WooCommerce Memberships Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Memberships 1.26.5, Released on April 2, 2024

Changelog for WooCommerce Memberships

  *** WooCommerce Memberships Changelog ***

2024.04.02 - version 1.26.5
 * Fix - Address PHP 8.2+ notices when viewing Import/Export and Profile Fields admin screens
 * Fix - Ensure that the `{products}` merge tag is correctly replaced when using exclusively product variations for discount rules
 * Fix - When free shipping is granted to a member, ensure that any set minimum order amount is correctly enforced

2024.03.20 - version 1.26.4
 * Tweak - Add a last activity column to the memberships exported data
 * Tweak - Allow specifying custom date formats when importing or exporting memberships
 * Fix - Correctly set member roles for memberships created from the admin screen when member roles are enabled
 * Fix - Make sure that users with active memberships aren't accidentally deleted if the "Retain inactive accounts" privacy setting is used
 * Fix - Ensure that content excerpts are shown if the restriction mode allows for excerpts but the admin has set the corresponding restriction message to empty
 * Fix - Ensure the Member Directory block can consistently paginate user memberships

2024.02.26 - version 1.26.3
 * Tweak - The `{products}` merge tag can be used also in the "Member discount login message" to display products that may grant access to plans with member discounts
 * Tweak - Display a more accurate member last active information in the User Memberships admin screens to match WooCommerce customer last active timestamp
 * Fix - Prevent table alias missing notice from showing when visiting the comments page in admin
 * Fix - Profile field labels should override the field name when set and displayed to the member
 * Fix - When increasing the specific delay access of a Member Content block via the corresponding number input, ensure that the delay access increment can go beyond 10 units without error
 * Fix - Do not apply member discounts while quick-editing a product if the admin is eligible
 * Fix - Profile field labels should override the field name when set and displayed to the member in the Members Area
 * Dev - Apply `the_excerpt` filter to the excerpt of restricted content

2024.02.14 - version 1.26.2
 * Fix - Check for public plans instead of private plans when outputting shortcodes while the `plans` attribute is used

2024.02.07 - version 1.26.1
 * Fix - Do not show members belonging to plans with private statuses in the Member Directory block or shortcode output
 * Fix - Allow dynamic properties in `WC_Memberships_Emails` to avoid PHP notices with recent versions of PHP
 * Dev - Add filters to tweak the plan statuses considered public

2024.01.24 - version 1.26.0
 * Feature - Add compatibility with the cart and checkout blocks
 * Fix - Ensure that the Member Directory block output is visible also to non-admins

2023.12.06 - version 1.25.2
 * Fix - Do not return all subscriptions when manually linking a subscription to a membership

2023.11.17 - version 1.25.1
 * Tweak - Improve performance of memberships export functionality
 * Misc - Add admin notices to help merchants reverting to the cart or checkout shortcodes if the corresponding blocks are used instead

2023.06.28 - version 1.25.0
 * Fix - Include "Additional Content" when rendering Memberships emails
 * Misc - Add compatibility for WooCommerce High Performance Order Storage (HPOS)

2022.11.30 - version 1.24.0
 * Misc - Require PHP 7.4 and WordPress 5.6
 * Localization - Add Brazilian Portuguese translation, courtesy Renato Fiuza
 * Dev - Add the `wc_memberships_rule_object_ids` filter so that translated products can be restricted correctly

2022.09.12 - version 1.23.1
 * Fix - Ensure member purchasing discounts are applied with most recent versions of WooCommerce Bookings
 * Fix - Ensure the correct restriction message is displayed in the 'wcm_content_restricted' shortcode
 * Fix - Address potential deprecated notices when Memberships handles background jobs with WooCommerce 5.3+

2022.03.28 - version 1.23.0
 * Feature - Introduce a configurable membership directory block with search, filtering, and pagination of members.

2022.02.14 - version 1.22.11
 * Fix - When a user doesn't belong to any membership plan, don't show them any profile fields in the My Account area

2022.02.08 - version 1.22.10
 * Fix - Remove deprecated usages of `is_ajax()` in favor of `wp_doing_ajax()`
 * Misc - Require WooCommerce v3.9.4 or later

2021.11.22 - version 1.22.9
 * Fix - Show profile fields for product variations when the parent product has associated profile fields

2021.11.15 - version 1.22.8
 * Fix - Hide rules belonging to trashed membership plans from all meta boxes

2021.10.07 - version 1.22.7
 * Dev - Adds a filter to help third party code handle product discounts when a product is on sale

2021.10.01 - version 1.22.6
 * Fix - When using the `wcm_product_discount` shortcode, ensure that the percentage discount amount is not miscalculated while a member is logged in

2021.09.09 - version 1.22.5
 * Tweak - Pass the full product instance to `wc_memberships_exclude_product_from_member_discounts` filter instead of product ID when checking cart item member discounts
 * Fix - Update usage of deprecated `block_categories` filter to address notices since WP 5.8

2021.08.10 - version 1.22.4
 * Tweak - Strip HTML tags in product names dropdown in plan access settings
 * Fix - Admins updating an order that triggers Sensei auto-enrollment to courses shouldn't be redirected to the posts edit screen
 * Dev - Add filter hook to toggle duplicating a product's memberships data when cloning products

2021.07.05 - version 1.22.3
 * Fix - Address an issue with plans with fixed dates and some timezone configurations
 * Misc - Drop the `woo-includes` folder and move plugin classes from `includes` to `src` folder

2021.06.23 - version 1.22.2
 * Fix - Display the correct cart item subtotal when a customer adds more than a discounted subscription product to cart
 * Fix - Address a potential issue in the shipping handler

2021.06.07 - version 1.22.1
 * Fix - Add sanity checks before calling Sensei or LearnDash methods to avoid errors if old versions are installed
 * Fix - Address a potential uncaught error in Sensei and LearnDash integrations when fetching dependent courses

2021.05.04 - version 1.22.0
 * Feature - Auto-enroll users to Sensei (3.11+) and LearnDash (3.4+) courses upon membership purchase
 * Dev - Add meta data handling support to membership plan rule objects

2021.04.12 - version 1.21.8
 * Dev - Improve compatibility with WooCommerce Product Bundles

2021.03.30 - version 1.21.7
 * Fix - Ensure that the Member Directory shortcode can correctly query memberships of given statuses
 * Fix - Fix a conflict with Variable products and Profile Fields that prevented adding them to cart

2021.03.18 - version 1.21.6
 * Fix - Use product prices with the correct tax rates to calculate discounts

2021.03.16 - version 1.21.5
 * Tweak - Improve support for WooCommerce Navigation admin feature

2021.03.09 - version 1.21.4
 * Fix - When importing profile fields that allow multiple options, ensure that comma separated values can be read and successfully imported for those fields
 * Fix - Display corresponding profile fields for product variations that grant access to an associated plan

2021.02.19 - version 1.21.3
 * Fix - Prevent issues with numeric options in dropdown profile fields
 * Fix - Address some CSS styling issues within the Memberships rules meta box in smaller viewports
 * Fix - When saving a profile field from the admin and there are issues related to inputs in one meta box tab, switch the tab to foreground to highlight the issue

2021.01.26 - version 1.21.2
 * Fix - Make the "Redirect members upon login" setting effective also when users are logging in from the standard WordPress login form

2021.01.26 - version 1.21.1
 * Fix - Fix an upgrade script to avoid showing some notices to users who did not have free add ons installed
 * Fix - Improve compatibility with Twenty Twenty and Twenty Twenty-One WordPress themes
 * Fix - Ensure that the product price HTML of member discounted subscription products does not carry duplicated strings
 * Fix - Restore the functionality of an alert when setting blanket rules to a plan on some browsers

2021.01.25 - version 1.21.0
 * Feature - Merge the Directory Shortcode free add on into Memberships core plugin
 * Feature - Merge the Role Handler free add on into Memberships core plugin
 * Feature - Merge the Sensei Member Area free add on into Memberships core plugin
 * Feature - Merge the Excerpt Length free add on into Memberships core plugin
 * Tweak - Improve Memberships performance and reduce the number of queries when querying product variation discount rules
 * Tweak - Improve CSS rules for displaying membership plan rules in edit screens
 * Fix - Omit a paragraph with a link to the members area in the Thank You page and email if the members area endpoint has been disabled
 * Fix - Remove one unused deprecated function call from the Subscriptions integration

2020.12.10 - version 1.20.0
 * Feature - Add Elementor page builder widget visibility restrictions setting for memberships
 * Tweak - Add support for the new WooCommerce navigation in WooCommerce Admin
 * Fix - When account creation is not allowed at checkout, ensure account registration is forced enabled if a guest user has a membership access-granting product in cart
 * Fix - Ensure eligible discounts are applied for subscription products already owned by a customer, keeping an exception during renewals only
 * Fix - When displaying products that grant access in a restriction message, ensure that these are correctly listed for all products that display such messages
 * Misc - Add compatibility for WooCommerce 4.7
 * Misc - Require PHP 7.0 or newer
 * Misc - Add PHP 8.0 support

2020.10.21 - version 1.19.2
 * Tweak - Display the last login information in members admin screens
 * Tweak - When importing memberships and notifying users, have WooCommerce generate the new user's password, if the corresponding option is set in "Account creation"
 * Tweak - Improve the User Switching integration by reducing the length of the transient used to store a temporary user ID and deleting it when the admin user switches back
 * Tweak - Only show visibility options for profile fields based on the chosen membership plans to associate the profile field with
 * Fix - Fix an error that was preventing checkbox profile fields saving in the membership admin page
 * Dev - Add a filter to define a temporary user to be used with the User Switching plugin instead of generating one every time

2020.10.06 - version 1.19.1
 * Tweak - Introduce some performance optimization when querying products that grant access during the output of restriction messages
 * Fix - Ensure restrict content rules to be enforced while accessing content through the REST API
 * Fix - Trim any whitespace found in the headers of import CSV files
 * Fix - Ensure that the datetime strings in Memberships REST API payloads are consistent with WooCommerce core and do not include an incorrect timezone component
 * Fix - When deleting a user membership, ensure that associated profile fields data is deleted as well (as long as profile fields don't overlap with other plans the user is member of)
 * Fix - Do not exclude all products from discounts when a subscription renewal is in cart and should be excluded from discounts
 * Fix - Default new installations to use 'my-profile' as the profile fields area endpoint to avoid conflicts with BuddyPress or BuddyBoss

2020.09.23 - version 1.19.0
 * Feature - Members can now be segmented by adding custom profile fields to their memberships
 * Feature - Add new admin screens to let merchants manage custom profile fields for their members
 * Feature - Members can fill or edit profile fields when signing up for a membership or from a dedicated area in the My Account page
 * Feature - Add member profile fields support when importing or exporting memberships
 * Feature - Add member profile fields support to the REST API
 * Misc - Remove the SkyVerge help menu item as part of the plugin assets

2020.08.24 - version 1.18.0
 * Misc - Add SkyVerge help menu for support on WooCommerce.com connected sites

2020.08.18 - version 1.17.6
 * Fix - Correctly load the Block Editor in WordPress 5.5
 * Fix - Ensure that the comments count is not an empty array while trying to subtract membership notes from the counts object's properties
 * Fix - When a subscription that has membership discounts is in cart for renewal, make sure it is not accidentally double discounted

2020.06.09 - version 1.17.5
 * Tweak - Improve compatibility with WooCommerce Name Your Price during WooCommerce Subscriptions switches
 * Fix - Ensure that pagination links in the members area have a trailing slash when using pretty permalinks
 * Fix - When duplicating a product that is forced public or excluded from member purchasing discounts, purge caches to ensure these settings are immediately enforced also for the product copy

2020.05.13 - version 1.17.4
 * Fix - If a subscription-tied user membership with a free trial is cancelled by the customer, ensure that all the rules that accounted for the free trial period are still enforced consistently
 * Fix - Ensure that functions and methods that check if a user is a member can accept a plan slug as an argument to return results properly

2020.05.04 - version 1.17.3
 * Tweak - Improve Memberships performance while browsing shop products as a logged in user
 * Tweak - When filtering the WooCommerce dashboard breadcrumbs for the Members Area, ensure that the breadcrumbs variable is a countable array
 * Dev - Run the woocommerce_memberships_thank_you_message filter only when there are memberships in context
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 4.1

2020.04.02 - version 1.17.2
 * Fix - Avoid PHP throwing a notice when viewing a WooCommerce Bookings bookable product that is restricted from purchase

2020.03.10 - version 1.17.1
 * Fix - Ensures that the variation prices hash is an array before appending data to it to prevent a PHP error in some discounts calculations
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 4.0

2020.02.21 - version 1.17.0
 * Feature - When a customer adds a product that grants access to a membership to the cart, immediately apply discounts granted by that membership, as long as the product is in cart and if enabled by setting option
 * Fix - Address conflict with the block editor that caused keyboard shortcuts not working with Memberships blocks added to Gutenberg
 * Fix - Do not exclude subscription products from total count of products when determining if a subscription membership plan is only governed by a subscription product

2020.01.30 - version 1.16.5
 * Fix - Prevent compounding discounts when a member re-subscribes to a cancelled subscription for a discounted product
 * Fix - If a customer cancels a subscription that is tied to a membership set to last as long as the subscription is active, make sure that any end date is cleared if the customer re-activates the subscription

2020.01.05 - version 1.16.4
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 3.9

2019.12.04 - version 1.16.3
 * Tweak - Create .htaccess file to protect membership import files in case of failed/frozen job
 * Misc - Do not always show on the plugin's settings page a notice related to the Action Scheduler on some installations

2019.11.06 - version 1.16.2
 * Fix - Load Action Scheduler 3.0 for installations that have migrated data during 1.16.0 update

2019.11.05 - version 1.16.1
 * Fix - Fix a number of errors due to Action Scheduler being incorrectly bundled

2019.11.05 - version 1.16.0
 * Feature - Add setting to optionally redirect members to page upon successful login
 * Fix - Do not filter `woocommerce_get_query_vars` if third party code invokes this hook before `init`, to avoid PHP undefined function errors
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 3.8
 * Localization - Add Japanese translation, courtesy Shohei Tanaka (info@artws.info)

2019.10.15 - version 1.15.3
 * Fix - Use the chosen timezone when creating the import job if the option to do so is selected
 * Fix - Ensure that plans using fixed dates have memberships setting their start and end dates at midnight
 * Fix - Ensure that user memberships can be exported without error also on hosting providers that have disabled `fpassthru()` PHP function

2019.09.18 - version 1.15.2
 * Fix - Propose the original variation of the variable product that granted access when renewing a membership, if available
 * Fix - Ensure accented characters are displayed properly in restricted content excerpts
 * Misc - Explicitly require PHP DOM extension

2019.09.05 - version 1.15.1
 * Fix - Ensure that newly created Membership Plans can be correctly published
 * Fix - Correctly handle long posts or product names in a membership plan rules search field

2019.09.05 - version 1.15.0
 * Feature - Add a Member content block editor to display content to members only (WordPress 5.2+)
 * Feature - Add a Non-member content block to display content to non-members only (WordPress 5.2+)
 * Tweak - Instead of standard WordPress emails, send WooCommerce "New Account" email to users created when importing members and customer notification is enabled in import preferences
 * Tweak - Alert merchants and ask for confirmation when setting blanket restriction or discount rules to a membership plan
 * Tweak - When trashing a product that may grant access to a membership plan, alert the shop manager with a warning
 * Fix - Product variations whose variable parent has been forced public should also be made available for purchase despite restriction rules
 * Fix - Ensure Next Bill On dates are correctly displayed in My Account when a membership is linked to a subscription

2019.08.09 - version 1.14.0
 * Fix - Prevent conflicts between content IDs when generating login redirect URLs in restriction messages
 * Misc - Rename "Membership activated" email as "Delayed membership activated" email
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 3.7
 * Misc - Remove support for WooCommerce 2.6
 * Misc - Require PHP 5.6+

2019.07.18 - version 1.13.2
 * Tweak - Consider a subscription-tied membership renewable regardless of its status if it has an expiry date and early renewal is allowed
 * Tweak - Allow sending ending soon emails for memberships that are linked to a subscription if the latter can be renewed early
 * Tweak - Create index.html and .htaccess files in exports folder
 * Tweak - Import user memberships from a local CSV file from the command line via WP CLI with the new `wc user_membership import` command
 * Fix - Ensure that custom input fields added to import/export screens pass job params that could be correctly used in customizations
 * Fix - Use the same rounding precision for discounts as WooCommerce core as defined in `wc_get_rounding_precision()`
 * Fix - Fix post restrictions when granting access to taxonomy terms in some circumstances
 * Fix - Force LearnDash to query posts when loading course steps
 * Misc - Move activation of delayed memberships from WP Cron event to Action Scheduler task

2019.06.06 - version 1.13.1
 * Fix - Ensure that memberships in free trial status can access restricted content when using "Hide completely" restriction mode
 * Fix - Display the thank you note on new order emails on free virtual orders and orders that skip the processing status
 * Fix - When an API user is also a plan member and the product prices are discounted for them, ensure that these are numerical strings and not floats in API product responses
 * Fix - Use the correct version for REST API responses when sending webhook payloads
 * Fix - Ensure Memberships webhooks are consistently fired in WooCommerce 3.6+
 * Fix - When an admin pauses or cancels a membership manually from the user membership edit screen, make sure the `wc_memberships_user_membership_paused` `wc_memberships_user_membership_cancelled` action hooks are fired accordingly
 * Fix - Pass the right argument type to `woocommerce_product_related_posts_force_display` WooCommerce core filter hook for related products handling
 * Misc - Allow filtering of CSV import and export delimiters to allow for more delimiters other than tab and comma

2019.04.17 - version 1.13.0
 * Feature - Add REST API endpoints support to full CRUD operations for user membership objects, including batches
 * Tweak - Improve the restrictions performance in some installations when "Hide Completely" is the chosen restriction mode
 * Fix - Make sure that a user membership can have its plan changed when specifying a new plan from the WP CLI with a member update request
 * Fix - When the My Account page is set as the front page in WordPress, ensure that the Members Area does not return 404 when accessed
 * Dev - Update Members Area templates and move before/after actions to methods outputting templates
 * Misc - Deprecate the legacy WP CLI implementation in favor of WP REST CLI commands based on the WC REST API handling
 * Misc - Update Action Scheduler library to version 2.2.4
 * Misc - Add support to WooCommerce 3.6
 * Misc - Require PHP 5.4+

2019.01.24 - version 1.12.4
 * Fix - Ensure products from all plans are shown when listing products that grant access to content in the restriction notices
 * Fix - Do not restrict from access product categories that are only targeted by product purchase restriction rules
 * Fix - Have `woocommerce_email_header` and `woocommerce_email_footer` action hooks pass the email object as hook parameter
 * Fix - Always show public LearnDash content
 * Fix - Address a JavaScript issue in the Setup Wizard screens

2019.01.09 - version 1.12.3
 * Tweak - Allow merging existing user memberships in CSV imports without specifying a user membership ID if the user ID, login name or email address is provided in combination with the plan ID or slug
 * Tweak - Ensure LearnDash course overview and status are hidden when restricted
 * Tweak - Improve performance when generating restriction or discount notices that include products
 * Tweak - Allow removing an installment plan flag on subscription-tied user memberships on CSV imports through an `installment_plan` column
 * Fix - Ensure that if a variable product is excluded from receiving member discounts, all its variations are consistently excluded from discounts as well
 * Fix - Ensure that the `customer` query var in User Memberships REST API requests to get user memberships by customer works consistently
 * Fix - Pass the correct return type for the `display_post_states` filter callback
 * Dev - Add WooCommerce debug logging when starting new user memberships CSV import jobs

2018.11.09 - version 1.12.2
 * Fix - Ensure that the `wcm_restrict` shortcode can correctly parse optional attributes

2018.11.08 - version 1.12.1
 * Tweak - Display the Order Number instead of the Order ID in the Memberships admin list, for compatibility with plugins like Sequential Order Numbers Pro
 * Fix - Fix a bug which prevented content and some discounts from appearing in the Members Area of the My Account page

2018.11.08 - version 1.12.0
 * Feature - Allow to set an option to let hierarchical post types such as pages apply their restriction rules to their children
 * Feature - Add a System Status Report block and send additional System Status Report data in WooCommerce API Status responses
 * Feature - Add `wcm_product_discount` and `wcm_discounted_product` shortcodes to display member discounts for a given product to non-members
 * Feature - Add user membership activated member emails triggered when delayed user memberships become active
 * Tweak - Add the {membership_view_url} merge tag to member emails
 * Tweak - Add {discount} merge tags for use in purchasing discount messages to inform non-members about available member discounts for a given product
 * Tweak - Start delayed memberships automatically via cron job, besides delayed member login
 * Tweak - Improve the performance of post restriction overrides when forcing posts and products public, excluding them from restriction rules
 * Tweak - Improve the performance of product discount overrides when forcing products to be excluded from member discount rules
 * Tweak - Add bulk actions to products and other restrictable post types to force content public or exclude products from member discounts, or to revert them to normal memberships handling
 * Tweak - Do not display a "Pause" membership row action in the user memberships edit screen if the membership is cancelled
 * Fix - If a customer tries to resubscribe to a subscription pending cancellation that is tied to a membership, ensure that the membership goes back to active status as well
 * Fix - Link memberships created via "Grant access" action to manually-created subscriptions
 * Fix - Ensure that shortcode attributes pass the shortcode name while running through the WordPress core filter in `shortcode_atts()`
 * Fix - When a member resubscribes a cancelled subscription that is tied to a membership, make sure the cancelled period is added to the inactive interval of the membership, to ensure accuracy of content dripping
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce REST API v3 routes
 * Misc - Deliver webhook payloads according to the selected API version
 * Misc - Ensure compatibility with WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg editor
 * Misc - Update Action Scheduler library to version 2.1.1
 * Dev - Add discount methods to retrieve the possible member discount amounts for a given product, based on any plan rule
 * Dev - Remove SkyVerge Framework methods from template files and replace with template functions for better backwards compatibility

2018.10.31 - version 1.11.3
 * Fix - If a user membership is tied to a subscription with an installment plan with fixed dates, make sure the membership start date is set to the date entered in the membership plan

2018.10.17 - version 1.11.2
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 3.5

2018.10.04 - version 1.11.1
 * Tweak - When using redirection as the restriction mode, ensure that restricted term archive pages are also redirected to the content restricted page and not just the individual posts or products having a restricted term assigned
 * Fix - When a plan restricts products by product categories from viewing and a member has delayed access, prevent them from adding restricted products to cart from shop archive pages
 * Fix - Ensure that recently created plans using a subscription product for installments will produce correct expiration dates for the memberships accessing it
 * Fix - When saving a membership plan with a subscription-tied membership length set to unlimited, ensure that the unlimited option persists when saving the plan
 * Fix - Ensure that discount input steppers in the plan rule settings follow the shop currency option for the allowed decimal precision in prices
 * Fix - Address one PHP error triggered while Polylang plugin is active and opening orders, memberships or subscriptions admin edit screens
 * Dev - Add filter to change the members area endpoint
 * Misc - Update Action Scheduler library to version 2.1.0

2018.09.06 - version 1.11.0
 * Feature - Add support for the WordPress REST API with new read-only endpoints for user memberships and plans!
 * Feature - Add support for WooCommerce webhooks to inform remote services about user memberships events or membership plans changes
 * Feature - Add a setup wizard for onboarding new users when they install the plugin for the first time
 * Fix - Ensure initial default settings are correctly set in new installations
 * Fix - When importing a membership to update an existing one, an empty `membership_expiration` field should turn the membership as unlimited
 * Fix - Do not completely hide items from feeds when they are restricted if the restriction mode is set to "Hide content only"
 * Fix - Properly restrict enclosures from RSS feeds when "Hide content only" is the restriction mode
 * Misc - Drop support for PHP 5.2: PHP 5.3 is now the minimum required version
 * Misc - Update bundled Action Scheduler library to version 2.0.0

2018.08.30 - version 1.10.8
 * Misc - Remove unnecessary vendor packages taking up space in the plugin

2018.08.29 - version 1.10.7
 * Fix - Ensure the "My content" tab is used as the members area default when users have multiple memberships
 * Fix - When importing memberships from a CSV file ensure that the row count displayed in the modal is correct
 * Fix - Hide restricted posts entirely from feeds to prevent content from showing when the post is restricted, regardless of the chosen restriction mode
 * Fix - Address a PHP error that may occur when purchasing a Subscription variation with a free trial associated to a Membership Plan

2018.08.08 - version 1.10.6
 * Tweak - Append the ID number to the plan or content names shown in the membership plan rule panels
 * Tweak - Improve the batch processing performance when granting user access to a plan retroactively
 * Fix - When following a membership renewal link fails, make sure the user doesn't see the error message again after successful login
 * Fix - If WordPress content exists with the same slug as the members area page, make sure there's no conflict between them to prevent the content from being redirected to the home page
 * Fix - Ensure that a membership can be created when a guest customer checks out using WooCommerce One Page Checkout by forcing sign up

2018.07.03 - version 1.10.5
 * Fix - Restore category restricted or delayed notices when a non member views a term archive that is restricted by a rule
 * Fix - Prevent escaped HTML from showing in the Products tab of the Members Area while browsing from a mobile device
 * Fix - Strip all HTML tags from product titles before displaying them in the Members Area pages

2018.05.23 - version 1.10.4
 * Tweak - Show a single dismissible notice for admins in new installs when they browse content in front end that is for members only
 * Fix - Provide verbose results in modal when granting access to previous orders from the admin
 * Fix - Allow importing CSV files containing only a single row of data meant for a single User Membership to import
 * Fix - Show the right "Next Bill On" information for the linked Subscription's next payment date in a Subscription-tied User Membership edit screen
 * Fix - Improve compatibility with some page builders and third party code that may filter a post content after Memberships has restricted it
 * Fix - Ensure custom excerpts are displayed when set up for restricted content
 * Fix - When selecting to export user membership meta, ensure additional meta data is actually exported, and make sure it's escaped appropriately to avoid spreading over multiple columns
 * Fix - Ensure memberships can be exported by tab separated fields, not just comma separated values
 * Fix - When reactivating Subscriptions, do not re-synchronize linked subscriptions end dates to memberships that have installment plans
 * Fix - Address a membership's end date discrepancy with its matching fixed end date subscription after the membership has been paused
 * Fix - Correctly move the setting field to customize the Members Area endpoint to the Advanced tab in the WooCommerce 3.4 Settings page
 * Dev - Add a filter to allow tweaking of {products} merge tag rendering in restriction messages

2018.05.17 - version 1.10.3
 * Tweak - Offer an option to delete matching User Memberships when a user requests to erase their personal information from the site
 * Tweak - Export User Memberships data when a user requests to access their personal information stored in the WordPress installation
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 3.4

2018.05.09 - version 1.10.2
 * Fix - Ensure that granting access to previous orders also works with previous manually created subscriptions

2018.04.17 - version 1.10.1
 * Tweak - Add an import option to send new account email notifications to users that have been created during an import process
 * Tweak - Use enhanced select dropdowns when choosing a Membership Plan in the User Membership edit screen and other screens
 * Tweak - When granting membership access retroactively in batches, also grant access to subscribers of access granting subscription products that have been manually added
 * Fix - Ensure that comments do not become restricted to active members under some plan rules conditions
 * Fix - If the My Account page is set as the Home Page, ensure that visiting the Members Area does not redirect users to the Blog page (WooCommerce 3.3+)
 * Fix - When the home page is restricted using the redirection mode, ensure that the checkout can function properly in WooCommerce 3.2+
 * Fix - Disallow transferring a membership to a user that is already a member of the same plan as this could result in a duplicated membership
 * Fix - Prevent delayed members from commenting on restricted content
 * Fix - Exclude User Membership Notes from comment counts
 * Fix - Apply product discount rules for custom taxonomy terms to product variations belonging to the same terms
 * Fix - Ensure the front end notice shown to admins while browsing restricted content isn't displayed multiple times in some circumstances and allow toggling the display of the notice altogether via filter
 * Fix - If a membership has already expired, when displaying in admin edit screens or members area its expired date, do not take into account any paused time offset
 * Fix - When updating a Subscription trial end date, synchronize the new value to any linked User Memberships
 * Fix - Ensure expired memberships with paused intervals don't overload the database by creating multiple scheduled actions under rare conditions
 * Fix - When updating an existing membership from its admin screen, do not set the start or expiry time to midnight unless the dates themselves are being changed to another day
 * Fix - Ensure a User Membership is successfully linked to a Subscription while processing a CSV import file that contains a matching Subscription ID entry

2018.04.04 - version 1.10.0
 * Feature - Create your own "prime" shipping! Enable free shipping methods only for members (requires WooCommerce 3.2+)
 * Feature - When changing the schedule of the Membership Renewal Reminder or Ending Soon emails, all corresponding user memberships events can be rescheduled in a batch process
 * Tweak - When retroactively granting memberships to users that satisfy access conditions to a plan, use a batch process to avoid timeouts
 * Tweak - Allow granting access in batch to free membership plans retroactively to registered customers who signed up before the plan was created
 * Tweak - Upon reactivating WooCommerce Subscriptions on top of WooCommerce Memberships (or the way around), try to reactivate and sync in background the status of subscription tied memberships to avoid timeouts
 * Tweak - Use batch processing and a new modal interface when importing or exporting user memberships, improving the user experience and avoiding possible timeouts
 * Tweak - When logged in as administrator or shop manager and viewing restricted content in front end, display a notice reminding the current content is restricted for guests and non-members
 * Tweak - Redirect customers to the Members Area page instead of the My Account page when cancelling a Membership
 * Fix - Improve the plugin performance when loading post comments
 * Fix - Fix an issue causing Sensei courses to be inaccessible to registered learners
 * Fix - When removing an item from a subscription containing multiple subscription products, ensure that the membership tied to a removed item is cancelled
 * Fix - When switching between variations of grouped variable subscription products that grant access to different plans, ensure that the user membership tied to the subscription switched from is cancelled
 * Fix - When the restriction mode is to hide posts completely ensure that the previous and next post navigation links point to content the current user can access to
 * Misc - Add support for WP CLI 1.5
 * Misc - Remove support for WP CLI versions older than 1.5

2018.02.01 - version 1.9.8
 * Fix - Correctly resumes paused memberships which may have not been reactivated after a subscription is renewed
 * Fix - Addresses PHP notices that may be triggered in related product queries in WooCommerce 3.3

2018.01.24 - version 1.9.7
 * Tweak - Improve the plugin performance when loading user memberships
 * Tweak - Allow cancelling a membership from the admin with a date beyond or matching expiration without expiring the membership
 * Fix - Avoid possible PHP warnings when using the recent comments widget
 * Fix - When saving in admin a user membership that belongs to a plan with fixed dates, the end date may have been offset one day upon each update due to a timezone issue
 * Fix - When using redirection as restriction mode but not hiding products from catalog, product category pages containing one restricted product along other public ones would have been restricted as well
 * Misc - Add support for WooCommerce 3.3

2018.01.10 - version 1.9.6
 * Fix - In some circumstances, product variations not purchasable may have been made purchasable by a membership plan rule for logged in members
 * Fix - When restricting only certain variations of products from purchase and not the parent variable product, some variations could still be purchased
 * Fix - Address a rare issue where a member user which is also an admin would be logged out when renewing a membership from the frontend while following a renewal link
 * Fix - Correctly restrict related product queries in WooCommerce 3.3+
 * Fix - Allow iframe HTML elements in user-facing membership messages
 * Fix - Allow form and iframe HTML elements in user-facing membership messages
 * Fix - Do not link directly to the member area if there are no sections to display
 * Fix - Filter the WP_Comment_Query to ensure that the recent comments widget does not show comments from restricted posts
 * Dev - Added wc_memberships_message_allowed_html filter hook to extend allowed HTML elements in user messages

2017.12.06 - version 1.9.5
 * Tweak - Add additional body and post CSS classes when viewing membership content
 * Fix - Discounted prices are rounded down to the store currency decimals before they are passed to WooCommerce to avoid rare rounding issues when other plugins or coupons further discount the price
 * Fix - Individual variations of variable products that had been restricted from purchase may have been purchased by non-members
 * Fix - When restricting a parent category, ensure the same restriction mode is inherited by child categories
 * Fix - Address a potential PHP error in the plans edit screen with product variations while using WooCommerce versions older than v3.0
 * Dev - Improve compatibility with custom Subscriptions product types
 * Dev - Make the Members Area navigation HTML filterable

2017.11.15 - version 1.9.4
 * Fix - Allow usage of dates in plans and user memberships before 1970
 * Fix - Issue where product category widget list could be incorrect if not hiding restricted products
 * Fix - When "Hide Completely" is the restriction mode and when two or more plans restrict different bbPress forums, the main topic in a discussion thread may have not been made visible to members
 * Fix - If a plan rule sets a discounts for all product categories, the discount may not have applied to variations of variable products
 * Fix - Individual variations of variable products manually excluded from restrictions may have not been purchasable by non members
 * Dev - Added wc_memberships_user_membership_transferred action hook
 * Dev - Added wc_memberships_force_checkout_registration filter hook

2017.11.01 - version 1.9.3
 * Fix - If a member has only membership, the link to the Members Area could end with a double trailing slash which might cause issues on some hosts
 * Fix - When an admin wipes a message content, the frontend would have still displayed the default message content, while it should display nothing at all as if the message were disabled
 * Fix - Ensure custom restriction messages are only displayed when enabled
 * Fix - Display issue with sortable members area columns on mobile, no more ghost HTML!
 * Fix - Ensure product description/excerpt is not appended to the product discount message for variation products
 * Fix - Ensure product discount message is not displayed when a product does not have any active purchasing discounts
 * Fix - Start and end dates for fixed length membership plans would be pushed back by 1 day on certain timezones upon saving
 * Fix - When restriction mode is set to "Hide Completely" an infinite loop error may have occurred in some circumstances

2017.10.12 - version 1.9.2
 * Fix - Allow custom product taxonomies to be used for restriction rules
 * Fix - Repair any corrupted rules using custom taxonomies after saving in v1.9

2017.10.04 - version 1.9.1
 * Fix - When using WooCommerce shortcodes to display products, member restrictions weren't handled correctly
 * Fix - Missing "Active Memberships" information in orders and subscriptions admin screens
 * Fix - Ensure user membership search results can be filtered by status
 * Fix - Do not show Memberships account tab when "My Memberships" endpoint setting is blank
 * Fix - Ensure that plan rules that target taxonomy terms extend to term children in each content restriction mode
 * Fix - When creating a new user while adding or transferring a user membership, the user first and last name fields were ignored
 * Fix - Ensure subscription-tied memberships show the correct actions under "Manage" in the member area
 * Fix - Ensure generic restriction rules are not overridden with post-specific rules when saving a post in admin
 * Fix - Address an issue where new product discount rules added on edit product screen were not being saved
 * Fix - Discounted subscription products didn't show correct initial totals when an amount-based discount was applied
 * Fix - When redirecting to a content restricted page, ensure the correct restriction message is shown
 * Fix - Discount login reminders did not show the correct message
 * Dev - Reintroduces `wc_memberships_the_restricted_content`; this is deprecated in favor of HTML restriction message filters to alter the restricted content

2017.09.20 - version 1.9.0
 * Feature - Create new users while adding new members from the user membership admin edit screen or transferring memberships between users
 * Feature - Plans can now be specified in the `wcm_nonmember` shortcode, to display messages to non-members of specific plans
 * Tweak - Automatically group together rules that target content belonging to the same group type
 * Tweak - Automatically merge overlapping plan rules or merge specific rules that are being overridden by more broad ones
 * Tweak - Hide rules belonging to plans in the trash from Memberships panels in posts or product edit screens
 * Tweak - Product restriction and purchasing discount rules concerning individual variations are now visible from the variable product admin edit screen
 * Tweak - Allow usage of shortcodes in restriction messages displayed to non members
 * Tweak - Better organized restriction and non-member messages in Memberships Settings
 * Tweak - Improved Members Area layout and endpoints for better compatibility and integration with third party code
 * Tweak - The shop page is now correctly redirected to 404 when is restricted by rules and "Hiding completely" or "Redirect to page" is the restriction mode
 * Fix - Ensure expiration events scheduled prior to version 1.7 are always ignored to avoid incorrect expiration of renewed memberships
 * Fix - Ensure loop/member-discount-badge.php template and its overrides are being used
 * Fix - In some rare circumstances, the cumulative purchase of products that granted access to the same membership plan could have duplicated the user membership's expiration events
 * Fix - Address an issue with WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator where some discounted products with calculator settings enabled might have shown an incorrect original price
 * Dev - Refactored restrictions and rules handling for performance, scalability and improved third party code compatibility
 * Dev - Improvements with restriction messages handling and more flexibility to filter the messages CSS classes and HTML content
 * Dev - Extended WC CLI support for managing plan rules from the command line
 * Dev - Introduce new admin hooks for handling tabs, screen IDs, meta boxes, modals
 * Dev - The 'myaccount/my-membership-tabs.php' template has been deprecated in favor of 'myaccount/my-membership-navigation.php'
 * Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce 2.5

2017.08.15 - version 1.8.9
 * Fix - Security issue in validating member login with renewal links

2017.08.03 - version 1.8.8
 * Fix - Improve compatibility with WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator extension and member discounts
 * Fix - Ensure that Subscription products with member discounts have their sign up fees correctly handled in WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2.11+
 * Dev - Ensure plan methods to return restricted content can return all posts if set

2017.07.27 - version 1.8.7
 * Fix - If a Subscription sign up fee is discounted by 100% there's a possibility to incur in a division by 0 error
 * Fix - Ensure that the HTML price of Subscription products that may have sign up fee discounts is displayed correctly when a member is logged in
 * Fix - Address potential issues with active memberships trying to access content for which they should have immediate access and instead receive a delayed access notice
 * Fix - When bbPress is enabled and there are hidden forums these might not have shown up to keymasters and moderators

2017.06.28 - version 1.8.6
 * Fix - Ensure that discounting of Subscriptions signup fees is consistent with Memberships product settings
 * Fix - Ensure "Expiring soon" emails are scheduled for short membership plans of two days or less when these are supposed to be sent one day before membership expiration
 * Fix - Content on the account page could be duplicated in the Members Area with WooCommerce 2.6+
 * Fix - Ensure hidden variations aren't shown in restriction messages with WooCommerce 3.0+
 * Fix - Warn admins against using a deprecated order_count parameter in woocommerce_my_account shortcode which could trigger server errors when viewing the Members Area
 * Fix - Ensure that memberships with specific end dates don't get extended extra times when manually changing an order status from processing to completed
 * Misc - Added support for WooCommerce 3.1

2017.05.31 - version 1.8.5
 * Fix - Incorrect Subscription signup fees when excluded from member discounts
 * Fix - Really long membership plan names may have caused Membership panels on post and product pages to hide some options
 * Fix - Ensure member discount badges aren't hidden by the product zoom icon in WooCommerce 3.0+
 * Fix - Ensure hidden or private bbPress forums are included in the Members Area if restricted
 * Fix - Address a timezone conversion issue that may have resulted in inaccurate start or end time of day for a user membership
 * Fix - Ensure that adding an access-granting product from the "Edit product" page doesn't clear other access-granting products for the plan
 * Dev - Introduce filter to toggle listing of products hidden from catalog in Members Area
 * Dev - Updated Action Scheduler library to version 1.5.3

2017.04.28 - version 1.8.4
 * Fix - Address out of memory errors happening in some installations as the outcome of possible infinite loops while excluding member discounts from products on sale
 * Fix - Product name display issue when an access-granting product was a specific variation
 * Tweak - Include a Members Area link on the Order Received page and Order emails if membership is active
 * Dev - Ensure "Next Bill on" column key is preserved when added with Subscriptions active

2017.04.19 - version 1.8.3
 * Fix - A PHP error may have occurred in a variable product edit screen when WooCommerce Subscriptions is also active and sign up fees discounting is used, disrupting product variations editing
 * Tweak - Make available some template functions also while doing AJAX

2017.04.13 - version 1.8.2
 * Fix - A PHP warning may have been thrown when saving a plan under some circumstances
 * Fix - Prevent the WordPress recent comments widget to display comments belonging to restricted content posts and products
 * Fix - When updating a product that granted access to a plan on the product's edit screen, the product may have been removed from the list of products that granted access
 * Tweak - Warn admins about conflicting rules if they restrict access to products that could grant access to the same plan
 * Tweak - If a User Membership is tied to a Subscription, do not send "Ending Soon" emails if enabled
 * Tweak - Improve the user experience if restricted content redirection is enabled and the page to redirect to is the "My Account" page

2017.04.05 - version 1.8.1
 * Fix - Some installations using "Hide completely" restriction mode and having certain product plan rules could have experienced server issues while a user was not logged in
 * Fix - Remove discount teasers from single product pages if product is excluded from discounts

2017.03.28 - version 1.8.0
 * Fix - PHP notices are no longer triggered when using bbPress in some circumstances
 * Fix - Ensure that logged in users who are non-members are correctly redirected when viewing restricted bbPress forums and BuddyPress pages
 * Fix - If a plan has discounts but a product is excluded from discounts, logged out users may still see a discount teaser
 * Tweak - Refactored member discounts to greatly improve discounts handling
 * Misc - Added support for WooCommerce 3.0
 * Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce 2.4
 * Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce Subscriptions versions older than v2.0.0
 * Dev - Updated Action Scheduler library to version 1.5.2
 * Dev - Added action hooks triggered when linking and unlinking a User Membership and a Subscription

2017.01.20 - version 1.7.5
 * Fix - Handle properly the deprecation of a frontend class method replaced in v1.7.4

2017.01.16 - version 1.7.4
 * Tweak - Display the user membership status when listing the membership plan a user is part of in the admin user profile edit screen
 * Tweak - You can also search user memberships by user ID in the user memberships admin screen
 * Fix - When renewing an expired membership via product purchase, ensure that the relative start date to calculate the membership length from is the new purchase date
 * Fix - If using shortcode or custom HTML in the post content of the My Account page, this might be trimmed away when viewing the Members Area
 * Fix - When all pages are restricted in any plan content rules and in settings it is chosen to redirect to a page to warn non members about membership access, an infinite redirect loop is triggered
 * Fix - When the My Account page is set as WordPress front page, the Members Area wouldn't work properly to display memberships content
 * Misc - Added a filter to optionally redirect to the shop page of the access granting product when following a renew membership link, instead of adding the product to cart straight and redirecting to checkout
 * Misc - When doing `wc_memberships_user_membership_saved` action hook, make sure all the properties of a User Membership created from admin interface have been set first
 * Misc - Updated Action Scheduler library to version 1.5.1

2016.11.23 - version 1.7.3
 * Fix - Prevent errors from happening when upgrading or switching subscriptions under some circumstances
 * Fix - When using price suffix merge tags for displaying the price inclusive or exclusive of taxes, the amount displayed in the suffix could be incorrect for logged in members
 * Fix - When entering prices excluding taxes and displaying prices inclusive of taxes on the shop, the incorrect tax amount might be calculated
 * Fix - Update Bookings compatibility check for v1.9.11 due to main plugin file renaming
 * Fix - When restricting the whole content and using qTranslate X plugin, a server error could be triggered when visiting the front end
 * Fix - In some circumstances a customer with multiple plans wouldn't see a "View" button to access to some plan content from the Members Area's "My Content" section
 * Fix - Ensure templates in Members Area when viewing an individual plan content are wrapped in a container div having a 'woocommerce' CSS class
 * Misc - Improve compatibility with Dynamic Pricing when used with member discounts

2016.10.25 - version 1.7.2
 * Fix - Ensure variable product price display doesn't double count any membership discounts
 * Fix - If a Membership Plan has no product discount rule and only product restriction rules, products may not appear listed in "My Products" page in Members Area
 * Fix - When renewing a Membership Plan where the product that originally granted access is a product variation, a different variation or the parent variable product might be added to the cart when following a renewal link
 * Misc - Improve translations handling

2016.10.06 - version 1.7.1
 * Tweak - Add 'has_access' column to members CSV export to improve data segmentation of active vs inactive user memberships
 * Fix - Errors on "My Memberships" list for fixed-date memberships that were manually added
 * Fix - "Free Trial" membership status should have access to the members area, not just access to restricted content
 * Fix - Retain access restrictions for memberships with access starting after the free trial period, when the linked subscription is pending cancellation (membership stays in free trial until subscription is effectively cancelled)
 * Fix - Some notices may be thrown by some third party plugins which are hooking too early into 'pre_get_posts'
 * Fix - When a membership plan restricts a product category, and "Hide restricted products" setting is enabled, the core Product Categories widget will still display the restricted empty category for non-members, even if the widget is set to "hide empty categories"
 * Fix - Ensure custom price suffixes and tax display mode settings are honoured while displaying prices for logged in members
 * Fix - "Free!" price label might not have shown for logged in members for products with 0 price
 * Fix - Individual product variations added to restricted product rules or member discounts for a plan are not listed along other products in Members Area
 * Fix - Do not show "Next" button in Members Area content last pages if there is no more membership content to show
 * Fix - Resolve a compatibility issue with WooCommerce Subscriptions versions below 2.0.0

2016.09.22 - version 1.7.0
 * Feature - New Membership Ending Soon, Membership Ended, and Membership Renewal Reminder emails can be sent to plan members to remind them about their membership expiration events
 * Feature - Allow Free Memberships where the access to a Membership Plan is granted upon user registration
 * Feature - Membership Plans can now have a fixed start and end date, which set memberships to start and expire on a precise day on calendar, regardless of the date when purchase was made or membership was assigned
 * Feature - You can now use Subscriptions also to offer installment payments to get access to Membership Plans of a different duration, decoupled from the Subscription length
 * Feature - Change, update or remove a User Membership's associated Subscription in the Membership details panel
 * Feature - Added support for WP CLI to manage user memberships and membership plans from the command line :)
 * Tweak - If a Membership start date is set in the future, the membership active status will be delayed until such date without access
 * Tweak - When manually creating a User Membership, dates will be initially calculated by default to the plan predefined start and end dates
 * Tweak - Optionally exclude member discounts to be applied on specific products via Memberships product setting
 * Tweak - Optionally exclude member discounts to be applied to products on sale via Memberships Settings option
 * Tweak - When allowing cumulative access granting orders, take into consideration also the quantity of the same granting access products in the order
 * Tweak - Allow bulk deleting Memberships via Memberships edit screen bulk actions
 * Fix - When a product is on sale, and has member discounts applied, and the member is logged in, and foreign code is filtering the product on sale status, there could be repeated strikethrough prices displayed for that product's price
 * Fix - Post types registered as excluded from search did not appear listed in the Members Area content tab despite being added to plan restricted content rules
 * Fix - Cancelling a Subscription while in free trial still granted access to protected content within the trial period
 * Fix - Searching for members with names or display names beginning with an underscore produced no results
 * Fix - Ensure that when (re)activating Subscriptions, the Memberships tied to a subscription in trial period are put to a free trial status rather than kept paused, or activate them if the trial end  is past
 * Misc - If a user is a member of multiple plans that discount the same product, use a filter to optionally avoid stacking discounts, rather apply the lowest price among the ones resulting by overlapping discount rules
 * Misc - Helper function to get all the user memberships with "active" status that give access (ie. those marked active, complimentary, in free trial, or pending cancellation)
 * Misc - Several internal changes for better performance and stability
 * Misc - Uses Prospress Action Scheduler to manage Memberships events :)

2016.09.07 - version 1.6.5
 * Fix - Restricting the purchase of a subscription variation while the purchase of the parent variable subscription product is not restricted may not prevent non-members to purchase that subscription variation product

2016.07.20 - version 1.6.4
 * Fix - When a product is both on sale and part of a membership plan's discount rules, if a user is logged in and is not a member of that plan, the sale price label doesn't show the original standard price before the sale price
 * Fix - When a guest customer adds a product to a cart, then logs in as a member that should get a membership discount for that product, the mini-cart did not reflect the price change before visiting the cart page or adding more products to cart

2016.07.06 - version 1.6.3
 * Fix - Avoid loading the My Account tabbed navigation twice when some third party plugins hook into it as well
 * Fix - Corrects member count while viewing plan list
 * Misc - Make query arguments for posts and products shown in Members Area sections filterable

2016.06.22 - version 1.6.2
 * Tweak - When dripping content for delayed access, take into consideration the amount of time a membership may have been paused when reactivating the membership and resuming access to restricted content
 * Tweak - When redirecting non-members off from restricted content, if they login they are redirected back to a content they have access to
 * Fix - Products set on sale didn't display the "On Sale" badge
 * Fix - When importing a user membership with an active status but an expire date set in the past, expire the membership upon import
 * Fix - Keeps the WooCommerce menu open and the Memberships menu item highlighted when viewing the Memberships Import / Export tab page
 * Fix - Correctly display labels for content types in Members Area (use post type labels instead of capitalized slugs)

2016.06.07 - version 1.6.1
 * Fix - Disable discounts for Subscription renewals to make sure that renewal order prices are honoured also in manually created Subscriptions
 * Fix - Prevent WooCommerce 2.6 My Account page tabbed navigation to be loaded twice when viewing a Membership

2016.06.02 - version 1.6.0
 * Feature - Export and Import User Memberships in CSV format
 * Tweak - Once a Subscription is cancelled or trashed, it's now automatically unlinked from an associated Membership
 * Tweak - Restricted or delayed content can be filtered so excerpts or default restriction messages can be replaced
 * Fix - Expired memberships no longer display the "View" link for the members area
 * Fix - When discounting Subscriptions sign up fees is enabled, the cart totals may have not accounted for the sign up fee discount in the calculation
 * Misc - Improved compatibility with Dynamic Pricing, Product Bundles, Composite Products, Chained Products and other extensions that may introduce new product types and handle discounted prices
 * Misc - Refactored integrations classes for Subscriptions and other third party plugins for better handling and performance
 * Misc - Moved helper functions out of plugin's main class, deprecated methods in main class, admin and front end classes
 * Misc - Added support for WooCommerce 2.6
 * Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce 2.3

2016.03.30 - version 1.5.4
 * Tweak - Subscriptions: When a customer switches between Subscriptions, the Membership tied to the Subscription variation moved away from will no longer be linked to it and stay cancelled
 * Fix - Check if a Subscription-tied membership should really expire by comparing it to either the Subscription's or Membership's expiry date
 * Fix - Do not reactivate paused memberships upon Subscriptions plugin (re)activation unless they are tied to an active Subscription
 * Fix - Members could not be correctly sorted by member name in admin dashboard screen
 * Misc - Subscriptions: Introduced `wc_memberships_get_memberships_from_subscription()` function to get User Memberships from a Subscription

2016.03.03 - version 1.5.3
 * Fix - When creating a plan without products that grant access but setting an access length, and only later creating a Subscription product that grants access, this combination might trigger early membership expirations in some installations
 * Fix - Do not show sticky posts at the top of membership content posts list
 * Fix - Members Area endpoints don't work when My Account permalink includes a base such as `/store/my-account` (either by setting the permalink structure with a base or by setting a parent page to the My Account page)

2016.02.09 - version 1.5.2
 * Fix - Custom members area templates are properly loaded

2016.01.18 - version 1.5.1
 * Fix - Fixes error occurring in installations with Subscriptions and older PHP versions

2016.01.14 - version 1.5.0
 * Fix - Members Area and its sections not accessible in some installations
 * Fix - Setting a custom endpoint name for the Members Area in My Account page didn't work properly
 * Fix - If member of more than one plan, a customer might be prompted with multiple confirmations when cancelling a single membership from My Account page
 * Fix - Subscriptions: when a subscription is cancelled but then repurchased while the original is pending cancellation, the user membership should be reactivated and linked to the newly purchased subscription
 * Misc - Added support for WooCommerce 2.5
 * Misc - Removed support for WooCommerce 2.2

2015.12.22 - version 1.4.1
 * Tweak - Members Area: Do not show View button for paused or cancelled memberships, do not show a Cancel button for memberships pending cancellation
 * Tweak - Members Area: Improved backwards compatibility with deprecated hooks
 * Fix - Members Area: Improve rendering of My Memberships and Members Area tables when in mobile mode
 * Fix - WooCommerce Subscriptions: Improved compatibility with Subscriptions 2.0.6 and variable subscriptions

2015.12.03 - version 1.4.0
 * Feature - Members Area: a portion of the My Account area that shows the member what's accessible for the given membership plan
 * Feature - Redirect a user back to a restricted page after they've signed in when using the {login_url} merge tag
 * Feature - Transfer a membership from a user to another in admin
 * Feature - Action link to delete altogether a user membership and a connected subscription from admin
 * Tweak - Add end date to the My Memberships Table
 * Tweak - Add an option to apply membership discounts to subscription sign up fees
 * Tweak - Setting option to extend the membership length when purchasing multiple products that grant access in the same order
 * Tweak - Bypass non-member content shortcode for administrators and shop managers
 * Tweak - Display user memberships start date in admin columns next to user memberships expiry dates
 * Fix - Address one potential error when adding a membership programmatically via custom code and the slug is incorrect
 * Fix - Could not correctly update manually an user membership plan length in admin if the membership is unlimited
 * Fix - Custom restriction messages for content without products is disregarded and general restriction message is used instead
 * Fix - {login_url} not working for content restriction messages when products purchase is not required
 * Misc - Added filter wc_memberships_products_that_grant_access to adjust the access-granting products shown in restriction messages

2015.11.13 - version 1.3.8
 * Tweak - Calculate and update expiration date when manually setting a user membership plan in admin
 * Tweak - Ask confirmation when memberships are cancelled from user account page
 * Tweak - Content restriction messages support shortcodes
 * Tweak - Show active memberships in Users list and Edit Order screen
 * Tweak - Make the login notice message text editable in settings
 * Tweak - Added wc_memberships_user_membership_saved action triggered when membership post is saved
 * Fix - Subscriptions manually created from admin could not grant access to membership plans
 * Fix - Checkout error when a user switches between subscription variations
 * Fix - Membership dates are adjusted by site timezone setting
 * Fix - Datepicker not showing when manually creating a user membership plan in admin
 * Fix - Properly handle subscription switches by cancelling the old user membership ( Subscriptions 2.0.6+ only )
 * Fix - Adjust membership dates handling according to site timezone

2015.11.02 - version 1.3.7
 * Fix - Avoid using legacy Subscriptions hooks for sites running 2.0+ to fix deprecated notices
 * Fix - Properly update the status of user memberships that are associated with subscriptions

2015.10.09 - version 1.3.6
 * Fix - Grant access to customers who've purchased product variations

2015.10.07 - version 1.3.5
 * Fix - Fix issue with certain subscription renewal orders causing errors or re-granting membership access

2015.10.06 - version 1.3.4
 * Fix - Product Add-ons cost compatibility

2015.09.24 - version 1.3.3
 * Fix - Double discounts being applied on bookable products

2015.09.22 - version 1.3.2
 * Tweak - Unpublished, hidden, or non-purchasable products are no longer shown in the product that grant access portion of the restriction message
 * Tweak - WooCommerce 2.4.7 compatibility
 * Tweak - Add "Member Discount" message to single variation prices
 * Tweak - Add the 'wc_memberships_variation_member_discount_badge' filter
 * Fix - Duplicate restricted messages when choosing variations

2015.09.16 - version 1.3.1
 * Fix - Correct pricing when a product is 100% discounted
 * Fix - "Want a discount?" notice now only lists plans with active discount rules
 * Tweak - Renamed the "get_content_delayed_message" filter to "wc_memberships_get_content_delayed_message"

2015.08.28 - version 1.3.0
 * Feature - Improved wcm_restrict shortcode to accept `delay` and `start_after_trial` attributes
 * Tweak - Member discounted prices are now displayed like sale prices to illustrate discount amount
 * Tweak - Update Recent Activity widget via ajax when adding membership notes
 * Tweak - My Membership actions removed for memberships tied to a subscription (to force use of subscription actions)
 * Fix - WP 4.3+ fix with "Add Member" button modal window
 * Fix - Canceling a subscriptions that grants access to multiple memberships now cancels all memberships, not just the first
 * Fix - Compatibility with Groups when "Administrator Access Override" is enabled
 * Fix - Forcing a product to be public is now inherited by its variations
 * Fix - Errors when membership rules option returns unexpected results
 * Fix - Duplicating a product now copies membership rules for the product
 * Fix - WooFramework no longer shows up as a restriction option in rare cases
 * Misc - Introduce wc_memberships_create_user_membership() function for creating memberships

2015.07.28 - version 1.2.0
 * Fix - JSON encoding issues in some environments
 * Fix - Membership Plan data tabs went missing in WooCommerce 2.2, we've brought them back :)
 * Fix - Properly highlight WooCommerce menu when viewing/editing membership plans
 * Misc - WooCommerce 2.4 Compatibility

2015.07.21 - version 1.1.1
 * Fix - Fix error message when saving a membership plan without any associated rules
 * Fix - Fix disappearing "Product Category" taxonomy option for product restrictions and discounts
 * Fix - wcm_restrict shortcode properly defaults to all plans
 * Fix - Purchasing discounts that apply to product categories now properly discounts variable products
 * Fix - Purchasing discounts that apply to variable products now properly discounts product variations
 * Fix - More specific restriction rules properly override less specific ones

2015.07.08 - version 1.1.0
 * Feature - Restriction rules can be overridden on a per-post basis to make individual posts public
 * Feature - Adds wcm_nonmember shortcode to show content only to non-members
 * Tweak - The admin bar is now shown with User Switching test users to make switching back easier
 * Tweak - Improved messaging around trashing plans and deleting disabled restriction rules
 * Tweak - Refactored and simplified rules structure for improved performance and reliability
 * Fix - When hiding products the product count is now correct both in the shop loop and in searches
 * Fix - wcm_restrict shortcode now accepts other shortcodes in restricted content
 * Fix - Membership notes are correctly hidden in the dashboard comments widget and comments table
 * Fix - Thumbnails for delayed access products are properly hidden in certain situations
 * Fix - Product restricted messages for members are now correctly displayed instead of delayed access messages
 * Fix - Properly create an account for a guest customer when checking out with a membership-granting product

2015.06.29 - version 1.0.3
 * Fix - Memberships tabs no longer try to sneak into other screens :)
 * Fix - Discount inputs no longer force a whole-dollar amount and respect .01 increments
 * Fix - Products are now properly restricted to logged-in non-members
 * Fix - Correctly display Membership meta box on Add Product/Post page
 * Fix - Fix compatibility issue with Order Status Manager emails

2015.06.19 - version 1.0.2
 * Fix - Avoid a warning when saving a membership plan and not granting access to any products
 * Fix - Fix disappearing "no rules" message
 * Fix - Gracefully handle deleted orders/subscriptions
 * Fix - Fix issues with plan duplication
 * Tweak - Load admin scripts on Memberships screens only

2015.06.17 - version 1.0.1
 * Fix - Fixed intermittent issue with new membership plans not saving correctly
 * Tweak - Refunding or trashing an order in which a membership was purchased will now cancel the associated membership
 * Tweak - Improved admin messaging around plan creation and membership settings

2015.06.05 - version 1.0.0
 * Initial Release

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