WooCommerce Point of Sale Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Point of Sale 6.3.0, Released on February 8, 2024

Changelog for WooCommerce Point of Sale

  *** Point of Sale for WooCommerce Changelog ***
2024-02-08 - version 6.3.0
Feature - added functionality to enable displaying total sales and cash for specific users and roles.
Feature - introduced new tax display options for orders and receipts.
Fix - corrected a division by zero error in the database update script.
Fix - ensured emails sent to new customers include a link for setting their new password.
Fix - resolved an issue where printing receipts from the order page failed for orders with deleted products.
Fix - fixed timeout errors due to invalid JSON responses.
Fix - fixed an issue where product search tokens were not generated upon POS register initialization.
Fix - clerks couldn't pay for orders due to permission issue.
Fix - POS icon not showing for clerks on My Account page.
Tweak - improved sorting of product categories based on grid sorting options.

2024-01-26 - version
Fix - DB update for the previous version was broken

2024-01-08 - version 6.2.2
Feature - integrated a table of orders in the End of Day (EoD) report for detailed transaction tracking.
Feature - enabled addition and removal of cash amounts with automatic updates in EoD reports.
Feature - added functionality to select custom checkout fields for inclusion on printed receipts.
Feature - provided functionality to hide specific fields on subsequent prints of a receipt.
Feature - implemented support for controlling product catalog visibility settings.
Feature - introduced a feature to remove the currency symbol from receipt layouts.
Fix - fixed the omission of tendered cash amounts in receipt printouts.
Fix - corrected the issue of persisting customer selection post transaction.
Fix - resolved compatibility issues with plugin operation on multisite subdomains.
Fix - repaired a typo that caused malfunction on the My Account page.
Fix - addressed a configuration-specific bug preventing register opening.
Fix - enabled receipt printing functionality from the back-end on Custom Post Type (CPT) order pages.
Fix - fixed a bug in the product grid sorting mechanism.
Fix - corrected the display of tax-inclusive original prices on receipts.
Fix - resolved an issue with saving optional variation attributes in orders.
Fix - implemented a feature to hide fields with empty values on printed receipts.
Fix - repaired custom grid sorting functionality.
Fix - fixed a bug preventing addition of variable products from the search bar when another product is selected.
Misc - added a new filter hook 'wc_pos_product_is_visible' for overriding product visibility settings in POS.
Tweak - set a default label for tax numbers on receipts to streamline setup.
Tweak - modified category sorting to default to alphabetical order for improved navigation.
Tweak - adjusted the user interface of the closing register panel for better usability.
Tweak - added an option for more flexible order status modifications.

2023-11-16 - version 6.2.1
Fix - addressed conflict with non-standard WooCommerce products.
Fix - resolved issue with products missing on categorized receipts.
Fix - corrected the persistent display of original prices on POS receipts.
Fix - excluded tax summary from gift receipts.
Fix - fixed overflow issues with signature images on receipts.
Fix - ensured that WooCommerce core email notifications are not triggered for POS orders.
Fix - now respecting the `woocommerce_product_is_visible` filter hook.
Tweak - refined the checkout screen behavior when the order status fails to update correctly.
Tweak - removed the option to print the original price from EoS for simplicity.
Tweak - eliminated a no-longer-used setting option.

2023-11-11 - version 6.2.0
Feature - implemented a rounding option at checkout that can be enabled or disabled as preferred.
Feature - introduced the ability to select and display coupons at the POS register.
Feature - added option to setup exclusive shipping methods available only for POS-based orders.
Feature - included functionality to display product inventory levels by outlet in the Analytics > Products section.
Feature - enhanced synchronization stability with dynamic request limit adjustments.
Feature - provided the option to omit displaying the original item price on printed receipts.
Feature - incorporated support for custom checkout fields for billing, shipping and additional details.
Feature - added capability to assign categories to products at the time of addition through the POS register.
Feature - extended language support to include Bulgarian and Mexican.
Fix - corrected the display of the total number of coupons in the synchronization interface.
Fix - fixed the cart total to include taxes in the displayed amount.
Fix - rectified the issue where the default customer was not being assigned in certain scenarios.
Fix - resolved the problem causing failure to trigger transactional emails for POS orders.
Fix - ensured dining options are included on printed receipts.
Fix - added missing outlet detail labels on receipts.
Fix - addressed styling issues in dropdown fields resulting from the latest WooCommerce update.
Fix - resolved compatibility issues with older versions of WooCommerce.
Fix - modified receipts to display and print the customer’s full name.
Fix - removed conflicts with the qTranslate-XT plugin.
Fix - fixed the direct addition to cart of products using scanned variant SKUs.
Fix - restored the functionality of order filters on the WooCommerce > Orders screen.
Fix - the placeholder image for products on receipts when the actual image is not found.
Misc - upgraded the minimum PHP version requirement to 7.4.
Tweak - improved error notifications for failed user information retrieval attempts.
Tweak - refined the coupon application process to include better handling of limits and warnings.
Tweak - updated the receipt preview to more accurately reflect the final printed receipt.
Tweak - enhanced the interface for printing receipts directly from the WordPress dashboard.
Tweak - optimized the checkout experience for users.
Tweak - enabled cashiers to re-initiate payment processing in the event of an initial transaction failure.
Tweak - allowed for decimal values in product stock levels for outlet inventory.
Tweak - updated the Dutch language translation file.

2023-09-09 - version 6.1.1
Fix - disable the option for Interac cards for non-Canadian stores.

2023-09-05 - version 6.1.0
Feature - implement an option for hiding the 'Uncategorized' product category within the product grid interface.
Feature - activate background data synchronization as a default configuration.
Feature - add support for the new custom orders table (HPOS).
Feature - introduce functionalities for the cancellation and deletion of orders via the POS system.
Feature - enable compatibility for Interac debit card transactions within the Canadian market.
Feature - implement an option for conditional printing of receipt copies, filtered by category, individual product items, or purchase quantity.
Fix - resolve discrepancies in the calculation of discount amounts as presented on printed receipts.
Fix - the persistent printing of original item pricing on receipts generated for online orders.
Fix - the issue of the refund issuer identifier not being saved to the database.
Fix - the CSS styling of the order details section within printed receipts.
Fix - the display of price data within product search results.
Fix - the visibility of stock status icons for products with variable attributes.
Fix - instances where the customer name appears as null within the order card interface.
Fix - errors triggered during the deletion process of grid tiles.
Fix - exceptions that arise when the default customer record is deleted from the database.
Fix - to ensure that products exclusive to the POS system are searchable within analytics platforms.
Fix - the orders card to display aggregated product quantities as opposed to the count of individual items.
Misc - optimize the rendering and interaction speed of the product grid interface.
Tweak - configure the default outlet to synchronize with the online product stock database.
Tweak - enhance the verbosity and clarity of error messages generated during failed API requests.
Tweak - imlpement an error notification when the specified cash register configuration is unavailable.
Tweak - enable the printing of customer-specific notes on transactional receipts.
Tweak - facilitate the inclusion of item-specific notes within the printed receipt documentation.

2023-06-08 - version 6.0.5
Feature - ability to print the end-of-day (EoD) report.
Fix - custom grid product ordering was not being respected.
Fix - issue when scrolling through customers after searching for a customer.
Fix - product quantity was doubled when added using the search bar.
Tweak - icon to change the product sorting order between asc/desc.

2023-05-31 - version 6.0.4
Feature - customer information dialogue when loading a customer to the POS.
Feature - configuration added under product settings to define the value to increment by when entering measured quantities.
Feature - configuration to log out from the WordPress session after closing the register.
Fix - use keyboard arrow keys to navigate products in the search results.
Fix - refactor components responsible for scanning products through the device camera.
Fix - only initialise active payment gateways.
Fix - error when scanning variations with custom barcode field.
Fix - display the unit of measurement in quantity fields within the cart and order details.
Fix - products with measured quantity were not added to cart when reordering.
Fix - load only supported product types into the register when POS is loading.
Fix - identified plugin confict with Elementor and POS API calls.
Fix - automatically connects to the default Stripe Terminal reader assigned.
Fix - grid tab for order and customer notes was not behaving as expected during order state changes.
Fix - error related to id was called incorrectly when creating and sending POS order related emails.
Fix - plugin compatibility issues, get store currency unfiltered.
Tweak - only show available Stripe Terminal reader when a default reader is assigned. Otherwise, show all connected and available readers.
Tweak - reorganise order fields related to order notes and payment method.
Tweak - improved loading performance through loading only necessary product data.
Tweak - allow orders placed with a zero total balance to be placed and paid for through the POS.
Tweak - plus and minus buttons to increase and decrease mesaured quantity when adding products to the POS cart.

2023-04-15 - version 6.0.3
Tweak - end of sale email address assigned as billing email address if none set.
Tweak - auto-close the checkout dialog after end of sale process is complete.
Tweak - orders can be displayed as lists as well as cards.
Fix - fatal error after upgrading to WooCommerce 7.6.0.
Fix - product SKU option from receipt templates when configured.
Fix - reset and remove notes between the order placing and selecting.
Fix - stock status is not applied when outlet stock is enabled globally and managing stock is disabled for a product.
Fix - customer information changes were not saved in the backend when updating through POS.
Fix - register fails to load on some stores with limited server resources.
Fix - error when deleting a product that belongs to a deleted grid.

2023-04-03 - version 6.0.2
Feature - option to skip the review screen when paying using Stripe Terminal.
Feature - ability to hide the order status from the receipt when placing orders and payments.
Fix - username and password generating options were not respected.
Fix - updated receipt CSS selectors to correct issue with custom styling.
Fix - shipping method and rate not inlcuded when shipping tax class is based on cart items.
Fix - resetting of cart quantity when adjusted using UoM settings.
Fix - rephrase error message when registering a customer with an existing email address.
Fix - register session totals not returned for some users.
Fix - prompt user to take over register if force logout is enabled.
Fix - orders were not filtering and displaying correctly for some users.
Fix - hide tax totals if not included in the order.
Fix - enhance performance when fetching POS data.
Fix - email notification sent to customer when placing order on-hold.
Fix - display the correct shipping method name in the cart and order page.
Fix - display payment method in the printed POS receipt.
Fix - address formatting for outlet, billing and shipping address on receipt and order details.

2023-03-15 - version 6.0.1
Feature - ability to add and remove discount reasons.
Fix - searching SKU code when in scan mode was not working as expected.
Fix - receipt clarity and scale improved and corrected, respectively.
Fix - receipt template CSS not being applied to the receipt.
Fix - product search results behaviour when scrolling through results.
Fix - end of sale email notifications when holding orders.

2023-03-13 - version 6.0.0
Feature - loading pending or on-hold orders to complete or process them.
Feature - web orders include an order note indicating that a cashier loaded an online order into a POS register.
Feature - search and filter orders based on customer, type, status and date.
Feature - separators to group orders based on day, week, month, quarter or year.
Feature - product grid includes additional information, such as stock count.
Feature - global and local configurations to manage product levels for each outlet.
Feature - loading available coupons based on global permissions.
Refactor - upgraded library and classes of the POS application.
Refactor - codebase improved to include support for TypeScript.
Refactor - payments to cater for 3rd party integrations.
Refactor - receipt performance improvements and support for printing existing orders and from the cart.
Tweak - improvements to authentication, data syncing, API requests and barcode scanning.
Tweak - show or hide the selected attributes column on variable product.
Tweak - rounding is now implemented as a custom fee and is rounded based on configured setting.

2021-10-29 - version 5.5.4
Feature - option to disable the order status selector when fulfilling orders.
Feature - support for custom status selection (Order Status Manager by SkyVerge) for parked and fulfilled orders.
Feature - ability to scan barcodes using device camera.
Feature - option to restock out of stock products when scanned through the register.
Feature - global setting for loading of coupons on register load.
Fix - unexpected behaviour when regular products have parents.
Fix - PHP warnings related to SSL certificates.
Fix - plugin conflict that broke receipt template functionality within POS.
Fix - respect visiblity settings when displaying related products.
Fix - variation selection fails under specific circumstances.
Fix - orders with no billing first name were shown as “Walk-in Customerâ€.
Fix - product preview panel did not show data.
Misc - bumped the minimum required version of WC to 4.1.0.
Tweak - display SKU and image on variable product option tiles.
Tweak - search and show billing company information.

2021-08-26 - version 5.5.3
Feature - ability to define margins when printing barcodes in a continuous format.
Fix - style conflict with Avada theme.
Fix - custom product grid did not load all products.
Fix - card reader selection issue with Stripe Terminal.
Tweak - complete refactor and redesign of processing refunds through the register.
Tweak - display terminal ID along with label in register settings page.
Tweak - dispaly additional terminal info under Payments > Stripe Terminal > Available Terminals.
Tweak - display meaningful error message if no readers available.
Tweak - update setting defaults for indexing, scanning, searching and fetch order settings.
Tweak - increased number of additional payment methods to 20.

2021-06-30 - version 5.5.2
Feature - generate a payment link when holding orders that require payment.
Feature - option to display product attributes within search results.
Feature - option to only display orders for logged in POS user.
Feature - support for evaluated shipping costs through default core shipping rates.
Fix - remove unnecessary decoding on API responses.
Fix - receipt CSS was affecting back-end order details page. 
Fix - receipt URL corrupted due to escaping characters.
Fix - updating quantity for custom products created new cart line item.
Fix - barcodes not showing when printing barcode labels.
Fix - register did not load due to third party conflict.
Fix - skip stock validations when adding custom products.
Fix - first page of products loading twice after adding variable product.
Fix - orders page loading when no matches found.
Fix - variations with optional attributes are added to the same cart as separate item.
Fix - labels when discount applied are included in receipt.
Fix - display formatted product prices in search results.
Fix - conflict with WP Recipe Maker plugin.
Fix - display order number generated by third-party plugins.
Fix - cart item toggle icon did not animate when expanded.
Tweak - send order number as metadata when processing through Stripe Terminal.
Tweak - reset grid view after checkout process is complete.
Tweak - remove service worker setup.
Tweak - customer details required before processing downloadable products.
Tweak - product preview tweaks to text and styling.
Tweak - validate and save email address on End of Sale for walk-in customers.
Tweak - clerk role cannot edit product name and attributes.
Tweak - improvement to order processing when previous order has failed.

2021-05-26 - version 5.5.1
Feature - shipping method, payment method, subtotal and fees are listed in order details table.
Feature - ability to include billing address in the receipt template.
Feature - ability to add more than one fee to the cart.
Feature - support for shipping class costs when adding shipping through POS.
Feature - ability to disable the middle check digit in UPC-A barcodes.
Fix - products could not be added from search bar if not on products tab
Fix - disable product scan if not on products grid.
Fix - styling for back-end metaboxes on register settings.
Fix - customer card scanning not working as expected on POS.
Fix - display correct register on order details panel.
Fix - remove the uniqueness constraint for slug in categories.
Fix - discount would not work if coupon is disabled storewide.
Fix - end of day report includes float details and counted total.
Tweak - default quantity when adding custom products.
Tweak - user experience tweaks when adding coupons, fees and discounts.
Tweak - improvement to responsive layouts for the product preview panel.
Tweak - user experience improvements to grid when using on tablet and mobile devices.
Tweak - remove ability to add and display cart on login page.

2021-05-07 - version 5.5.0
Feature - end of sale option to set order status before confirming the order.
Feature - set tax class and status when adding custom product.
Feature - image resolution of products can be set from global settings.
Feature - product preview panel now includes table for variable products.
Feature - product grid and cart width can be adjusted using slider.
Feature - add fallback for full text search when searching for products.
Fix - incorrect customer last name was showing when loading existing customer.
Fix - product data panel on touch devices would close when clicking on Update.
Fix - incorrect total when replicating previously ordered item.
Fix - support for search terms includes white spaces at the end.
Fix - icon was not displaying correctly on product data meta box.
Fix - prompt user with error notice when scanning barcode for out of stock products.
Fix - cart items count was not considering each cart items multiple quantities.
Fix - populate customer information when re-ordering.
Fix - console error was displaying when manifest.json could not be loaded.
Fix - product POS visibilty was not saving when quickly editing product.
Fix - cart was not scrolling to bottom when cart items have reached viewport height.
Fix - removed deprecated database query to enhance performance.
Fix - respect money separators when adding a custom product price.
Fix - support for backward compatibiltiy when using WC < 4.1.0.
Fix - hold button stops functioning after closing payment panel.
Tweak - product grid stability when switiching between grid layouts.
Tweak - dedicated product preview and stock indicators on product card.
Tweak - product search improvements including less required characters.
Tweak - auto save counted cash value when closing register.
Tweak - improvements to shipping options including limiting countries as per global settings and hiding methods until address is entered.
Tweak - include stock status on variable products variation tiles.

2021-04-06 - version 5.4.2
Fix - remove obsolete database query.
Fix - incorrect price when applying discount on sale items.
Fix - in-store bank transfer and check payments appearing on online checkout.
Fix - update deperected WC functions.
Fix - scanning coupon barcodes conflicted with product barcode scan.
Fix - disable navigation if not supported by the installed WC.
Fix - discount tab freezes if less than 4 keypad presets are selected.
Tweak - respect global tax settings when displaying prices and totals.

2021-03-22 - version 5.4.1
Fix - receipt emails were sending to original default customer.
Fix - cancelling orders when re-ordering them was not working.
Fix - customer scanner prompt was not displaying.
Fix - issue with validating coupons with minimum and maximum requirement.
Fix - cannot select variations if selected an out of stock variation first.
Fix - refund not working if order contains out of stock products.
Fix - receipt template not loading correctly on some HTTPS sites.
Tweak - support for WC dashbaord navigation.
Feature - added filters to remove product fields from API responses.
Feature - advanced filters added to Analytics > Orders to filter orders by register or outlet.
Feature - filters added to Analytics > Order to filter orders by POS or web.

2021-03-01 - version 5.4.0
* Fix - major refactoring to improve complex cart calculations of tax, fees, discounts, shipping and coupons.
* Fix - intermittent issue where generated chip & PIN order ID was not used when placing some new orders.
* Fix - error when updating the database.
* Fix - incorrect tendered/change amounts when non-default currency options used.

2021-02-11 - version 5.3.7
* Fix - downloadable product links were broken.
* Fix - some variations cannot be added to cart.
* Fix - timeout error while fetching customers data.

2021-01-20 - version 5.3.6
* Fix - products with no POS visibility did not show on web store.
* Fix - cannot open some registers from My Account page.
* Fix - login screen shows duplicate users when using custom roles.
* Fix - error while loading coupons with duplicate codes.
* Fix - issue with non-Latin product attribute slugs.
* Fix - save customer billing name to the WordPress user profile.
* Fix - cannot change / add or remove register logo.
* Fix - disable keyboard shortcuts on input elements.
* Fix - error if a register post has no date of creation in DB.
* Fix - hold button is always showing.
* Fix - product variations with 0 price were not displaying on grid.
* Fix - remove 'http://' from outlet website URL on reciepts.
* Fix - barcode on receipt was only generated for the first copy when multiple copies are set.
* Fix - console error if shipping is disabled.
* Tweak - WC 4.9.0 compatibility.
* Tweak - tweak to email validation when entering customer details.

2020-11-24 - version 5.3.5
* Fix - keyboard shortcuts not working when scan mode is enabled.
* Fix - cashier tender options affected after database updates.
* Fix - unused attribute not hidden if its the first one.
* Fix - cannot add non-published custom products from the register.
* Fix - products with stock quantity less than 1 cannot be added to cart.
* Tweak - improve product grid scrolling behaviour.
* Feature - set custom logo for the register screen.
* Feature - option to set maximum concurrent requests.
* Feature - set default search or scan mode for the register.
* Feature - option to include product attributes in product search parameters.

2020-11-17 - version 5.3.4
* Fix - remove obsolete init hook that affected performance.
* Fix - product search did not return all matches.
* Fix - order contact details links were not working on the registers order details page.
* Fix - logo size is not respected when configuring receipt template.
* Fix - tax rates and shipping methods could not be loaded when logged in as clerk.
* Fix - cannot reset user outlets.
* Tweak - add transient to cache product meta keys.
* Tweak - highlight product card if item is already in the registers basket.
* Feature - set suggested amounts when adding UoM products.
* Feature - scan EAN-13 and UPC-A weight or price embedded barcodes from the register.
* Feature - scan product SKU code when adding new product from the register.

2020-10-27 - version 5.3.3
* Fix - loading shipping zones consecutively.
* Fix - scanned variations with one attribute not handled correctly.
* Tweak - product grid styling enhancements and change of default view.
* Tweak - option to reset database and reload regsiter upon failed initialisaiton.
* Tweak - hide unused product attributes from the product grid variation selector. 
* Tweak - global setting for loading of customers on register load.
* Tweak - register setting for grid layout.

2020-10-23 - version 5.3.2
* Fix - register clerks were not able to login to register.
* Tweak - product grid list view enhancements.

2020-10-22 - version 5.3.1
* Feature - grid layouts including rectangular tiles and list view.
* Fix - out of stock products are validated before order is processed.
* Fix - update product stock after ordering.
* Fix - cart does not auto-scroll after adding many items.
* Tweak - loading of customer data upon register initialisation.
* Tweak - enhanced customer search.
* Tweak - global coupon settings respected on register.
* Tweak - always display stock indicators on product tiles.
* Tweak - option to set required fields for adding custom products.

2020-10-15 - version 5.3.0
* Feature - support for quick response (QR) barcode on store receipt.
* Feature - cache products data in browser for faster access.
* Feature - introduce splash screen to load POS data.
* Feature - continue loading data in background.
* Feature - enhanced product search.
* Feature - option to refresh data on register load.
* Fix - customer search results were not showing all customers.
* Fix - product variations were not showing correctly.
* Fix - refund link was not working for tablet users.
* Fix - tendered option validated after user input.
* Fix - cart item price does not change.
* Fix - shipping and billing options not displayed correctly.
* Fix - fix product grid sorting and loading issues.
* Tweak - WC 4.6.0 compatibility.
* Tweak - set default publishing of products when adding products through register.
* Tweak - login screen no longer shows register data.
* Tweak - cart actions enhancement for mobile users.
* Tweak - product attributes when adding to the cart.
* Tweak - additional choice of behaviour of grid when adding product to cart.
* Tweak - closing register screen rearrangement.
* Tweak - add SKU field to the custom product form.

2020-09-07 - version 5.2.12
* Tweak - ability to select Stripe terminal from register page.
* Tweak - allow HTML tags in receipt header/footer.
* Tweak - trigger customer new account email notification.
* Tweak - grant POS access by capabilities instead of user role.
* Fix - include opening cash float value to expected total of cash sales.
* Fix - show error message if shipping method is not supported.
* Fix - misleading notification that REST API is blocked. 
* Fix - stock controller not updating correctly.
* Fix - issue when loading nested sub categories.
* Fix - fix compatibility issue with WC < 3.6.0.
* Fix - product and category images loading failure for some users.
* Fix - applying certain coupon configs causes register to crash.

2020-08-11 - version 5.2.11
* Tweak - WC 4.3.2 compatibility.
* Tweak - delayed timer for printing of receipt.
* Tweak - show spinner until users are loaded in the login screen.
* Fix - certain cashiers were not showing in login screen.
* Fix - front-end access does not work if "My Account" page is set to homepage.
* Fix - enable currency rounding not working.
* Fix - check_wc_rest_api() fails if User-Agent is not set.
* Fix - fatal errors if registers deleted from the database directly.
* Fix - signature pad not working.

2020-07-06 - version 5.2.10
* Feature - support WC Sequential Order Numbers Pro by SkyVerge.
* Feature - add BACS and Check payment methods.
* Tweak - allow adding free products.
* Fix - products not loading correctly.
* Fix - login screen not showing users.
* Fix - error when adding variable products.
* Fix - print modal does not appear in some cases.

2020-05-27 - version 5.2.9
* Tweak - indicators when fetching coupons from store.
* Fix - refactor security permissions for Clerk and Outlet Manager roles.
* Fix - refactor cash tendering payment method.
* Fix - calling incorrect function for receipt header.
* Fix - refactor settings for customer required fields.

2020-05-11 - version 5.2.8
* Tweak - user interface changes to the panels and cart actions.
* Fix - product modals not loading for some users.
* Fix - issue with blank page being rendered for the register page.
* Fix - payment method not showing.

2020-04-09 - version 5.2.7
* Fix - some receipt template settings were not being applied when generating receipt.
* Fix - error when viewing POS reports and there is no register found.
* Tweak - print receipt from order details page on register.
* Tweak - set a default for saving customer details when adding new customers
* Tweak - show or hide cash suggestions when tendering cash through register.
* Integration - partial support for WooCommerce Min / Max Quantity extensio (only product-level support).
* Localisation - French, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Norweigian, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Japanese and Turkish.

2020-03-30 - version 5.2.6
* Feature - ability to apply filter to the header and footer of the receipt.
* Tweak - barcode scanning disables search entry when enabled.
* Tweak - add option to modify time format in receipt.
* Tweak - add option to decrease text size in receipt.
* Tweak - auto add product variation if single variation available.
* Tweak - include scanning options when performing product search.
* Fix - meta fields displaying from third-party plugins.
* Fix - timezone was not being respected for cashier login screen.

2020-03-25 - version 5.2.5
* Feature - ability to set the colour theme of the register.
* Tweaks - decimal unit rules applied to tender box.
* Tweaks - user roles have been renamed, more info in docs.
* Misc - German localisation added.

2020-03-20 - version 5.2.4
* Tweak - adding existing custom products fetch existing prices set.
* Tweak - printing of receipts is now enabled and disabled from invidivual register settings.
* Tweak - if no payment methods are set, notice is shown.
* Feature - ability to have multiple Chip & PIN payment methods. 

2020-03-18 - version 5.2.3
* Tweak - to user experience when adding custom products and using cart.
* Tweak - to refunding orders that have multiple discount, tax and fee lines.
* Tweak - to handling of tax rates for variable products.

2020-03-10 - version 5.2.2
* Tweak - WC 4.0 compatibility.
* Feature - support WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers by SkyVerge.
* Tweak - option to print refund receipt.
* Fix - refunding orders with product stock at 0 was not working.
* Fix - refunding orders and not restoring stock was not working.

2020-03-03 - version 5.2.1
* Fix - holding orders final panel would not dismiss.
* Fix - country would not appear in outlet page.
* Fix - opening float amount only appears if note was left.

2020-03-02 - version 5.2.0
* Tweak - actions are disabled when refund is being processed in the register.
* Tweak - product and customer search feedback reduced.
* Tweak - ignore spaces in barcode scanning.
* Fix - unit of measurement not calculating values less than 1.
* Fix - backordered stock status is now considered.
* Fix - variable products with custom attributes were not loading correctly.
* Fix - tax rates were not applied correctly when outlet and shop base rates are different.
* Fix - Stripe Terminal was not passing correct total for some users.
* Fix - end of day report emails were not sending.

2020-02-21 - version 5.1.6
* Fix - encode special characters in product categories on the product grid.
* Fix - orders that are refunded will have updated status in orders tab.
* Fix - when refunding custom products product value was incorrect.
* Tweak - prompt if basket has product when user is closing register or switching users.
* Tweak - ability to go back and close payment capturing from screen.
* Tweak - button to copy billing address to shipping address.

2020-02-17 - version 5.1.5
* Fix - product visiblity option error with variable products.
* Fix - product grid disappearing after adding product for some users.
* Fix - product search filtering returning error with variable parent product.
* Fix - error when applying multiple compound tax rates.
* Fix - error with product grid metabox on product edit page.
* Fix - error when saving post types.

2020-02-13 - version 5.1.4
* Fix - product SKU label not showing when enabling this through barcode printing.
* Fix - refund total rounding when processing refunds through the register.
* Fix - rounding differences between regsiter total and receipt total.
* Fix - receipt font not rednering correctly on print preview.
* Tweak - discount presets display defaults if value left blank.
* Tweak - rectangular product images were not rendering correctly in the tiles on the grid.
* Tweak - thousand and decimal separator respected on register.
* Tweak - mask password field when creating customer and password is required.
* Feature - option to choose behaviour when adding products to cart - return to home or stay in browsing category.
* Feature - ability to enter a custom cash amount on payment screen.

2020-02-10 - version 5.1.3
* Tweak - notices to show if WC Endpoint is blocked.
* Tweak - translation for Spanish included.
* Tweak - customer search requests has increased debounce rate for slow performing servers.
* Tweak - rename usermeta for tendering orders capability.
* Fix - cash change was not showing in receipts.
* Fix - login screen was showing no users for sites with non-standard DB prefix.

2020-02-07 - version 5.1.2
* Fix - user accounts were not appearing due to role conflicts.
* Fix - Point of Sale menu not showing for My Account page when modified.
* Fix - coupon with restrictions were not bein respected when applied.
* Fix - reordering an order was not loading quantities of previous order.
* Fix - only administrators were showing on the register login screen.
* Tweak - localisation template has been updated to reflect missing strings.

2020-02-05 - version 5.1.1
* Fix - payment fulfillment process was failing for users upgrading from 4.5.X.
* Tweak - global store currency position and decimal places are now respected.
* Tweak - variable products will only show attributes that are part of the variations.
* Tweak - search requests have increased debounce rate for slow performing servers.
* Tweak - payment modal will automatically close when making sale immediately after one is finalised.

2020-01-31 - version 5.1.0
* Feature - support to install the web application directly from browser.
* Feature - ability to process full or partial refunds when loading order through the register.
* Feature - ability to define dining method from the register. Default setting can also be defined in register settings.
* Fix - conflicted class WC_POS declared causing activation error.

2020-01-08 - version 5.0.0
* Major release of the new version of WooCommerce Point of Sale for WooCommerce marketplace.

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