Woocommerce Subscriptions Changelog

Woocommerce Subscriptions Changelog

Latest Version: Version 3.0.1, Released on January 17, 2020

Woocommerce Subscriptions Changelog: Version 2.5.3

Released on March 20, 2019

Action Scheduler updated to version 2.2.1. PR#3266


  • Now Displays the subscription status names–instead of the raw status– in the edit subscription related orders table. PR#3272
  • Now uses the correct endpoint for redirecting to the only available subscription on My Account. PR#3273
  • For WPML: Keeps language request arguments in Subscription My Account endpoint URLs. PR#3068
  • Now saves the schedule dates for sale price in the UTC time, similar to core WooCommerce). PR#3270
  • Will now use site time when checking to see if the payment date and trial end date are identical. Also fixes problems related to synced products with a subscription trial. PR#3264
  • Update retry report queries now refer to new retry tables. PR#3237
  • Will no longer display the PayPal Profile ID on the edit subscription screen when the subscription is set to Manual Renewal. PR#3259
  • Now excludes `pending-cancel` subscriptions from being anonymized. PR#3256
  • Now passes both user ID and gateway ID parameters in the correct order. Also: Fixes problems with the bulk updating customer payment tokens. PR#3258
  • Will now temporarily lock payments on parent orders that are paid via PayPal Standard. This prevents customers from paying twice during the time it takes for PayPal to respond. PR#2974
  • HTML has been removed from strings passed through translation functions. PR#3067
  • Endpoint settings are now prevented from having the same value. PR#3211
  • `strtolower()` uses on translated text have been removed. This prevents lowercasing translated text which may have language-specific capitalization. PR#3251
  • Possible fatal errors are now prevented while populating the checkout with customer order data. Refactors the wcs_get_objects_property function. PR#3225
  • Use of absint for amounts/totals in reports has been removed. PR#3242
  • Now displays correct placeholder values for both ‘subject’ and ‘heading’ e-mail settings #3246
  • View-subscription scripts will no longer load when subscription can’t be viewed or doesn’t exist. PR#3235
  • For WC3.6: Uses new helper function to generate cart hash. PR#3215

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  • Uses ‘WC_Order_Item_Product::get_product’ when possible in ‘WC_Subscriptions_Synchroniser’. PR#3230
  • Clarifies the meaning of some count values in subscription reports tool tips. PR#3143
  • Some typos fixed. PR#3276


  • Adds $cart as a parameter for the woocommerce_cart_subscription_string_details hook. PR#3257

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