WooCommerce Bookings Plugin Version 2.1.1 Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Bookings Plugin 2.1.1, Released on March 28, 2024

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Bookings Plugin Version 2.1.1

  * Dev - Bump WooCommerce "tested up to" version 8.7.
* Dev - Bump WooCommerce minimum supported version to 8.5.
* Dev - Bump WordPress "tested up to" version 6.5.
* Dev - Bump WordPress minimum supported version to 6.3.
* Fix - Incorrect cost of manually added customer Bookings.
* Fix - Request in other plugins are failing when they have 'product_id' param in the GET request.
* Fix - The `woocommerce_bookings_failed_order_expired` event cancels valid Bookings.
* Fix - Updating manually added Booking orders to completed leads to critical error.
* Fix - Fully booked dates appear as partially available when the Booking setting has "Display visitor's local time".

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