* Better handling of digital products. Digital products will count to total fulfiled products to set the order status to sent-to-fba
* Authorize url is now marketplace specific.

2023-12-14 - version
* Improved option settings usage

2023-12-05 - version
* Fix issues with Kint debugger.
* Improve installation notice message.

2023-11-09 - version
* Fix issues with shipping cost calculations.
* Add logging for shipping calculation errors.

2023-10-22 - version
* Fix issues with fulfilment.
* Code improvements.

2023-10-16 - version
* Add plugin compatibility with WooCommerce Subscriptions recurring orders.
* Introduce `ns_fba_fulfilment_order_fulfilment_items` hook to manually add items that should be fulfiled but are skipped.
* Update code to have more reusable functions.
* Speed improvements. 

2023-05-29 - version 4.1.9
* Added WooCommerce HPOS Support

2023-04-12 - version 4.1.8
* Fix cron error when not fully loaded.

2023-04-12 - version 4.1.7
* Fix customer fulfilment order details

2023-04-18 - version 4.1.6
* Fix ns_fba_skip_post_fulfillment_order filter logging

2023-04-12 - version 4.1.5
* New Filter ns_fba_skip_post_fulfillment_order to allow skipping orders for fulfilment.
* Fixed background tasks not firing after the first time.
* Fixed issue of inventory log size growing too large.

2023-03-02 - version 4.1.4
* Added setting option to only sync products that fulfil with Amazon.
* Added API timeout default duration to allow for adequate API request time.

2023-01-20 - version 4.1.3
* Fix order sync update issue
* Add error handling when calculating shipping costs.

2023-01-02 - version 4.1.2
* Fix issue calculating shipping fees for variations.
* Fix order status check
* Implement better handling for long product SKU

2022-10-10 - version 4.1.1
* Fix issue where failed email is sent when an order is fulfiled successfully.

2022-09-29 - version 4.1.0
* Remove support for MWS
* Implement work-around for Amazon API not returning all SKUs to fix inventory sync
* Implement logging through WooCommerce logging
* Add URL to package tracking number for shipment status

2022-07-22 - version 4.0.9
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Fix issue in passing # symbol to Amazon with temporary work-around
* Fix issue with SKUs containing + symbol with temporary work-around
* Fix BLANK_BOX feature reference per the SP API model
* Fix some issues with inventory sync not going past the first page of results
* Fix php notices and error handling when API errors are returned

2022-06-30 - version 4.0.8
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Fix issue with variation stock level not syncing
* Fix issue with orders containing variations not auto sending to Amazon

2022-06-24 - version 4.0.7
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Revert order number sent to Amazon to WC order / post ID
* Fix issue preventing scheduled inventory sync
* Fix automatic order status syncing (depends on active inventory sync schedule)

2022-06-23 - version 4.0.6
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Restore support for PHP 7.3 and prior by removing typed class properties

2022-06-21 - version 4.0.5
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Fix issue with variation SKUs not being properly sent to Amazon

2022-06-17 - version 4.0.4
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Fix additional error Disabled Shipping Methods setting

2022-06-16 - version 4.0.3
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Fix error when Disabled Shipping Methods setting is used

2022-06-15 - version 4.0.2
* Patch to MAJOR UPDATE (see full details of version 4.0.0)
* Fix plugin activation error when Sync Shipping Status setting is ON

2022-06-06 - version 4.0.1
* Version Bump to fix issue with WooCommerce Marketplace changelog.txt parsing
* MAJOR UPDATE (see details below in version 4.0.0)

2022-06-06 - version 4.0.0
* Implemented Amazon's new Selling Partner API (SP-API)
* Implemented Login with Amazon (LWA) for authorizing access to Seller Central and fulfillment data
* Temporary support for both MWS and SP-API (you must update to SP-API before Jul 31, 2022)
* Added features to Import Products and map SKUs from Amazon fulfillment into to WooCommerce
* Added a native WC Shipping method for Amazon with the ability to enable/disable any of the Amazon shipping speeds
* Added dynamic estimated arrival times in the Cart and Checkout from Amazon's SP-API
* Added dynamic estimated fulfillment rates from Amazon and provided to customer during shopping experience
* Added features to set a fixed or % mark-up amount to add to Amazon's estimated fulfillment rates
* Added shipment status, carrier, and tracking number to the view order screen and admin edit order screen

2021-03-29 - version 3.3.8
* Fixed bug with Amazon settings display logic

2021-03-24 - version 3.3.7
 * Added setting for log auto-deletion threshold
 * Fixed bug with plugin not taking effect for network-activated WooCommerce
 * Fixed bug with custom order statuses not being counted as paid in reporting

2021-02-16 - version 3.3.6
* Added bulk order post action for sending orders to Amazon
* Added manual-only mode for sending orders by admin action but not automatically
* Fixed PayPal IPN timing irregularity handling

2020-10-08 - version 3.3.5
* Fixed changelog formatting

2020-09-15 - version 3.3.4
* Added experimental retry failed orders setting
* Added better request parameter logging for troubleshooting
* Fixed WP 5.5 deprecated notice from PHPMailer
* Fixed signature error for addresses with trailing whitespace

2020-08-17 - version 3.3.3
* Added ability to check tracking info from admin order page
* Fixed bug with products not updating when syncing all inventory manually
* Fixed inventory update failure for SKUs with special characters
* Updated Kint library used for debug logs

2020-06-18 - version 3.3.2
* Add misc. improvements to settings UI

2020-04-02 - version 3.3.1
* Fix bug with missing displayableOrderComment parameter from blank setting value
* Convert actions using admin notices to AJAX handling (for compatibility with WooCommerce 4.0)

2020-03-25 - version 3.3.0
* Added setting and filter for customizing the displayable order comment
* Added order status filter for customizing status logic
* Added support for Singapore marketplace
* Added support for COD orders in Japan
* Added additional logging for failed order submissions
* Fixed bug with invalid queryStartDateTime when testing Amazon API connection

2019-08-20 - version 3.2.9
* Added Support for Far East Region including Australia and Japan
* Added composer to support current Kint lib and updates

2019-07-23 - version 3.2.8
* Updated Kint debugging library to latest version

2019-07-01 - version 3.2.7
* Fixed bug with refund report totals
* Fixed bug with setting of application version / user-agent

2019-05-17 - version 3.2.6
* Fixed bug with shipping method names that have special characters or extra spaces

2019-04-09 - version 3.2.5
* Fixed bug related to Amazon MWS library's inconsistent use of setMarketplace vs. setMarketplaceId

2019-04-02 - version 3.2.4
* Added test for cURL version to ensure compatibilty with required TLS1.2
* Added better WP_ERROR trapping when plugin can't establish an SSL connection to API

2019-04-01 - version 3.2.3
* Version bump to make sure latest is deployed to Woo Market

2019-03-22 - version 3.2.2
* Fixed issue in FBA library with ambiguity between Marketplace and MarketplaceId parameters
* Fixed issue with some API requests not signing all the parameters and failing to submit to Amazon

2019-03-21 - version 3.2.1
* Completed EU support

2019-03-20 - version 3.2.0
* First overhaul and transition version supporting new authentication model for MWS Auth Token
* Added support for North America and Europe regions for MWS Auth Token request signing

2018-07-24 - version 3.1.9
* Added exclusion for Polylang which can trigger false positive detection on WPML

2018-07-02 - version 3.1.8
* Added feature to set FBA stock threshold, which - when reached - will zero out WC stock level for oversell protection
* Updated sequence order of address check to prevent any unrelated errors when no order items are set to FBA
* Updated behavior of amazon notification email - leaving the setting blank now will NOT send the admin address instead
* Updated translation file

2018-06-01 - version 3.1.7
* Added support for auto currency switching to GBP when UK marketplace ID is detected inside EU region
* Added option to exclude customer phone number from order data sent to FBA
* Updated automatic currency handling for non-EUR in EUR marketplace IDs other than UK
* Added woocommerce-order-details class section to wrap Order Tracking Info (thank you James for the suggestion!)

2018-05-11 - version 3.1.6
* Added support for multiple dynamic marketplace IDs in EU region. Auto detect and send ID based on shipping address
* Added option to exclude customer phone number from order data sent to FBA

2018-04-26 - version 3.1.5
* Added condition to prevent virtual variations from getting sent to Amazon even if their parent product is set to send to FBA
* Updated some settings labels to match Amazon changes
* Fixed bug with option Update WC levels from FBA not disabling

2018-03-14 - version 3.1.4
* Added support for the new Australia Amazon Region
* Fixed wrapping with on/off toggle in custom admin column for products
* Added new fixed format for UA sent to Amazon with fulfillment order request

2018-01-23 - version 3.1.3
* Fixed reversed logic on the Encoding Convert BYPASS setting to ensure non-Latin-1 characters are converted with that setting OFF

2018-01-15 - version 3.1.2
* Added option to automatically delete logs older than 30 days

2017-10-16 - version 3.1.1
* Added support for syncing stock levels across WPML translated product IDs in addition to main product IDs

2017-10-16 - version 3.1.0
* Added support for WPML translated shipping methods in shipping methods disabled for FBA setting
* Fixed bug with checking for the shipping sync and order auto-complete settings 

2017-09-10 - version 3.0.9
* Updated behavior of international order failures to leave the order status alone
* Fixed false positive on condition for disabling shipping status on order view page 
* Only update stock level if the product exists and if it's set to fulfill with FBA

2017-08-31 - version 3.0.8
* Added support for new WooCommerce header upgrade and compatability notifications
* Added full version history in new format for this file

2017-08-22 - version 3.0.7
* Add - First release on WooCommerce.com!
* Removed legacy plugin license and updating mechanisms
* Added support for WooCommerce updates via Woo header
* Shifted Order-level rule checking to come after all individual order items have been checked for FBA fulfillment setting

2017-07-01 - version 3.0.6
* Added Multisite support for the licensing and updates components 

2017-06-24 - version 3.0.5
* Additional WC3 fixes

2017-06-02 - version 3.0.4
* Fixed issue with international shipping setting on/off not being honored

2017-05-24 - version 3.0.3
* Added ability for the new version to automatically backup and pull in settings from v2 format
* Updated several deprecated calls to their WC 3.0 equivalent
* Fixed timing sequence of manual inventory sync to ensure it happens after woocommerce_init since it calls wc_get_product

2017-05-14 - version 3.0.2
* Fixed issue introduced by WC 3.0 which breaks returning a WC_Product directly for inventory updates

2017-05-01 - version 3.0.1 
* Documentation updates and file name changes for Woo

2017-04-05 - version 
* Major overhaul for WooCommerce Marketplace
* Converted all settings to WC Integration implementation
* Hide other settings until the integration is properly configured
* Added FBA on/off toggle to the WooCommerce product list table

2017-02-27 - version 
* Added support for Amazon India Region

2017-02-04 - version 
* Put back old behavior of saving the settings and then running inventory test when test is clicked

2017-02-03 - version 
* Fix to amazon bug with marketplace ID not working on FulfillmentOrderRequest for US + CAD consolidated accounts

2017-01-25 - version 
* Fix for scenario that can lead to a fatal error with simple products getting submitted to FBA

2017-01-17 - version  
* Major version bump that should have happened instead of
* Obfuscated log file names
* Updated to latest marketplace ID distinction for inventory checks to fix US vs Canada inventory discrepency

2016-12-28 - version 
* Added feature to send parent SKU instead of variation SKU per product 

2016-11-30 - version 
* Added option to disable Amazon shipping notice email to customer email address
* Added logging for character encoding conversions
* Added option to override encoding character check and pass the order to FBA regardless
* Added new icon to highlight new features as they are released
* Added new option to sync fulfillment status from FBA and automatically update order status to Completed
* Added new option to bypass encoding conversion completely

2016-11-29 - version 
* Moved product setting Fulfill with Amazon FBA to the Product Shipping tab
* Massive code cleanup and refactor
* Added option to turn error email messages ON/OFF when an order fails to send to FBA
* All new smart fulfillment decision engine with granular control at the order and item level
* Added manual override settings to bypass other conditions when order is manually sent to FBA
* Added setting to disable sending to FBA for international orders
* Added setting to disable sending to FBA for specific shipping methods
* Added Vacation Mode to enable sending to FBA regardless of product settings
* Added Perfection Mode to disable sending to FBA if ALL products in an order are not set to Fulfill with Amazon FBA
* Added option and features to display shipping and tracking information to the customer order view page

2016-11-25 - version 
* Massive overhaul of settings and many improvements
* Reorganized order of settings to be more intuitive
* Converted all applicable settings to multi-select with pre-filled values
* Dynamically pulling all active shipping methods now for mapping to Amazon Shipping Speeds 

2016-05-24 - version 
* Added failsafe to catch orders that have un-convertable encodings and notify admin so they can edit the address before sending
* Updated to remove WC deprecated parameters in email_order_items_table()

2016-11-21 - version 
* Added full international translation support

2016-09-01 - version 
* Added support for the Sequential Order Numbers Pro extension. NS FBA now sends this value to Amazon instead of the internal ID. 

2016-08-18 - version 
* Fixed bug in WordPress 4.6 when querying terms

2016-07-14 - version 
* Fixed bug in Amazon PHP library in later versions of PHP with duplicated parameters in function

2016-06-30 - version 
* Added conversion for non-Latin-1 characters to prevent Amazon from rejecting orders

2016-05-25 - version 
* Added new custom status "Partial to FBA" for tracking mixed orders
* Added conditions, handling, and new icon for Partial to FBA status

2016-05-25 - version 
* Added additional param for Kint check to deconflict with other plugins
* Added experimental param to allow manual order send to override product fulfillment setting

2016-03-11 - version 
* Updated to latest Amazon API PHP Library versions

2015-04-24 - version 
* Modified Address handling to dynamically set Name to Company name if specified and Line 1 to Person name

2015-03-29 - version 
* Modified Amazon PHP Library constant names to deconflict with other plugins that use the same library

2015-03-18 - version 
* Modified the behavior of the manual inventory sync button to pull in all items that had inventory levels change in last 365 days

2015-03-15 - version 
* Fixed custom statuses and call to woocommerce_reports_order_statuses filter that WooCommerce broke in 2.2.10

2015-02-04 - version 
* Added custom currency override for stores selling in a different currency than their default Amazon Marketplace currency
* Improved stock level sync support for stores with large inventories (many skus) 

2015-01-10 - version 
* Added backwards compatibility with PHP 5.2 and earlier which does not support anonymous functions
* Added new DEBUG mode with additional checking and logging to help troubleshoot problematic edge cases
* Added new order note in scenarios where no products in the order are set to fulfill with FBA

2014-12-04 - version 
* Added setting to specify a different email address to include in Amazon's notify list for order events. Default is still to use the WP admin email address for this. 

2014-11-23 - version 
* Added button to manually initiate full inventory sync

2014-11-12 - version 
* Fixed bug introduced by because Amazon was returning an error about perUnitPrice only being for Cash on Delivery orders  

2014-11-11 - version 
* Added support for international orders by adding Amazon's required declared value properties in the fulfillment API requests  

2014-11-10 - version 1.0.7 
* Added automated hourly inventory sync functionality and option 
* Added logging for inventory sync updates 

2014-09-27 - version 
* Fixed bug with inventory sync on variations

2014-10-02 - version 1.0.6 
* Added 1-way inventory sync feature from Amazon > WooCommerce
* Fixed bug with WooCommerce reporting leaving out custom FBA status orders

2014-09-25 - version 
* Added variation support

2014-09-24 - version 1.0.5 
* Added per-order shipping speed settings to map to Flat Rate methods

2014-09-21 - version 1.0.4 
* Updated for WooCommerce 2.2 to work with new custom statuses structure

2014-08-27 - version 1.0.3  
* Added side-bar

2014-08-22 - version 1.0.2 
* First public release

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