WooCommerce Bookings Plugin Version 1.15.59 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Bookings Plugin Version 1.15.59

* Add-A filter `woocommerce_bookings_zero_order_status` to handle order status with zero total when bookings are confimred.
* Fix-“View My Bookings” link showing in customer emails even when they are guest customers.
* Fix-Bookings Table is not Responsive at FE.
* Fix-Bookings status not shown on small & medium screens.
* Fix-Ensure screen options work properly on mobile views.
* Fix-Free bookings that require confirmation are given the Pending Payment status.
* Fix-Make sure reminder emails get sent for manually created bookings without an associated order.
* Fix-Sorting booking products by price.
* Fix-WooCommerce Bookings triggers daily fatal errors.
* Fix: Block picker visibility when resource is changed.
* Tweak-WC 6.7.0 compatibility.
* Update-Admin Bookings table layout has been upgraded.
* Update-Limit the hourly duration to a maximum of up to 24.

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