Request a Quote for WooCommerce Changelog

The latest version is Request a Quote for WooCommerce 2.6.3, Released on March 2, 2024

Changelog for Request a Quote for WooCommerce

  *** WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin Change log ***

2024-03-02 - version 2.6.3
* Fix - Fixed quote page creation issue.
* Fix - Typo fixed in PDF file.
* Add - Add enable or disable PDF download for customers.

2024-01-29 - version 2.6.2
* Fix - Multiple Qoute Page Creation Issue.

2024-01-24 - version 2.6.1
* Fix - Qoute Page Creation Issue.

2024-01-05 - version 2.6.0
* Feature - Qoute PDF.

2023-08-16 - version 2.5.1
* Fix - Typo fixes.

2023-08-10 - version 2.5.0
* Update - Compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS).
* Update - Compatibility updated for latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

2023-03-31 - version 2.4.9
* Fix - Blocked access to quote page via direct link.
* Fix - Fixed translation issue for "SKU".

2023-03-28 - version 2.4.8
* Add - Added quote information on order detail page when quote is converted to order.
* Add - Added order ID on quote detail page when a quote is converted to order.

2023-03-27 - version 2.4.7
* Fix - Fixed double Tax bug on quote page.
* Fix - Fixed nonce issue when customer converts quote to order.
* Update - Force standard price to order when offered price is not set in admin quote details page. 

2023-02-10 - version 2.4.6
* Fix - Typo fixed in quote rules.
* Fix - Fixed bug with extra "li" added in menu.
* Other - Improvement in mini quote basket design.

2023-01-13 - version 2.4.5
* Fix - Fixed uploaded files issue.

2023-01-12 - version 2.4.4
* Fixed "Site security violated." message issue.

2022-11-14 - version 2.4.3
* Feature - Rest Api for RFQ rules (GET only).
* Feature - Rest Api for RFQ quotes( GET, Delete, update and Create).
* Fix - Fixed the issue of undefined method in RFQ addons compatibility class.
* Fix - Fixed nonce issues.

2022-04-25 - version 2.4.2
* Update - Moved the Request a quote menu and related sub-menu's in WooCommerce sub-menu.

2022-02-04 - version 2.4.1
* Fix - Fixed issue with custom button link.

2021-12-20 - version 2.4.0
* Update - Compatiblity with WooCommerce quick view and flatsome quick feature.
* Add - Added "View Quote" button in the success message.
* Add - Added Product image in the emails.
* Add - Added option to customize title and colors of place quote and update quote button.
* Add - Added option in rule to display quote button for out of stock products only.
* Feature - Option to enable quote button for specific product variations.
* Fix - Fixed bug with email template overriding issue.
* Add - Added new hooks and actions.
* Add - Made add to quote button translatable.
* Update - Inherit Role based prices on quote page.
* Update - Inherit Role based B2B prices on quote page.
* Update - Inherit Wholesale tier prices on quote page.
* Fix - Minor bug fixing.

2021-04-30 - version 2.3.0
* Added the feature of offered price increase by percentage.
* Added the field type for terms and conditions.
* Fixed the issue of offered price display including/excluding vat.
* Fixed the issue of overriding templates in child themes.
* Fixed the issue of price display in mini cart drop down.
* Fixed the issue of button display according to menu order of quote rules.
* Fixed the issue of products addons display with custom buttons.
* included the SKU of products in request a quote page.
* included the view file link in emails.
* Added shortcode for mini quote basket.

2021-03-10 - version 2.2.0
* Added the compatibility with WooCommerce product addons plugin.

2021-03-10 - version 2.1.5
* Updated translation.

2021-02-09 - version 2.1.4
* Fixed the issue of hide price for selected products.
* Fixed the issue of responsiveness of quote table in my-account.

2021-01-27 - version 2.1.3
* Fixed the issue of quote menu with page builders. 
* Fixed the issue of custom button for products.
* Included quote details in emails to customer.

2021-01-22 - version 2.1.2
* Included variation RFQ email.
* Fixed add to quote success message issue.
* Improved RFQ form responsive view.
* Keep RFQ fields saved once filled while customer continue to shop.
* Show mini quote basket to only those user rules where RFQ is enabled.
* Improved page builder compatibility.

2021-01-18 - version 2.1.1
* Fixed the issue of redirect to quote page
* Fixed the issue of remove product from mini-quote
* Fixed the issue of error when menu is created
* Fixed the issue of solution 2 and compatibility with builders
* Fixed the issue of reCaptcha

2021-01-15 - version 2.1.0
* Changed email colors.
* Feature: Ability to create a new quote for registered customers from the backend.
* Bug: Fixed JS error from console.
* Bug: Fixed file missing issue in customer quotes.
* Fixed compatibility issue with previous submitted quotes in version 1.X.

2021-01-14 - version 2.0.1
* Fix the issue of quantity box in quote table.
* Fix compatibility issue with wpml in post boxes of quote rules.

2021-01-14 - version 2.0.0
* Show offered price on quote page, my-account quotes details, emails and pdf download.
* Convert quote into order, using the offered price. (Admin/Customer).
* Option to display request a quote automatically on out of stock products.
* Keep the quote saved when user logout and login into the account again.
* Create quote from back end.
* Create unlimited fields for request a quote form.
* Option to exclude any variation from request a quote rule.
* Show/Hide standard prices in quote page, my account quotes and quote emails.
* Display products price total and tax at quote page.
* Add statuses of quote status (Pending, In process, Accepted, Rejected, Cancelled, Converted to Order ).
* Emails notification for quote status changes.
* Option to override templates of emails, request a quote page, mini quote dropdown, quotes tables in emails and my-account and fields of quotes.
* Bug fixed and compatibility improvements with page builder plugins.

2020-10-02 - version 1.5.4
* Bug fixed with quote publication.

2020-08-08 - version 1.5.3
* Fix the issue of "Quote Button remain disabled after variation selected for option keep add to cart and add Quote Button".
* Fix the issue of Quote Basket Drop down in menu ( Design + Remove Item ).
* Added template for Request a Quote Button that resolved the issue of display of extra fields, messages and layout of Add to Quote form.
* Fix the issue of variation image on request a Quote page and Quote Basket.
* Added the template of WooCommerce for emails.

2020-07-06 - version 1.5.2
* Bug fixed with all products option.

2020-06-21 - version 1.5.1
* Issue fixed with SKU in emails.

2020-06-19 - version 1.5.0
* Add option to select multiple menus to show Quote Basket.
* Add option to select style of Quote Basket (with drop-down or without drop-down).
* Add option to Enable/Disable quote confirmation email to Customers.
* Add custom text/Message to show for:
   1 - When product added to quote
   2 - Quote Submitted
   3 - View Quote Basket Button Text
* Add option to Enable/disable redirect to Quote page after a product added to Quote
* Add option to Enable/Disable to Redirect to another page after Quote Submission
* Add option to Enable/Disable Compatibility with page builders (ex. Elementor, Divi Builder etc)
* Show full width of fields for Mobiles on Request a Quote page
* Issue fixed "Failed Security Issue".
* Issue fixed with quote page on responsive mode.
* Fixed translation issues.

2020-04-30 - version 1.4.1
* issue fixed with version 1.4.0 when delete an item from quote delete all items.

2020-04-26 - version 1.4.0
* New feature added, Keep or replace add to cart button with a new custom button and add a custom link for that button.
* Fixed issue with guest user add to quote with WP Engine hosting.

2020-03-30 - version 1.3.4
* Fix CSS conflict with drop downs in admin panel.
* Fix issue with the mini quote basket count.

2020-03-10 - version 1.3.3
* Duplicate add to quote button and quantity field on product page issue fixed.

2019-02-20 - version 1.3.2
* Fix website speed issue.
* Option to choose All Products.
* Option to send copy of quote email to customer.
* Fix issue with the variations.
* Option to add multiple admin/shop manager email address to receive quote emails.

2019-12-31 - version 1.3.1
* Minor bug fixed with the Request a Quote Form.

2019-12-29 - version 1.3.0
* Ajax add to quote.
* Customisable form fields.
* SKU in Quote
* Variation add to quote issue fixed.
* Quote # in the quote.
* Google reCaptcha option.
* Compatibility with WooCommerce Product Addons Plugin.

2019-11-23 - version 1.2.0
* Fix some design issue.
* Add option in admin to choose menu where to show mini quote basket.

2019-11-01 - version 1.1.0
* Typo issue fixed in quote basket.
* Issue fix with deletion from quote basket.

2019-10-04 - version 1.0.0
* Initial release of the plugin.

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