WooCommerce Product Search Version 4.5.0 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Product Search Version 4.5.0

* WordPress 6.0 compatible.
* WooCommerce 6.3 compatible.
* Revised restrictive term processing limits, potentially yielding incomplete results.
* Improved tag filter consistency avoiding the inclusion of tags which are not related to products within the current context.
* Improved filter query performance slightly with added restrictions that exclude marker entries (related to count and term queries).
* Corrected tag product counts for those with no related products within current context, to show zero when applicable.
* Avoid confusion over notice related to reports provided, removing it on the extension’s reports.
* Fixed Request-URI Too Long errors caused by input field generation bug on Queries report.
* Added the CSV export feature to the report on Queries.

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