WooCommerce Bookings Plugin Version 1.15.57 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Bookings Plugin Version 1.15.57

* Add-Add WooCommerce Bookings templates override section to WooCommerce Status page.
* Fix-Add PHP Compatibility Testing.
* Fix-Custom links added in the `new order` email.
* Fix-Enhancement-Introduced a new setting field to control Google event description overwrite.
* Fix-Ensure the Person types input fields are responsive.
* Fix-Enter a summary of all changes on this Pull Request. This will appear in the changelog if accepted.
* Fix-Fix: Ensure we validate the minimum and maximum duration.
* Fix-Migrate end-to-end tests from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.
* Fix-REST API returns days that are not bookable.
* Fix-Update composer.json to include the /languages folder in the release.
* Tweak-Bump tested up to WordPress version 6.0.

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