WooCommerce API Manager Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce API Manager 3.3.0, Released on April 29, 2024

Changelog for WooCommerce API Manager

  *** WooCommerce API Manager Changelog ***

2024-04-29 - version 3.3.0
* New: Add tabs to the frontend product page populated with API Manager Product data when using the Storefront theme.
* Tweak: Update brand to Kestrel

2024-03-16 - version 3.2.4
* Fix: Remove esc_attr() from $_POST sanitization on line 1257 of wc-am-product-admin.php due to "Array to string conversion" PHP Warning.

2024-03-10 - version 3.2.3
* Fix: <br> tag displayed in My Account > API Keys. Updated templates/myaccount/api-keys.php.

2024-03-01 - version 3.2.2
* New: Added 'next_payment' date to the Status API endpoint.

2023-12-26 - version 3.2.1
* Tweak: Further optimize when adding an API Key activation.
* Fix: Background processing to update all customer purchased API Key activations when the product activation limit is changed.
* Remove: Removed unused Amazon S3 function format_secure_s3_url() that was used to create AWS Signature Version 3 URL introduced in version 1.3.2. AWS Signature Version 4 has been in use since version 2.1.

2023-12-24 - version 3.2
* Update: Updated the URLs for the WooCommerce API Manager support form and documentation on woo.com.
* Update: Updated templates/myaccount/api-downloads.php.
* Update: Updated templates/myaccount/api-keys.php.
* Dev: Refactored the WC_AM_API_Activation_Data_Store() class to optimize accuracy, resource management, and speed.
* Dev: Moved get_api_keys_url() from the WC_AM_API_Activation_Data_Store class to the WC_AM_URL class.
* Dev: Added property type declarations in classes for PHP 7.4 or greater.
* Remove: Dropped columns activation_ids, associated_api_key_ids, collaborators, and download_requests from the wc_am_api_resource database table.
* Remove: Dropped column update_requests from the wc_am_api_activation database table.
* Remove: Dropped column activation_ids from the wc_am_associated_api_key database table.
* Remove: Removed get_associated_api_key_ids_by_api_resource_id() since the associated_api_key_ids column was dropped.
* Remove: Removed delete_api_resource_id_activation_ids() since the activation_ids column was dropped.
* Remove: Removed get_associated_api_key_activation_ids_by_api_key() since the activation_ids column was dropped.
* Remove: Removed update_associated_api_key_activation_ids_list() since the activation_ids column was dropped.
* Remove: Removed update_associated_api_key_activation_ids() since the activation_ids column was dropped.
* Remove: Removed get_activation_ids_by_associated_api_key_id() since the activation_ids column was dropped.
* Remove: Removed delete_associated_api_key_activation_ids() since the activation_ids column was dropped.

2023-09-14 - version 3.1.2
* Fix: Cronjob cleanup of expired API Key activations queried a database column using a misspelled name.
* New: Added if the Homepage is cachable to the WooCommerce > Status > WooCommmerce API Manager status report.

2023-09-05 - version 3.1.1
* New: Added Action Filters, wc_api_manager_endpoint_title_api_keys, wc_api_manager_endpoint_title_api_downloads, wc_api_manager_add_menu_items_api_keys, wc_api_manager_add_menu_items_api_downloads. Changing endpoints requires Settings > Permalink Settings to be manually Saved to refresh the endpoints.

2023-09-03 - version 3.1.0
* Fix: Order edit screen > Access Expires was failing to update when new expiration date set.
* Fix: localized_datetime_timestamp() method to correctly return localized timestamp.
* Tweak: Confirm an API Resource is not a lifetime subscription before sending renewal email notifications.
* New: Toggle log for API Resources cleanup event added to Settings.
* New: Added templates/myaccount/related-api-resources.php with Action Filters to add API Keys and API Downloads links to Order Details and Thank You pages.
* New: Added to templates/emails/api-keys-order-complete.php. Action Filters, wc_api_manager_email_api_product_heading, wc_api_manager_email_product_order_api_keys_row, wc_api_manager_email_master_api_key_row, wc_api_manager_email_master_api_key_message_row. HTML ID email_master_api_key_message_row.
* New: Added to templates/emails/plain/api-keys-order-complete.php. Action Filters, wc_api_manager_email_api_product_heading, wc_api_manager_email_product_order_api_keys_row, wc_api_manager_email_master_api_key_row, wc_api_manager_email_master_api_key_message_row.
* New: Added to templates/myaccount/api-keys.php. Action Filters wc_api_manager_my_account_master_api_key_heading, wc_api_manager_my_account_product_order_api_key_message, wc_api_manager_my_account_product_order_api_key_heading. HTML IDs master-api-key-header, product-order-api-key-header.

2023-06-26 - version 3.0.7
* Update: Fix format of changelog for WooCommerce.com Version history parser. Gap in versions is due to difficulty with formatting for changelog parser at WooCommerce.com.

2023-06-25 - version 3.0.4
* Tweak: Do not select product_order_api_key data for API Customer dashboard since it is not used.
* Tweak: Make slight adjustments to the WooCommerce > Settings > API Manager UI for clearer readability.

2023-06-23 - version 3.0.3
* Fix: Array to string conversion when building where clause for API Customers dashboard.
* Fix: InvalidArgumentException: API Resource argument passed in is not an object.
* Fix: PHP Warning: filemtime(): stat failed.

2023-06-21 - version 3.0.2
* Fix: Email address search on API Customer dashboard.
* Fix: Enter the page number and hit enter to go to that page on API Customer dashboard.

2023-06-20 - version 3.0.1
* Fix: Renewal quantity added to the cart when Renew button clicked. Checked for is_expired before setting the value of the quantity, so the default of 1 was used.
* Update: Change to the api-keys.php template related to the fix noted above.
* Dev: Compatible with WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks.

2023-06-18 - version 3.0.0
* Update: Replace get_page_by_title(), deprecated in WP 6.2, with get_posts() which calls WP_Query().
* Update: Changes to the api-keys.php template for API Resource Renewal button, and other renewal related features.
* Update: PHP 7.4 is now the minimum required.
* Fix: API Customer dashboard Product sorting column.
* Tweak: Sort the API Customer dashboard by Access Granted by default.
* Tweak: Added to the API Customer dashboard: Subscription Type and Grace Period columns.
* Tweak: Removed from the API Customer dashboard: User ID and Product Order API Key columns.
* Tweak: Improved the appearance of the WooCommerce > Settings > API Manager screen.
* New: Added feature to renew an API Resource Subscription that will carryover the API Key activations for the same Product ID.
* New: A renewed API Resource Subscription will carryover the remaining time from the renewed API Resource to the new API Resource to extend the new expiration end date.
* New: Added renew link in My Account > API Keys to renew API Manager Subscription.
* New: Added Manual Renewal Period to Settings that allows the renew link to only display within a time period close to the expiration date.
* New: Expanded Grace Period to include API Resource Subscriptions.
* New: Added line item data visible on the order screen for new API Resource Subscription renewals, and previous API Resource Subscription.
* New: Added "Expiring Subscription" email text/html template to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails.
* New: "Expiring Subscription" emails have the messages soon to expire, expired but renewable, and expired, with custom information delivered with each to encourage renewals and inform the customer.
* New: "Expiring Subscription" emails are automatically delivered when 30 days, 7 days, away from the expiration date, and 1 day after the expiration date if there is a grace period of more than 1 day.
* Dev: Added the verify_api_key_is_active API endpoint.

2023-06-04 - version 2.8.1
* Other: See archive_changelog.txt for historical changelog entries.

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