WooCommerce Product Feeds Changelog

The latest version is WooCommerce Product Feeds 11.0.8, Released on May 28, 2024

Changelog for WooCommerce Product Feeds

  *** WooCommerce Google Product Feed Changelog ***

2024.05.28 - version 11.0.8
* Update: Optimise regular expression processing of product descriptions
* Fix: Resolve issue with Currency Switcher For Woocommerce integration

2024.04.25 - version 11.0.7
* New: Add filter (woocommerce_gpf_include_image) to allow image exclusion
* Update: Make sure image_link is a proper URL in case something has made it relative
* Fix: Resolve issue where invalid data from WooCommerce Additional Variation Images could cause integration to fail
* Fix: Resolve issue where prepopulations from Germanized for WooCommerce weren't rendered properly in the feed

2024.04.16 - version 11.0.6
* No user-changes. Repackaged for deployment testing. 

2024.04.16 - version 11.0.5
* New: Support "on display to order" in local product inventory feeds
* Fix: Handle broken image records more gracefully
* Fix: Resolve issues where the plugin could sometimes cause the product importer to fail

2024.04.12 - version 11.0.4
* Fix: Resolve issue where the plugin didn't always correctly pick the correct tax-inclusive/exclusive status for pricing in the feed
* Fix: Resolve issue where some bundled products would be excluded from the feed

2024.04.10 - version 11.0.2
* Fix: Resolve issue where 3rd party update checks could trigger errors
* Fix: Resolve issue where currency in multi-currency feeds was not always correctly rendered

2024.04.10 - version 11.0.1
* Fix: Resolve issue which could feed generation to fail when certain integrations where active

2024.04.09 - version 11.0.0
* New: Support for promotion feed & automatic promotion IDs in product IDs to match
* New: Compatibility with WooCommerce 8.8
* Update: Performance & scalability improvements (quicker & less resource intensive)
* Update: Internal refactor - see important note below
* Fix: Support for multiple (manually provided) promotion IDs on products
* Fix: Pre-population for 'variation title' didn't work reliably

Almost all internal code has been refactored. If you have customisations beyond those listed on the documentation pages, we recommend taking extra care with this update, ideally applying it on a development/staging site first. If you have any queries or issues, please reach out to the support team who can provide assistance.

2024.03.04 - version 10.12.5
* Fix: Cache could contain user-specific, not general pricing in some cases
* Fix: Resolve issue where empty certification elements could be output

2024.02.19 - version 10.12.4
* Update: Support for multiple promotion IDs
* Fix: Structured data features were not always enabled

2024.01.31 - version 10.12.3
* New: Support for 'certification' attribute
* Fix: Import/Export improvements for product_detail field
* Fix: Import/Export improvements for product_fee field
* Fix: Import/Export improvements for product_highlight field
* Fix: Import/Export improvements for installment field
* Fix: Resolve issue where GPF could fail during WooCommerce update

2024.01.22 - version 10.12.2
* Fix: Resolve issues with importing adwords_label via CSV

2024.01.22 - version 10.12.1
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.5
* Update: Clarification that disabling the sending of variations is strongly discouraged
* Update: Housekeeping and remove some unneeded optimisation calls
* Update: WooCommerce compatibility updates for setup tasks
* Update: Support multiple values for 'shopping ads excluded countries'
* Fix: Resolve issues with incorrect rounding when prices are exclusive of taxes and multiple purchase quantities are enforced
* Fix: Remove unnecessary duplicated data in REST responses

2023.12.11 - version 10.11.4
* Update: Declare compatibility with WooCommerce cart checkout blocks

2023.12.06 - version 10.11.3
* Update: WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.4

2023.12.04 - version 10.11.2
* New: Allow parent image to be disabled on variations via woocommerce_gpf_include_parent_image_on_variation filter
* Update: Improvements to reliability when pre-populating from custom meta values

2023.10.11 - version 10.11.1
* Fix: Do not trigger errors on hosts that have disabled some PHP functions

2023.10.02 - version 10.11.0
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.2
* New: Allow WooCommerce add-to-cart URLs to work with product IDs from the feed
* Update: Various performance optimisations

2023.09.11 - version 10.10.6
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.1
* Update: Performance improvement - only calculate prepopulations required by active fields
* Update: Avoid deprecated call to get_terms()
* Update: Minor change to XML format for product feed

2023.07.26 - version 10.10.5
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 8.0
* Fix: Resolve warning on recent PHP versions when Composite Products and Expanded Structured datai feature are both active

2023.07.05 - version 10.10.4
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 7.9
* Dev: Internal cleanup to remove unused code
* Fix: Resolve issue where warning could be thrown on PHP 8.2 and later

2023.06.13 - version 10.10.3
* New: Allow filtering of lifestyle_image in Google feed

2023.06.05 - version 10.10.2
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 7.8
* Fix: Resolve UI issue on manage feeds page when a filtered category has been deleted

2023.05.03 - version 10.10.1
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 7.7

2023.04.24 - version 10.10.0
* New: Add support for 'pause' attribute
* New: Add support for 'lifestyle_image_link' attribute
* New: Add support for 'expiration date' attribute
* New: Add support for 'disclosure date' attribute
* Update: Re-organise fields in settings into groups to make it easier to manage standard settings

2023.04.05 - version 10.9.1
* New: WooCommerce compatibility up to 7.6
* Dev: Improvements to feed debug output

2023.03.06 - version 10.9.0
* New: Support for High Performance Order Storage
* Update: Improve information about category restrictions in status report
* Update: Improve information available on product queries in debug mode
* Fix: No longer throw warnings if Currency Switcher integration is active
* Fix: Resolve issue where Currency Switcher integration could be incorrectly triggered by presence of some other extensions
* Fix: Resolve issue where some structured data elements weren't added for Bundled products

2023.01.30 - version 10.8.3
* New: WooCommerce 7.4 compatibility
* Fix: Product Type could send more values than Google expects. It now limits down to the allowed amount of values.
* Update: Styling changes to some settings forms for wider compatibility
* Update: PHP 8.2 compatibility
* Update: "Condition" is no longer forcibly included in the feed
* Update: Enable "condition" by default on new installs

2023.01.05 - version 10.8.2
* Update: WooCommerce 7.3 compatibility
* Fix: Resolve issue where multiple short titles could be output against spec
* Fix: Resolve issue where warnings could be generated with certain ACF taxonomy mappings
* Fix: Resolve issue where some analytics multicurrency reports would error

2022.11.30 - version 10.8.1
* Change: WooCommerce 7.2 compatibility
* Fix: Resolve issue where PHP warning could be produced when generating product review feeds

2022.11.21 - version 10.8.0
* New: Integration with Measurement Price Calculator extension

2022.10.20 - version 10.7.7
* Change: Add additional elements to expanded schem following new validation by Google
* Fix: Resolve issue where some items could be excluded from the feed in rare configurations

2022.09.28 - version 10.7.6
* Change: Disable query monitor during feed generation if it is active
* Change: WooCommerce 7.0 compatibility

2022.08.24 - version 10.7.5
* Change: WooCommerce 6.9 compatibility
* Change: Internal IDs are only added to the product review feed if there are no other identifiers
* Fix: Resolve some minor layout quirks and excess spacing on admin screens
* Fix: Admin screen didn't show default value when set to a taxonomy full-hierarchy pre-population

2022.08.01 - version 10.7.4
* New: WooCommerce 6.8 compatibility
* New: Submit feature requests from the extension pages
* Changes: Improved support links

2022.07.04 - version 10.7.3
* New: Support for per-variation product identifiers from Yoast WooCommerce SEO

2022.06.16 - version 10.7.2
* New: WooCommerce 6.6 compatibility

2022.05.10 - version 10.7.1
* New: WooCommerce 6.5 compatibility

2022-04-20 - version 10.7.0
* New: Integration with WooCommerce Additional Variation Images extension
* New: Additional filter to allow easy disabling of integrations

2022.04.13 - version 10.6.1
* New: WooCommerce 6.4 compatibility

2022.03.23 - version 10.6.0
* New: Support for "Short title" field
* New: Support for "Shopping ads excluded country" field
* New: Support for "Ships from country" field
* Change: Add filters in Bing feed generation
* Fix: Condition sometimes mapped incorrectly in Bing feed

2022.02.22 - version 10.5.3
* New: Support unit pricing fields from Germanized for WooCommerce
* Change: Protect against invalid metadata breaking image management
* Fix: Correctly populate table names in status report

2022.02.08 - version 10.5.2
* New: Support for product weight with & without units as pre-population options
* New: Include overview of database in status report for improved debugging
* Change: Internal changes to taxonomy freshness checking
* Change: Responsiveness improvements to taxonomy autocomplete performance

2022.01.29 - version 10.5.1
* Fix: Resolve issue where taxonomy cache table could grow beyond expected size and cause performance issues

2022.01.25 - version 10.5.0
* New: Allow Google Product Category to be populated from multiple locales
* New: Support 'promotion ID' in the Bing feed
* New: Prompt for feedback
* Fix: Resolve warning thrown when multicurrency integration active
* Fix: Resolve issue where availability field could be missing in Bing feed

2022.01.05 - version 10.4.0
* Change: Update documentation links to reflect docs.woocommerce.com migration
* Change: WooCommerce 6.1 Compatibility
* Change: Update WooCommerce Action Scheduler library to latest release
* Fix: Improve structured data for Brand

2021.12.09 - version 10.3.1
* Fix: Variation images not always pulled through properly

2021.12.06 - version 10.3.0
* New: Allow fields from WooCommerce Germanized to be used for prepopulations
* Change: WooCommerce 5.9 compatibility
* Change: WooCommerce 6.0 compatibility

2021.09.28 - version 10.2.1
* Fix: Revert Action Scheduler to v3.2.1 due to conflicts

2021.09.12 - version 10.2.0
* New: WooCommerce 5.7, 5.8 compatibility
* New: Allow Custom Attributes to be registered for pre-population options via filter
* New: Allow the_content filtering of descriptions to be disabled via filter
* Change: List global attribute taxonomies as "Global Attributes" in settings, not mixed in with Taxonomies
* Change: Improvements when broken "empty" prices are returned
* Change: Update Action Scheduler to 3.3.x
* Change: Tolerate broken term hierarchy structures without failing

2021.08.16 - version 10.1.6
* New: WooCommerce 5.6 compatibility

2021.08.11 - version 10.1.5
* Fix: Resolve issue where primary image setting could be overwritten on product save
* Change: Introduce additional debug output when debug active

2021.07.20 - version 10.1.4
* Change: Amend cache-blocking headers to no-store
* Change: Allow excluded catalogue visibilities to be modified via filter
* Change: Additional logging in debug mode
* Change: Tweaks to XML self reference headers for clearer support
* Fix: Resolve issue where exclude checkbox on variations was not generated correctly
* Fix: Category selection on feed manage page should not be available for review feeds
* Fix: Resolve issue where "No default" displayed in stead of "Use default" when creating products

2021.07.09 - version 10.1.3
* Fix: Availability fields didn't always allow "Use default" to be set 
* Change: Updates to bundled libraries

2021.06.24 - version 10.1.2
* Fix: Database upgrades didn't always run when upgrading between versions
* Fix: Correct currency not always applied with recent versions of WooCommerce Multicurrency
* Change: Updates to bundled libraries
* Change: "Send item group ID" defaults on for new installs
* Change: Remove legacy update code

2021.06.16 - version 10.1.1
* Fix: Resolve issue where availability not always sent in feed.

2021.06.15 - version 10.1.0
* New: Support "backorder" as a possible value for "Availability"
* New: Support different Availability values for in-stock/backorder/out of stock products
* New: Support "yesterday" and "week" as review feed generation options
* New: Support currency choices for supported extensions when building feed URLs
* Change: Availability is now mandatory
* Change: Improved debug logging for support purposes
* Change: Bundle latest version of action scheduler. Provides performance improvements for feed item cache
* Fix: Resolve issue where feed item filters not invoked when generating structured data

2021.06.03 - version 10.0.4
* Fix: Resolve conflict with some plugins due to psr/container versions
* Re-roll release to get back in sync with deployment tool

2021.06.03 - version 10.0.3
* Change: Compatibility with out-of-date PHP installs

2021.06.02 - version 10.0.2
* Fix: Resolve issue where variations sometimes not included
* Change: WooCommerce 5.4 compatibility

2021.06.02 - version 10.0.0
* New: Support for flattened hierarchy strings as prepopulations, e.g. (Parent > Child > Sub-child)
* New: Support for "allow backorders" as a prepopulation value
* New: URL builder to create custom URLs for specific feed configurations
* Change: Hide reviews from review feed if corresponding product is excluded
* Change: Remove support for action=woocommerce_gpf style URLs
* Fix: Tax sometimes not calculated correctly in Bing feed

2021.05.04 - version 9.6.7
* Fix: Empty values could appear in the feed in some circumstances
* Fix: product_highlights were output in an incorrect format

2021.04.28 - version 9.6.6
* New: WooCommerce 5.3 compatibility
* Fix: Values couldn't be set as "0" in some fields

2021.04.07 - version 9.6.5
* New: WooCommerce 5.2 compatibility
* Fix: Resolve issue where duplicate description tags could be rendered

2021.03.23 - version 9.6.4
* Fix: Syntax error with older PHP versions

2021.03.23 - version 9.6.3
* New: Add store management links to WooCommerce homepage
* Fix: Solve conflict when bulk-editing variations if some are hidden from the feed
* Fix: Do not include disabled variations in the feed

2021.03.16 - version 9.6.2
* Fix: Workaround error in WooCommerce admin when WooCommerce admin is disabled via filters.

2021.03.08 - version 9.6.1
* New: Add setup tasks to WooCommerce homepage
* Change: Make variation suffix wrapper translatable

2021.02.16 - version 9.6.0
* New: Integration with PW Bulk Edit
* Change: Additional documentation links next to plugin on Plugins screen
* Change: Lowercase ID tag in Google feed. Improves 3rd party feed compatibility
* Change: Re-work of tag stripping / length calculations to increase content sendable in Google feed.
* Fix: Under rare circumstances descriptions could arrive empty due to issues with XML escaping

2021.02.02 - version 9.5.0
* Change: Tweaks to action scheduler queries run when cache is active 
* Change: When pre-populating from a taxonomy, the results will be ordered deepest first
* Change: WooCommerce 5.0 compatibility
* Change: Enable protection against the_content filter corruption when SiteOrigin Builder is active
* Fix: Resolve issues where stock status in expanded structured data could be incorrect
* Fix: PHP 8 compatibility

2021.01.11 - version 9.4.1
* New: Add additional information in Status Report for easier debugging of potential issues
* New: Add logging for review feed into debug log
* Fix: Do not throw errors if WooCommerce passes invalid variation IDs
* Fix: Resolve issue where 'composer' errors could be thrown when running on older PHP versions
* Change: WooCommerce 4.9 compatibility

2020.12.04 - version 9.4.0
* New: WooCommerce Multilingual currency integration
* Change: Allow variation suffixes to be removed entirely via filter
* Change: Allow tax exclusion in Google feed to be overridden by filter
* Change: WooCommerce 4.8 compatibility

2020.11.11 - version 9.3.2
* Change: WooCommerce 4.7 compatibility

2020.11.02 - version 9.3.1
* Fix: Resolve issue where out of stock variations would be excluded if "Hide out of stock items from the catalog" was enabled.
* Fix: Make sure shipping dimensions are sent in a Google-supported unit-of-measure

2020.10.23 - version 9.3.0
* New: Integration with "WooCommerce Min Max Quantity & Step Control Single" extension
* Change: Improvements to Composite product support to avoid issues with 3rd party extensions that register the same product types
* Change: Internal refactoring of product bundles support
* Fix: Resolve issue where descriptions were sometimes incorrect with page builder plugins active

2020.10.19 - version 9.2.0
* New: Support for "Currency Switcher for WooCommerce" extension
* New: Support for title pre-population & custom titles
* Change: Shipping dimensions & weights are sent as-is and not rounded or converted unless requested via filtering the units
* Fix: Product IDs in review feed are no longer missing

2020.10.05 - version 9.1.2
* New: Ability to choose primary image for products from available images
* Change: Use WordPress' esc_xml() when available
* Change: WooCommerce 4.6 compatibility

2020.09.29 - version 9.1.0
* New: Initial support for managing images included in the feed
* Fix: Protect against bogus data from WC's product query when cache active

2020.09.17 - version 9.0.4
* New: Integration with the "Price by Country" extension
* New: Integration with the "Mix and Match Products" extension
* Change: Support for other description fields
* Fix: Improvements to how "color" is sent in the feed where multiple colors exist

2020.09.09 - version 9.0.3
* Change: Do not throw warnings for invalid product gallery data
* New: Product Brands for WooCommerce integration

2020.08.12 - version 9.0.2
* Change: Be more conservative about the number of background jobs raised when feed item caching is enabled
* Fix: Fix issue where exported columns could be blank
* Fix: Avoid error if wc_get_logger is unavailable

2020.07.30 - version 9.0.1
* Fix: Fix issue where "Hide product from feed" didn't save correctly

2020.07.27 - version 9.0.0
* New: Support for pickup_method and pickup_sla in product feed for Local Product Ads
* Change: Feed item caching uses WooCommerce's action scheduler for background processing
* Change: Prefer more specific categories when calculating category-based values
* Change: Improved remote debug capabilities
* Change: Improvements to when sale prices are sent to take account of different effective date scenarios
* Change: Add setting link to WordPress plugins page for easier discovery
* Change: Strip HTML comments from product descriptions in the feed
* Change: Add list of enabled feeds to the status report
* Change: Mark Google Local Product Feed as legacy (standard Product Feed can be used in its place)
* Fix: PHP warning sometimes generated when saving category data

2020.07.09 - version 8.1.4
* New: Various new filters

2020.06.23 - version 8.1.3
* New: WooCommerce 4.3 compatibility

2020.06.12 - version 8.1.2
* New: WooCommerce 4.2 compatibility

2020.04.28 - version 8.1.1
* New: WooCommerce 4.1 compatibility
* Change: Order Google Product Feed fields in CSV import integration for ease of use.
* Fix: Do not advertise a non-functional description field in import/export UI

2020.03.02 - version 8.1.0
* New: Integrates with Yoast WooCommerce SEO extension for product identifiers
* Change: No longer supports WooCommerce prior to v3.0 

2020.02.24 - version 8.0.0
* New: Support for Local Product Feed & Local Product Inventory feed for Google's Local Inventory Ads programme.
* Change: WooCommerce 4.0 compatibility

2020.01.06 - version 7.9.5
* New: Support for Tax Category element in product feed
* Change: WooCommerce 3.9 compatibility
* Change: Change structured data filters to work around bug in Yoast SEO for WooCommerce extension
* Change: Change order of elements output in product feed
* Fix: Fix incorrect schema version reference in review feed

2019.11.12 - version 7.9.4
* New: Support for "stock status" as a prepopulation option
* Fix: Product Feed specific data wasn't saved correctly when creating product through REST API
* Fix: Do not throw errors if WooCommerce not active
* Fix: Do not send blank elements in feed if a meta prepopulation returns an empty string
* Fix: GTIN sometimes not included in structured data depending on format
* Fix: Meta box contents not always hidden when product was excluded

2019.08.29 - version 7.9.3
* Fix: Show prepopulation rules correctly in status report when pre-population is a meta field
* Fix: Wrap GTIN/MPN/SKU & Brand in Review feed to avoid XML errors

2019.08.06 - version 7.9.2
* Fix: Cache sometimes did not reflect the correct currency in multicurrency setups
* Fix: woocommerce_gpf_include_variations filter wasn't called when using cache
* Fix: Material values should be sent as '/' separated, not multiple elements

2019.06.19 - version 7.9.1
* Change: Allow UTF-8 characters in relevant fields in Bing feed
* Change: Improve compatibility with page builders that use the_content filter incorrectly
* Change: Allow more granular shipping weights in line with updated specification

2019.06.10 - version 7.9.0
* Fix: International characters no longer produce invalid UTF errors when anonymised in the review feed. 
* Fix: Taxable pricing could be incorrect where feed item caching in use
* New: Confirm WooCommerce 2.x support status

2019.06.03 - version 7.8.9
* New: Support for per-product shipping price rules from Product Vendors
* New: Add support for transit time label
* Fix: SKU fix for simple product structured data
* Fix: Silence warning caused by incorrect return types in Cost Of Goods integration

2019.05.15 - version 7.8.8
* New: Support for additional Google Shopping Actions fields

2019.05.07 - version 7.8.7
* Fix: Make sure prices for feeds targetting India include taxes
* Fix: Make sure products updated via REST API refresh the feed cache properly
* Fix: Setting a field to prepopulate from stock quantity could result in empty elements being output
* New: Support for some feed elements required for Google Shopping Actions

2019.03.19 - version 7.8.6
* Fix: 12-digit GTINs were sometimes not added to structured data
* Change: Avoid deprecated functions (WooCommerce 3.6 compatibility)

2019.03.11 - version 7.8.5
* Change: Add version tag to Google Review feed
* Change: Output product brand in schema for variable products if set against product or higher
* Fix: Resolve issue where some settings were reported incorrectly in system status report
* Fix: Structured data for "condition" didn't use Schema properties on simple products
2019.03.06 - version 7.8.4
* New: Introduce woocommerce_gpf_exclude_variation filter
* New: Introduce "Stock quantity" as a pre-population option
* New: Structured data support for gtin12
* New: Include product feed GUID in review feed as a SKU for better ID matching
* Fix: No not show unnecessary desription headers in variation product feed information block
* Fix: Better product ID support when variable products have IDs set at product & variation level
* Change: Structured data for "condition" uses Schema properties not raw value

2019.02.11 - version 7.8.3
* Fix: Hide non-description related configuration when choosing description type

2019.02.07 - version 7.8.2
* New: Honour "group of" settings in WooCommerce Min/Max quantities extension if no minimum set

2019.02.06 - version 7.8.1
* Fix: Resolve issue with products that have sale dates & min/max quantities

2019.02.05 - version 7.8.0
* New: Support for included_destination feed element
* New: Support for excluded_destination feed element
* New: Support for multipack feed element
* New: Integration with WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities
* New: Ability to choose from various description formats to include in the feed
* Fix: Do not include an empty additional_images element when there are no images at all

2019.01.08 - version 7.7.0
* Change: Product Review Feed is no longer "Experimental"

2019.01.07 - version 7.6.7
* Fix: Ensure contents of SCRIPT / STYLE tags are stripped out of product feed.
* New: Introduce woocommerce_gpf_review_feed_item_excluded filter to allow reviews to be excluded via filter

2018.11.26 - version 7.6.6
* Change: Attempt to anonymise reviewer names when generating product review feed
* Change: Allow reviews to be anonymised completely for inclusion in product review feed.
* Change: Cleaner implementation of data saving on product edit screens
* Fix: Improve detection of images for inclusion, particularly where variation-specific images are available
* Fix: Sale price effective dates could be displayed incorrectly in inventory feeds

2018.10.29 - version 7.6.5
* New: Mark compatible with WooCommerce 3.5
* New: Process product descriptions to remove unsupported HTML tags
* Change: Update some internal APIs for compatibility with future custom tables product storage

2018.10.16 - version 7.6.4
* New: Add support for WooCommerce Multicurrency extension

2018.09.24 - version 7.6.3
* New: Add support for WooCommerce Cost of Goods extension

2018.09.10 - version 7.6.2
* New: Add support for "cost of goods sold" element
* New: Allow variation inclusion to be filtered on a per-product basis (woocommerce_gpf_include_variations)
* Fix: Do not calculate prices when instantiating a WooCommerceGpfFeedItem for structured data purposes. Improves performance of structured data generation
* Fix: Correctly report meta-based prepopulations in system status report
* Fix: Use wc() instead of global $woocommerce variable
* Fix: Send shipping weight as an integer. Send as grams to increase accurancy

2018.07.02 - version 7.6.1
* New: Add "product title" as a prepopulation choice
* New: Add "variant title" as a prepopulation choice
* Fix: Be more efficient about internal data storage
* Fix: Issue where imports via the WooCommerce importer could cause products to be marked as hidden from the feed incorrectly
* Fix: Improvements in internal data storage for variable products

2018.04.17 - version 7.6.0
* New: Experimental support for Product Review feeds : https://developers.google.com/product-review-feeds/
* Fix: Make sure wc_get_products args are filtered consistently every time they're used.

2018.03.16 - version 7.5.0
* New: Variation products now pick up additional images from product gallery.

2018.02.26 - version 7.4.4
* Fix: List of custom fields available for pre-population is now filterable via woocommerce_gpf_custom_field_list
* Fix: Custom fields that were only used on variations weren't available for selection
* New: Introduce filter to exclude attribute labels from variation titles (woocommerce_gpf_include_attribute_labels_in_title)
* New: Add support for energy_efficiency_class, min_energy_efficiency_class, and max_energy_efficiency_class in Google feed

2018.01.30 - version 7.4.3
* New: Allow items with no image to be excluded from the Google feed via filter (woocommerce_gpf_hide_if_no_images_google)
* Fix: Do not output multiple values in Bing feed if set otherwise Bing cannot parse
* New: Tested with WooCommerce 3.3

2017.12.18 - version 7.4.2
* Fix: Addresses a security issue affecting v7.2.0 through to 7.4.1

2017.11.20 - version 7.4.1
* Fix: Make sure wc_get_products() args filtered when rebuilding cache
* Fix: Allow unknown product types to be treated as "simple" products" when processing
* Fix: Ensure WC_Product consistently passed to filters
* Fix: Resolve syntax issues when running on PHP < 5.4

2017.11.07 - version 7.4.0
* Fix: Layout issues with product feed information box for variations with some other extensions active.
* Fix: Resolve issue which caused a warning to be raised on PHP versions prior to 5.5
* Fix: Resolve issue where WC_Product was not passed to woocommerce_gpf_feed_item filters when background rebuilding the cache
* Fix: Do not generate warning in importer if CSV doesn't include "hide product from feed" column
* New: Allow data to be pre-populated from custom fields through the UI
* New: Allow feed types to be turned on/off
* New: Block access to feeds that aren't enabled
* New: Do not pre-generate cache for feeds that aren't enabled
* New: Introduce woocommerce_gpf_render_item_output_{feed_type} filter for filtering rendered output data

2017.10.10 - version 7.3.0
* New: Ship .POT file for easier translations
* New: Template tags now support individual variations
* New: Add performance stats to XML footer if WP_DEBUG enabled
* Fix: Avoid unnecessary output-buffering conflicting with WP Rocket's "remove query strings" functionality
* Fix: Speed & memory optimisations for stores with heavily-variable products

**NOTE** If you have custom code using the WoocommerceGpfFeedItem class, it's definition changes in this release, and your code will need updating.

2017.09.28 - version 7.2.1
* New: Introduce template tags for outputting product feed elements on product pages
* New: Support for Bing shipping tags (required in Germany only)

2017.09.18 - version 7.2
* New: Support for WooCommerce REST API v2
* New: Add plugin version number to generator tag in Google feed for debugging
* New: Add details of the plugin configuration to the WooCommerce system report
* New: Add documentation links to plugin settings page
* New: Improvement in pricing details for bundle products (requires Product Bundles > 5.4.3)
* Fix: Avoid PHP warning if pre-population settings aren't initialised
* Fix: initialise pre-population settings array on fresh installs
* Fix: Resolve issue where some elements could be lost if corrupt product metadata present
* Fix: Fix issue where the price in the feed for composite products wasn't always the minimum price of that product (requires Composite Products > 3.11.3)
* Change: Improved unit tests for key classes

2017.08.30 - version 7.1.10
* Fix: Pass missing second argument to woocommerce_gpf_feed_item{*} filters when processing a variation product
* Fix: Product Bundle prices could be incorrect under some tax setups
* Fix: Issue where variations could send all possible attributes, not just those set on that variation
* Change: Product bundles on sale will only show current price in feed, not regular & sale
* New: Support import/export of "hide product from feed" settings
* New: Add "tested up to" headers for future WooCommerce compatibility

2017.08.22 - version 7.1.9
* Fix: Minor fix to list of Bing categories
* New: Add filter to allow short description to be used instead of full

2017.08.16 - version 7.1.8
* New: Add support for min_handling_time and max_handling_time
* Fix: Inherit values set against parent product correctly when preopulation rules set.

2017.07.25 - version 7.1.7
* New: Add support for unit_pricing_measure and unit_pricing_base_measure
* New: Add Woo header for compatability with new updater
* New: Support for "installment" elements
* New: Support for adding 2-level tags via the plugin filters
* Fix: Take the active price as a sale price if it is lower than the regular price. Fixes issues with dynamic pricing extension.
* Fix: Avoid PHP warning on variable products when display of variations is turned off
* Fix: Shipping dimensions are rounded up to the nearest whole number to meet Google's specifications
* Change: Shipping dimensions are sent as cm, not inches

2017.07.18 - version 7.1.6
* Fix: Ensure background cache processing happens when ALTERNATE_WP_CRON is defined
* Fix: Disarm some third party plugins that run during feed generation and cause performance issues
* Fix: Performance optimisation, clear down queues when doing a full cache rebuild
* Fix: Workaround WooCommerce bug where old prices could be shown for simple products that have been converted to variable products
* New: Support for including item_group_id automatically

2017.06.27 - version 7.1.5
* New: Support for product import / export in WooCommerce 3.1+
* Fix: When feed item caching is enabled healthchecks do not always run
* Fix: When feed item caching is enabled, be more consistent about the order in which products are rebuilt
* Fix: When feed item caching is enabled, clear the 'rebuild all' queue before adding a rebuild all job

2017.06.15 - version 7.1.4
* Change: Allow private properties on the WooCommerceGpfFeedItem object to be accessed read-only.
* Change: Pass WC_Product to woocommerce_gpf_feed_item filter
* Fix: GTIN in Bing feed was always blank
* Fix: Structured data contains incorrect SKU value
* Fix: Upgrade feed item cache bucket size to fix 'Opening and ending tag mismatch' errors with large variation output

2017.06.05 - version 7.1.3
* Allow Bing Category to be pre-populated from product fields
* Add support for "adult" attribute in Google feeds
* Improve efficiency of background cache generation
* Avoid race-condition where not all changes were picked up on cache rebuilds
* Correctly honour variation setting when rebuilding cache

2017.05.17 - version 7.1.2
* Fix issue where saving a variation caused on error on WooCommerce 2.6.x

2017.05.09 - version 7.1.1
* Fix issue where some files missing from packaged release
* Add basic support for bundle products

2017.05.03 - version 7.1.0
* Fix issue where Composite products weren't included
* Fix issue where External products were incorrectly included
* Fix issue where definition of constant could conflict with other plugins
* Introduce render cache for feeds, disabled by default pending testing, see https://woocommerce.com/document/google-product-feed-feed-item-caching/ for information on how to test this

2017.04.25 - version 7.0.8
* Fix issue where variation ID not passed to woocommerce_gpf_elements filters
* Fix issue where incorrect product ID passed to woocommerce_gpf_elements filters
* Fix issue where is_bundle checkbox could not be unticked on a product edit screen
* Fix issue where sale price effective dates weren't output correctly on WooCommerce 3.x
* Fix warning shown generated when products have sale prices on WooCommerce 3.x
* Update identifier_exists logic. Identifiers are now required for all countries

2017.03.30 - version 7.0.7
* Fix issue with "identifier exists" option not showing selected value correctly on settings form
* Change mime-type of bing feed to fix issues when running behind CloudFlare
* Fix issues where variation options were missing from variation titles in the feed

2017.03.06 - version 7.0.6
* Fix issue where descriptions weren't always passed through the_content filter
* Fix issue where URL-based category filtering didn't work with permalink-style feed URLs
* Remove some unused code

2017.03.06 - version 7.0.5
* Further compatibility changes in preparation for WooCommerce 2.7

2017.02.27 - version 7.0.4
* Fix error triggered on PHP releases < 5.4.

2017.02.20 - version 7.0.3
* Fix issue where incorrect variation price was picked when not including all variations in the feed
* Update Bing feed to apply tax in relevant countries
* Remove shipping dimension attributes from Google Inventory feed

2017.02.06 - version 7.0.2
* Fix issue where PHP warning could be generated.

2017.01.20 - version 7.0.1
* Fix issue where partial (chunked) feed settings were not always applied.

2017.01.17 - version 7.0.0
* Internal rewrites, including some performance improvements
* Allow the shipping dimension unit types to be overridden
* Allow feed to be generated for a specific category / set of categories via URL string
Avoid warnings if taxonomies are removed after being set to be used for preopulation
* WooCommerce 2.7 related updates. Take advantage of new APIs for fetching products if available.
* Adds on-page structured data when running on WooCommerce 2.7+ (sku, itemCondition, gtin and mpn)

2016.10.31 - version 6.8.1
* Change plugin URL to WooCommerce domain
* Ensure plugin links always go to WooCommerce, not WordPress.org

2016.10.11 - version 6.8.0
* More accurate image support. Fixes issues where non-attached product gallery images weren't included.

2016.08.31 - version 6.7.8
* Various performance improvements to feed generation
* Introduce woocommerce_gpf_is_generating_feed() so other plugins / filters can tell if this request is for a feed

2016.08.02 - version 6.7.7
* Replace tabs with spaces when generating the Bing feed
* Allow the g:link element to be filtered

2016.07.21 - version 6.7.6
* Fix issues where not all elements included in Bing feed
* Robustness fix for deciding whether to send prices inc, or ex. taxes
* Use WooCommerce standard functions for generating variation titles / URLs

2016.06.20 - version 6.7.5
* Send custom_label fields in the Bing feed
* Fix warnings thrown for category settings on WooCommerce 2.6

2016.06.06 - version 6.7.4
* Make sure non-printable UTF characters are removed in product titles as well as descriptions.
* Avoid issue where product titles occasionally get generated with a "()"" suffix.
* Clean up product URLs for attributes with no values set (E.g. "all colours").
* Allow multiple GTINs to be entered against products.

2016.05.16 - version 6.7.3
* Do not hardcode guid in Google Inventory feed. Make it filterable in the same way as in the main product feed
* Update unique identifier checks to match Google specifications
* Make sure variation descriptions are more reliable where content includes product shortcodes
* Consistent use of image size across main image, and additional images
* Make image style filterable. Default to "full"
* Send empty sale price effective date in inventory feed if none is set
* Fix translat-ability of "include variations" option in the admin area

2016.04.30 - version 6.7.2
* Do not send any shipping dimensions unless all are available
* Fix issues with some elements not coming through into feeds

2016.04.29 - version 6.7.1
* Avoid warning generated when saving a product after editing variations.

2016.04.26 - version 6.7
* Allow entry of feed values against individual variations
* Variations support is no-long "experimental"
* Fix issue where prepopulation sometimes used the parent value, not the variation value
* Use guid from feed_item, not raw ID when creating product ID for Bing feed
* Product type taxonomy autocompletion now pulls relevant language version based on store base country, not always American (en-US).

2016.04.20 - version 6.6
* Improvements to Bing feed elements, remove unused items, and rename to match latest specification
* Better availability reporting for out of stock products when a default availability value is set
* Support for "material" in feed.

2016.04.05 - version 6.5
* Support for pattern attribute
* Fixes to variation support

2016.03.29 - version 6.4
* Allow delivery label field to be prepopulated from other product fields.

2016.03.18 - version 6.3
* Repackage to fix version inconsistency

2016.03.17 - version 6.2
* Extend the list of countries whose feeds should be supplied exclusive of taxes.

2016.02.24 - version 6.1
* Add support for is_bundle

2015.01.25 - version 6.0
* Experimental variation support
* Fix undefined constant warning

2016.01.07 - version 5.2.2
* Use base country pricing / tax for feed ignoring geolocation. Requires WC 2.5
* Support image links with query parameters

2015.12.02 - version 5.2.1
* Add sale price effective dates to the Google Inventory feed.

2015.12.01 - version 5.2
* Support for sale price effective dates.
* Fix issues with multibyte strings getting truncated mid-character
* Allow size to be prepopulated from attributes (15 seconds ago) <Lee Willis>
* Change to the base URL indicated in the feed.

2015.09.20 - version 5.1
* Fix markup error in admin area
* Increase feed generation performance

2015.06.03 - version 5.0
* Provides support for Product Inventory feeds for Google Merchant Centre.
* Provides support for populating feed information product attributes without having to use code snippets.
* Item GUIDs are now filterable via woocommerce_gpf_feed_item_ filters.
* Fix Bing link in admin area to satisfy URL suffix validation.
* Admin markup and accessibility fixes.

2015.04.30 - version 4.0.3
* Fix issue with size system not showing the currently selected value properly

2015.04.23 - version 4.0.2
* Fix issue with alt text on feed type icons on settings page

2015.04.20 - version 4.0.1
* Security release

2015.02.03 - version 4.0
* Support for sale_price element
* Avoid errors when products have child posts that aren't WooCommerce products
* Support for shipping_length, shipping_width and shipping_height
* woocommerce_gpf_exclude_product filter can be used to include products that would normally be excluded.

2015.01.14 - version 3.9
* Support for delivery_label attribute.

2014.12.29 - version 3.8
* Revert previous variation pricing change since it causes feed disapproval in some cases.

2014.12.21 - version 3.7
* Always use the maximum price for variable products in line with Google's guidelines.

2014.12.16 - version 3.6
* Add support for Promotion ID in the feed
* Improvements to product identifier supports to make identifier_exists work more reliably

2014.11.17 - version 3.5
* Fix compatiblity with WC 2.0.x and variable products

2014.11.10 - version 3.4
* Calculate tax status for variable products on tax exclusive setups.

2014.10.21 - version 3.3
* Do not use invisible child products when calculating the price

2014.09.22 - version 3.2
* Support for Google feed specification changes
	* Support max lengths in the Google feed
	* Support for availability_date
	* Merge "available for order" availability with "in stock" in the Google feed
	* Support for size_system
	* Add support for size_type
	* Extra options for age_group

2014.09.03 - version 3.1
* Don't show duplicated settings updated messages in the admin area

2014.08.25 - version 3.0
* Make fields filterable
* WooCommerce 2.2 compatibility

2014.07.28 - version 2.9.1
* Fixes for custom_label elements

2014.07.18 - version 2.9
* Support for custom_label attributes
* Trim out non-printable UTF-8 characters

2014.06.13 - version 2.8
* Fix issue where disabled fields could still be included in the feed
* Avoid PHP warning when saving categories. Fixes #1
* More robustly transliterate in Bing feed generation

2014.05.12 - version 2.7
* Correctly calculate taxable status for some configs
* Performance improvements fetching Google product taxonomy on admin pages

2014.05.01 - version 2.6
* Fixes for complex characters in the Bing feed
* Correctly calculate taxes inclusive of tax under some configs

2014.03.16 - version 2.5.5
* Avoid warning if data contains elements not defined in the current release
* Avoid warning if invalid feed format is requested
* Block WordPress Gzip Compression for feed requests
* Fix out of stock products in Bing feed

2014.01.17 - version 2.5.4
* Fix out of stock products in Bing feed

2014.01.12 - version 2.5.3
* Squash a few warnings

2014.01.02 - version 2.5.2
* Additional filters for feed items, and store info

2013.11.27 - version 2.5.1
* Documentation fix on settings page

2013.11.07 - version 2.5
* More robust permalink handling
* Fix limited feeds where individual feeds exclude products

2013.11.06 - version 2.4
* Allow gpf_start and gpf_limit to be passed to generate a part-feed

2013.09.14 - version 2.3
* Bing now require a tab separated file

2013.07.17 - version 2.2.2
* Support for adwords_grouping and adwords_label tags for more detailed ad targetting

2013.07.03 - version 2.2.1
* Allow additional images to be excluded from Google feed via a filter

2013.07.02 - version 2.2
* Support for "identifier_exists" attribute

2013.01.03 - version 2.1.1
* Updater fix

2013.01.03 - version 2.1
* Availability also accepts "out of stock" as a valid value

2012.11.07 - version 2.0
* Refactor, adds support for bing.com feeds

2012.06.28 - version 1.5.5
* Don't include hidden products in the feed

2012.06.20 - version 1.5.4
* Avoid issues when WordPress is running in a sub-folder

2012.05.30 - version 1.5.3
* Google limit text to 10,000 characters, trim to fit

2012.05.17 - version 1.5.2
* Avoid over-escaping some strings

2012.03.22 - version 1.5.1
* Fix JS/CSS urls

2012.03.22 - version 1.5
* Allow products to be excluded from the feed
* Added woo updater

2012.03.19 - version 1.4
* Support for product stock status

2012.02.04 - version 1.3
* Support for multiple product images using g:additional_image_link

2011.01.05 - version 1.2
* Optimisations for large stores
* Better handling of products with no images
* Price formatting changes
* US tax handling changes in line with Google's product feed guidelines

2011.11.27 - version 1.1
 * Allow feed to be downloaded from admin page

2011.11.17 - version 1.0
 * First Release

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