WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 4.1.0 Changelog

Here’s what’s changed in WooCommerce Subscriptions Version 4.1.0

* Fix: Undefined variable `user_can_suspend` when a customer suspension limit is defined and the max number of suspensions has been reached. PR#4318
* Fix: Sets up subscriptions integration with the Mini Cart Block and adds new hook to filter compatible blocks. subscriptions-core#103
* Fix: When using a WooCommerce Blocks powered checkout, fix an issue that led to limited products being removed from the cart when completing a switch or renewal order. subscriptions-core#119
* Fix: When there is only one Shipping Method available in the recurring shipping package, make sure that this method is treated as selected in the current session and the `woocommerce_after_shipping_rate` action runs. subscriptions-core#115
* Fix: Don’t anonymize new subscriptions related to old subscriptions via a resubscribe relationship. subscriptions-core#121
* Fix: Content that appears on the My account > Payment methods page should be translatable. subscriptions-core#125
* Dev: Update subscriptions-core to 1.7.0. PR#4319

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